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Birthday Scavenger Hunt From 8




This birthday scavenger hunt for ages 8 and up is the perfect game for a children’s birthday party: the kids go on a treasure hunt as a team and solve puzzling clues together that lead them from station to station. Simply buy it, print it out and start playing 😉


A treasure hunt or scavenger hunt provides an entertaining diversion from the usual games at a children’s birthday party and also promotes teamwork as the children embark on a journey of discovery together, solving puzzles to reach their goal.

This scavenger hunt for children aged 8 and up includes 16 station cards, each featuring small puzzles as clues to the next station. The children playfully move from clue to clue throughout the entire house or apartment. At the destination, they finally discover the reward card, which also serves as a certificate and voucher for a reward (e.g., the birthday cake).

The hiding spots for the cards are located in places that can be found in almost every house or apartment. Additionally, there are blank cards that parents can customize to create their own clues.

What’s Included

Printable birthday scavenger hunt for 8 year old kids and up

What you get with the printable of the birthday scavenger hunt with riddles

  • 16 station cards with clues
  • 32 blank station cards for custom clues
  • Instructions
  • Certificate/Reward card
  • Solutions
  • Everything in PDF format in 2 sizes (DIN A4 and DIN A5) for printing
  • Lovingly designed templates

What You’ll Need

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Potentially a reward (although there’s also a reward card included, which can be used as a voucher for a gift)
  • Good mood

Age: 8 years and up

Number of players: 1+

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