19. December 2023 - Alexander Schmidt

Advent Calendar With Sayings




An Advent calendar with 25 original quotes, funny and contemplative sayings to fuel the anticipation of the festive season.


This Advent Calendar offers 25 beautiful, funny, poetic or contemplative sayings suitable for the Christmas season. You can cut out the sayings, which are all framed by ornamental decorations, and either make a tear-off calendar from them, or put them in envelopes, or fold them up and put them in another Advent Calendar. Whatever you do with it – the sayings advent calendar is a lovely way to celebrate the anticipation of Christmas and offers 25 days of inspiring quotes.

What’s Included

DIY Advent calendar with sayings

This is what you get with the printable of the Advent calendar with sayings

  • DIY kit for creating a Quotes Advent Calendar
  • 24 cards with humorous quotes suitable for the Christmas season
  • Additional blank cards for personalization
  • 24 Advent calendar numbers
  • Lovingly designed designs
  • PDF (6 pages) in 2 formats: ISO-216 or US Letter Size

What You’ll Need

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Enjoyment of crafting

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