Tips and tricks and some pool party ideas for adults for an epic party

9. July 2022 - Anika Semmer

Pool Party Ideas for Adults: 10 Ideas How to Throw an Epic Party


Sommerparty-Ideen und Outdoor-Spiele


Floating drinks, cool snacks and gadgets, lively pool party games: With these pool party ideas for adults, the garden becomes the perfect location for an unforgettable pool party.

Bright sun, ice-cold drinks, lively games, cool water – a pool party automatically brings to mind holidays and good humour. Anyone can have a pool party for adults in their own garden – even without an occasion. But since it’s worth dressing it up nicely Caribbean-style or with a relaxed beach feeling, it’s ideal for a birthday party, an anniversary, a farewell party or a big summer party.

In addition to the pool itself, you’ll need decorations, cool snacks and drinks, and some fun gadgets and games or programmes to set the mood. As with most parties, preparation and planning is key to making sure everything runs smoothly. If there are children present, you should definitely offer some games with water and in water. From fun water balloon fights to small games for the kids to keep them occupied and exhausted. And even if there are no kids around, pool party games are a lot of fun and will get even the most water-shy into the cool water.

There are lots of inflatable pools of all sizes to choose from on the internet, in DIY shops and specialist shops for little money – of course, you can also spend a lot of money on luxurious pools. Pools can also be rented. If you don’t have a garden or don’t want to spend money on a pool, you can move your pool party to a swimming pool.

Want more inspiration? Here you’ll find many more hot ideas for a summer party and exotic tips for a Hawaii theme party!

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10 Pool Party Ideas for Adults for the Perfect Summer Party

"The best themes for the pool party for adults bring vacation feeling"

With a few accessories you can easily spice up a pool theme party

A pool party can be loud and really get out of hand or stylish and elegant. The genius of an adult pool party is that you can host, plan and organise it exactly the way you want. The important thing is that it is immediately clear on the invitation what to expect. Most pool party ideas for adults here are for a happy casual party.

1. Party Location – Garden, Hotel Pool or Swimming Pool?

For a pool party you need a pool, of course. If you have a party in your own garden with a small or large pool – or even pools (including paddling pools) – you have the great advantage that you don’t have to ask anyone for permission about what you can and can’t do. Especially for small and medium-sized pool parties for adults, your own garden is the best choice.

For larger events and many guests, however, it can be worth booking a location with a pool, a swimming pool or indoor pool as a party location. I have already been to a pool party for a wedding. The weather was great, everything was festively decorated and the party was amazing. Definitely unforgettable, great pictures, lots of fun, fantastic atmosphere, relaxed and something completely different.

2. What Is Important for a Stylish Pool Party for Adults?

A pool party as an elegant, stylish event – how does that work? Weddings, engagement parties and anniversary celebrations are festive occasions where people usually dress up. That’s exactly what’s important for an elegant pool party – instead of bikini, swimming trunks and flip-flops, the dress code is dinner jacket and evening gown.

Cocktails at the edge of the pool, dangling your feet in the cool water, watching the sunset and placing floating candles in the water at night. At such a party, the pool is more decoration and creates atmosphere than it is used for swimming. Festively lit and decorated, it actually makes a big difference to a summer party feeling.

3. Time to Party! Pool Party Ideas for Adults

At most pool parties, the atmosphere is boisterous and humid. Even when the invitation flutters into the house (or pops up on the smartphone) and it is clear: swimwear is the dress code, the direction is set.

Drinking drinks in the water, bantering poolside, snacking on a bit of finger food, snacks and cold party food in between.

You can really get into the spirit of the party if you have a few pool party games prepared. Here are my 10 favourite swimming pool games for adults – read on for more pool game ideas.

4. Hot Themes – Great Pool Party Ideas for Adults for Even More Atmosphere

"Hawaii theme party - How to celebrate like in the South Seas"

Hawaii theme party

The pool party can be really Caribbean or tropical with a theme. Ask the guests to come dressed appropriately. Choose a theme that fits the theme of the South Seas and holidays.

Themes for an Original Pool Party for Adults

  • Hawaii theme party
  • Sunhat Party
  • Hippie Party
  • Jamaica Party
  • Baywatch Party
  • Swedish Midsommar Party
  • Murder in the Pool theme party
  • Caribbean Pirates theme party
  • Fiesta Mexicana
  • Cocktail Party

5. Sit, Stand and Swim – Party Equipment

"In the water you have the most fun at a pool party for adults"

Everyone can bring floaties, air mattress and fun gadgets to the pool party

The location is set and so is the number of party guests. For an elegant pool party in the garden, you should include classic tables and benches. For a casual pool party for adults, do without! Picnic blankets, hammocks to relax in and, as a fun extra, an inflatable boat as a place to chill are much more appropriate.

Absolutely ingenious are floating drinks or a party island that you turn into a bar and around which many can gather in the water.

  • Standing tables
  • Hammocks
  • Picnic blankets
  • Beach towels
  • Inflatable boat
  • Air mattresses
  • Inflatable floaties
  • Pool noodles
  • Swim chair
  • Float rings
  • Standing tables
  • Folding chairs
  • Beanbag
  • Reclining chairs
  • Beach basket (maybe you know someone to borrow? )

6. Ice, Ice, Baby – Provide an Ice-Cold Surprise

Who will win the equestrian battle?

The hotter it is, the more important it is to cool down! Remember in good time to make room in the freezer for crushed ice showers, ice cubes, frosted T-shirts and of course ice cream cones.

There is also ice cream

There are well-insulated coolers that keep drinks cold all day, even in bull heat.

7. Party Games for a Lively Adult Pool Party

"There are inexpensive sets with all accessories for playing water basketball."

Water basketball can be played with one or two baskets

Anyone who has ever been to a real pool party knows that pool games are simply part of it and that it can get really heated. But it all depends on what games are being played!

Pool Pong is an absolute favourite for pool parties where the heat is on – a fun version of Beer Pong, only in the pool. While diving into beer cans, some people might find wisdom at the bottom of the can. Here are my 10 favourite swimming pool games for adults – it’s a mix of team games and everyone against everyone – all played in the water.

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Out of the Blue 91/4025 - Luftmatratze, Pool Pong Game, ca. 152 x 76 x 15 cm, inklusive 20 Kunststoffbechern und 2 Ping - Pong Bällen, im Geschenkkarton
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8. Wet T-Shirt Contest

Who will win the Miss and Mr. Wet T-Shirt contest? The Wet T-Shirt Contest can be designed in a classic way or in a funny and creative way. For example, you can provide the T-shirts and let everyone who takes part choose one from the garish 80s and 90s T-shirts. Maybe everyone can even spice up the shirts themselves with scissors?

9. Decoration

"Pool party ideas for adults for cool decorations"

Floating drink holders, floating ice bar - there are cool party accessories for the pool

Make it feel like a beach! The best thing to do is to spread out a tarpaulin and shovel sand onto it to build a small stand, on top of which you can place sunshades and beach chairs.

Decorate the entire garden and not just the pool area. It should look like a summer oasis! On the beach and by the pool, palm trees, exotic flowers and on the bar tables or side tables, lanterns with shells, starfish and fruit bowls.

Light up the pool and place lanterns around the pool. This creates a great atmosphere! Torches, lanterns and fairy lights provide subtle light in the evening.

Decoration Ideas and Party Accessories

  • Palms
  • Garlands
  • Lanterns
  • Solar pendant lights
  • Lampions
  • Honeycomb balls
  • Torches
  • Light chains
  • Floating cup holders
  • Waterballs
  • Hawaiian Flower Necklaces
  • Luminous LED Balloons
  • Floating bar
  • Floating cup holders
JOYIN 71 cm aufblasbare palme kühler, strand-thema-partei-dekor, partyangebot für pool-party, hawaiian luau partei und partei
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10. Snacks and Drinks

"This pool party ideas for adults includes delicious drinks"

Delicious cocktails are part of every adult pool party!

The best drinks are refreshing cocktails and ice-cold thirst quenchers. The best thing is to set up a bar – maybe even a floating bar in the pool!

Refreshing Anti-alcoholic Drinks

  • Coconut Kiss
  • Mosquito
  • Virgin Colada
  • Mojito Limo
  • Mango Lassi
  • Ipanema
  • Elderberry syrup spritzer
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Crushed Ice
  • KiBa with crushed ice

Alcoholic Summer Cocktails

  • Sex on the Beach
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pina Colada
  • Caipirinha
  • Mojito
  • Planters Punch
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Mai Tai
  • Cuba Libre
  • Long Island Ice Tea

At an adult pool party, the food is incidental. You can serve fruit, snacks, finger food and classic cold party food.

Summer Snacks

  • Antipasti
  • Sandwiches
  • Fruit salad
  • Fruit skewers
  • Tomato-Mozarella skewers
  • Grape and cheese skewers
  • Waffles
  • Pancake rolls with yoghurt (chill in the fridge beforehand)
  • Muffins

Have a great pool party!

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