How to make Polaroid wedding guest book

13. April 2018 - Anika Semmer

Polaroid Wedding Guest Book - All You Need to Craft It Beautifully


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Create your polaroid wedding guest book with unforgettable memories – and make it really beautiful, too – any wedding guest can do that with an unique idea. Plus a Polaroid camera – or a Polaroid printer for your smartphone!

What makes a wedding guest book the best wedding book ever? It has to be thick and full of beautiful memories of the most beautiful day of your life together, sure. Even better: if it is made unique by a creative idea that fits the wedding couple perfectly and looks great.

The idea: together with the wedding guest book, you lay out a Polaroid camera or a Polaroid printer and accessories that fit the theme of the wedding couple or the theme of wedding/love and ask everyone to immortalise themselves with at least one creative Polaroid photo.

Polaroid photos come right after you snap them and they look just beautifully nostalgic with their vintage look. With one or more matching accessories that the guests use for the Polaroid photos, you have a decorative connecting element for all entries!

Don’t forget: It’s also important that everyone, from children to grandparents, can create a polaroid wedding guest book in a short space of time – because the more wedding guests, the greater the challenge of making an entry for everyone! Below I have tips for you on how you can easily keep track of whether everyone is already in the polaroid wedding guest book.

How to Create a Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

Polaroid wedding guest book with nostalgic snapshots

Polaroid wedding guest book design with snapshots

Where Can I Get a Polaroid Camera?

Polaroid cameras are experiencing an absolute boom right now! And that’s despite the fact that they completely disappeared from the market a few years ago – instant cameras are in again. You can now buy new Polaroid cameras or comparable high-quality instant cameras online, for example at amazon*. There are even practical Polaroid printers for smartphones – as almost everyone owns a smartphone, every guest has their photo on their phone at the same time as a souvenir of the wedding.

The photos that instant cameras spit out come in a variety of formats – from the classic portrait Polaroid square with white borders to popular photo formats. Don’t forget to bring enough film with you to the wedding!

If you are only looking for a Polaroid camera for the wedding, you can also rent Polaroid cameras. This is particularly suitable for vintage-style weddings.By the way: The look of the Polaroid photos is similar to the vintage filters on Instagram – that’s right, Polaroid photos look really stylish, nostalgic and great. 🙂

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The Fabulous World of Polaroids – Polaroid Wedding Guest Book Design Ideas

Polaroid wedding guest book - With Creative Craft Materials and Polaroid Photos

Designing a Wedding Guest Book Creatively – From Shimelle Laine (CC BY 2.0)


After the wedding ceremony, grab your Polaroid camera and snap a few photos of the bride and groom. For now there are usually some nice wedding games outside such as “heart balloon release” and the guests congratulate the bride and groom. The wedding couple is beaming and you get a great portrait for the cover page as well as thematically super fitting pictures of congratulations and actions with good wishes and sayings – they just fit perfectly into the guest book!

Last Page of the Guest Book

Be sure to ask the wedding photographer to take a group photo of the whole wedding party with the Polaroid camera! This is a great way to create the last page of the wedding guest book.

Create a Wedding Guest Book With Creative Polaroid Photos

Make it as easy as possible for the guests to be creative! From experience, some always find it difficult to quickly come up with a creative idea or a great saying to design a wedding guest book.

As with the souvenir photos taken in a wedding photobooth, the Polaroid camera and accessories give them great tools that everyone can use. Either you provide a box of fun accessories or there’s an original item that’s totally typical of the wedding couple that has to be in every photo!

You can bet that just about everyone will really enjoy creating the wedding guest book and you’ll get a lot of enthusiastic praise for your great idea from many of the wedding guests (and the wedding couple, too, I’m sure)!

Accessory Ideas

Do the wedding couple have a hobby together that simply belongs to them? Or they have a pet (you hit the jackpot with that one). Or there’s a garden gnome in their front garden? These are all great, fun and personal ideas for accessories! For example, you can borrow the garden gnome from their garden for the wedding and ask each guest to somehow include the garden gnome in the picture.

Ideas for Things That Are Typical for the Wedding Couple

  • Nicknames (Honey Bee, Tiger etc. as cuddly toys)
  • Pet
  • Symbol for the common hobby
  • Miniature of their car
  • The bride’s wedding garter and its pocket square
  • Her bridal bouquet
  • Cuddly toy from her home
  • A houseplant or cactus from her home
  • A random item from the wedding reception

Ideas on the Theme of Love and Marriage

  • a (fabric) flower symbolic of love and fidelity such as the red carnation, the red rose, the white lily, etc.
  • Heart balloon
  • Umbrella of Hearts
  • Playing cards: Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts
  • Mr & Mrs props
  • DIY Bubbles to write on
  • Wedding couple as dolls

More Tips for Designing the Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

In addition to the Polaroid photos, each guest can design their own entry in the wedding guest book. It pays off if you provide the wedding guests with ideas and help for this.


Wedding Guest Books That Are an Ideal Fit

Wedding guest books that show off the Polaroid photos are a particularly nice fit. Personally, I think the Polaroid photos look particularly beautiful in a vintage photo album.

This Is How You Know Whose Entry Is Still Missing

To keep track of who has signed in, hang a string in one corner of the wedding venue. Write the names of the wedding guests on cards and attach each name tag to the string with a clothes peg. Alternatively, you can hang up a large pin board and pin the name tags with rice tacks.

When you announce where the wedding guest book and Polaroid camera will be displayed, ask each guest to take off their name tag when they have signed in. This way you know exactly who is still missing and keep track of them.

How I Came up With This Idea, Or: The Fabulous World of Polaroids…

Do you know the film The Fabulous World of Amelie? Because it’s from this film that I got this creative idea, which I just changed a little to fit the wedding. The fairytale film is about savouring special moments and making them unforgettable – and Amélie Poulain is incredibly creative and good at that.

To bring her depressed father out of his gloomy thoughts, she steals his beloved garden gnome from his front garden at night and gives it to a flight attendant friend who diligently shoots and sends photos with the gnome from all corners of the world. This is how the fabulous Amélie rouses her father from his lethargy and he sets off on his own journey to discover the world that the mysteriously runaway garden gnome with its souvenir photos has whetted his appetite for…

There are many more creative wedding gift ideas and wedding games like the dating game and the wedding guide! Or are you more interested in our activities with friends, as a couple or with the family? It doesn’t matter, just browse around… 🙂

Never miss a good idea again and follow Abenteuer Freundschaft on Facebook and Instagram!

Image source Cover image: polaroid by Seth Morris Photography under CC BY 2.0.

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