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12. October 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

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We tested the MEINSPIEL offer and created personalised playing cards, in our case a rummy / canasta set. Find out how this works and how we designed it here.

What is the greatest card game of all time? Skat? Whist? Poker? Canasta? Rummy? Anika loves Skat, Alex Whist, but we all agree on one thing: classic card games are actually more fun when the cards are beautiful. In our case, that means we have gold and black poker cards, a skat deck with Loriot motifs including a pug, tarot cards from France and many other packs of cards.

What we have been missing until now is a self-designed deck of cards. Personalised playing cards with your own motifs to give as a gift or for yourself, what a nice idea for fixed gaming groups and card game fans. We tried out just that at, a company that specialises in personalised playing card and board games.

The Jacks from our personalised playing cards

4 special Jacks

What does that actually mean in concrete terms: personalised playing cards?

What creative freedom does MEINSPIEL give you in terms of design?

And how much does a personalised pack of cards cost?

Designing Personalised Playing Cards at Meinspiel – Your Options

To answer the first two questions at once: personalised playing cards are playing cards that are completely customised in their design. And for this, MEINSPIEL really does offer all options, right up to 100% individual card design.

If you want, you can sit down at the computer and design your own playing cards with a graphics programme and have them printed by MEINSPIEL. However, very few people will do this and it is not even necessary, because MEINSPIEL offers numerous design options that are super easy to use.

All you have to do is upload your own photos and with a few clicks decide where they should appear in the finished card game.

Graphics editing at

Each playing card can be personalised online

By the way, once the photos have been uploaded, they can be further edited directly on the website of MEINSPIEL and the alignment and format can be adjusted. There is also the option to copy an already created design from one map to other maps. This is very practical if, for example, you want to use the same image for all kings or all ladies.
Specifically, you have the following options for the design:

  • Your own photos on all 55 cards, i.e. all pictures (jack, queen, king), paying cards and the 3 jokers
  • Your own photo or logo on all backs
  • Your own text modules, e.g. a motto or quotes
  • Individually print slipcover box(but this option is only available from a higher print run)

This already gives you a lot of creative freedom!

Personalised Playing Cards From Meinspiel – Our Product Design

The ladies from our personalised playing cards

4 really special Queens

We design our rummy card deck with pictures of the four-member regular crew of the game evenings of Abenteuer Freundschaft.

Four people and four suits of cards: Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds – you can work with that, we thought! We decided that each of us would represent 1 of the 4 “suits” and represent all the face cards, i.e. jack, queen, king for it, regardless of gender.

Tip: If you want to do something similar, wear something red for the diamonds and hearts pictures and something black for the spades and clubs cards!

Photo shoot for personalised playing cards

Photo shoot for the joker cards

No sooner said than done! At a very funny photo shoot in an unplastered flat construction site, we took the 12 photos for the 3 x 4 court cards and also pictures for the jokers. (Since there are only 3 of them, we had to leave one of us out with a heavy heart).

We left the aces and the other 36 number cards (2-9 each) in the classic design of the French hand.

For the back of our rummy deck we used the Abenteuer Freundschaft logo, of course 😉

Now we just had to make a selection of the best pictures and insert them into the right cards using MEINSPIEL’s handy editing page as described above.

Our creative personalised playing cards

We even used make-up for the jokers

When our own set of personalised playing cards arrived, the excitement of unpacking them was great and the enthusiasm even greater. When we had the finished product in our hands, we celebrated this with a game of robbery rummy (my favourite variation).

We ordered the whole game 2 times: once in a plastic box and once in the slipcover box. The latter can also be designed by yourself and we think this is the nicer variant:

Personalised playing cards in 2 packaging variants

Slip cover box and plastic box as packaging

We really like the finished product and even designing our own deck was super fun. We gave it to ourselves as a present, but a personalised pack of cards like this is definitely an original gift for friends or family members, especially if you often like to play cards together!

Personalising Playing Cards at Meinspiel – All Details at a Glance

The Kings of our personalised playing cards


Here are the most important key data and information, if you now also feel like customising your own pack of cards.

  • Create personalised playing cards at MEINSPIEL: here’s the overview (not only rummy, but also skat, poker, quartet and even tarot cards are possible!)
  • Scope of rummy/canasta cards: 2 x 55 playing cards
  • French hand: 59*91 mm with rounded corners
  • Real playing card board 320 g/sqm (tournament grade)
  • Digital 4C printing on both sides plus protective varnish
  • Four packaging options: shrink-wrapped in plastic film, plastic box, printable slip lid box, metal box
  • Production and delivery within a few days
  • Prices depend on various factors, such as desired print run, type of packaging, etc. A rummy deck with 2 x 55 cards in a single edition costs from € 29.90 incl. VAT; you can find more detailed info on the website.
  • We also like the fact that MEINSPIEL products are produced sustainably and climate-neutral!

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many more tips for gifts for friends, your partner or gift ideas for children. Plus year-round leisure tips for both outdoor and indoor. While you’re here, why not stay a little longer and browse through our ideas.

And if you like what you read here, we would be very happy if you like the Abenteuer Freundschaft Facebook page and on Instagram. 😉


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