New Year's Eve oracle game Versaille - the game for New Year's Eve that reveals what the future holds

29. December 2016 - Anika Semmer

Oracle Game Versailles – The Royal Game That Tells You Your Future


New Year’s Eve


You’re looking for a fun and unusual game oracle game that is guaranteed to create a great atmosphere? In Versailles, go on a journey back in time and into the future with your friends and travel to the court of Versailles! Because magical oracles, a fortune teller and a crazy card game await you there… Take a look into your future!

Versailles – The Oracle Game for New Year’s Eve

For whom?

Versailles can be played from 3 people and it is suitable for small groups, families or large parties with many guests.

What is it about?

Versailles is a party game with cards and actions. For certain cards, all players must perform set actions.

What do I need for the game?

As a real New Year’s Eve game, it integrates typical New Year’s Eve traditions such as lead pouring and good intentions. Therefore, you need some materials to play: everything you need can be found on the detailed materials list below!


For large New Year’s Eve parties with lots of friends, we recommend asking each guest to bring 10 poppers each. Preferably homemade, of course! It’s easy and quick, but saves the host work and makes for even more fun – because everyone can contribute their funny ideas! Inside each crack candy there should be 1 oracle saying or 1 prophecy for the future and sweets hidden away.

Abenteuer Freundschaft was inspired for this special New Year’s Eve game by Hajo Bücken’s game ”Concerto Grosso”.*

Oracle Game Versailles – What Does Your Future Hold?

Oracle game pouring lead at New Year's Eve Versaille

Pouring lead from Gunnar Wrobel unter CC BY-SA 2.0

  • Player: 3 – ∞
  • Skills required: Dexterity, ingenuity, concentration, reaction speed.
  • Location: indoors

What You Need

50x KNALLBONBONS in verschiedenen Farben (Bunt)
50x KNALLBONBONS in verschiedenen Farben (Bunt)
50 Stück pro Packung; verschiedene Farben zur Auswahl; Der kultige Party-Zieh-Knaller mit einer spaßigen Überraschung
39,35 EUR

Welcome to 14th Century Versailles

France, Anno 1668. On the evening of 31 December, Louis XIV has planned a special amusement for his guests. On this memorable day, the monarch invites select guests to the sumptuous court of Versailles.


Crackers for the New Year's Eve oracle game Versaille

Christmas crackers from allispossible. at CC BY 2.0

The host, King Louis XIV, enters the room and collects all the guest gifts – the poppers. They go into an opaque royal sack. Now he gathers all the guests around a table and asks his oldest friend to shuffle the cards well. This friend distributes the cards evenly face down to the players and puts aside the cards that remain. All players stack their cards and place them in front of them as a face-down deck.

The Rules at the Court of Versailles

In Versailles, of course, the king always starts the game. Now the game is played clockwise according to court etiquette and 1 card is quickly turned face up and thrown into the centre of the table.

Each time one of the following cards is turned face up, players must perform actions as quickly as they can (see below). On King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9 and 6, all players must make a move. If a player makes no move, the wrong move or is last, he must take all the cards that are in the middle and stack them shuffled under his cards.

Action Cards

  • King: The king (host) announces loudly: L’Etat c’est moi! (translated: The state is me). All players then stand up as quickly as they can and bow to the king.
  • Queen: The first time a queen is played, the king announces who his queen is. For the entire game round, all other players must curtsy facing her each time a queen is revealed.
  • Jack: The first time, all players turn to the youngest player in the room and draw an imaginary hat in front of him with their left hand. The second time the jack is revealed, everyone tips their hat to the second youngest, the third time to the third youngest, and so on. When everyone is through, the game starts again.
  • 10: All players fan each other.
  • 9: All players shout: Long live the king!
  • 8:
  • 7: The player who played the card pours champagne or a non-alcoholic drink for all players. Now all players raise their glasses and toast the King and Queen.
  • 6: All players try to get hold of the cardboard hat. Whoever captures it first gets to put it on and is the court jester. He is allowed to take a cracker.

Oracle Cards

  • 5: Gummy bear oracle! The player who reveals a 5 draws 5 gummy bears from the bag with closed eyes. He collects them in heaps next to his pile of cards – the oracle is only evaluated at the end of the game!
  • 4: Apple oracle! Whoever reveals a 4 takes an apple and peels off the skin in a spiral if possible. Then the player holds the spiral at one end, lets it circle over his head 3 times and throws it over his left shoulder. The shape of the peel on the floor is now interpreted by all the players as a letter. This letter starts the name of the person the player will fall in love with in the new year… With the 2nd drawn 4, this action is skipped and it simply continues.
  • 3: The player announces their New Year’s resolution.
  • 2: Pouring lead! The player melts a piece of lead of his choice and it is read aloud what the lead oracle prophesies for him for the new year.
  • Ass: The player may draw a pop candy from the bag. He tears it open and loudly proclaims the prophecy.

The Troublemaker – The Winner in the Oracle Game

The first player to get rid of all his cards has won and is now the troublemaker. His new task is to upset the other players and, for example, make wrong moves.

If he shouts “Scallywag!” when a jack is played, all the players have to take off their hats with their right hand instead of their left.

If he shouts “Magic!” on a 9 or a 6, all players must perform the corresponding action on the number 9 when a 6 is played, and then turn around.

Winning and Ending the Oracle Game Versailles

The game is over when 2 players have no more cards. Now all players sort their jelly bears by colour and together they guess what the future will bring.

Interpretation of the Gummy Bear Oracle

There is a super detailed interpretation of the gummy bear combinations of each throw in the gummy bear oracle book by D. Bittrich.


There are 126 colour combinations in total – because it’s the colours that matter in the gummy bear oracle.
Those who want to interpret the oracle themselves can use the following list as a guide for each litter of 5. The numbers stand for the number of gummy bears of the same colour in a litter of 5.

  • Red gummy bears: 1=energy boost, 2=jealousy, 3=love, 4=explosive tension, 5=charisma & power
  • Yellow gummy bears: 1=lust for work, 2=envy, 3=career, 4=blockage/constriction, 5=wealth
  • Orange gummy bears: 1= contacts, 2= superficiality, 3= cheerfulness/ creativity, 4 = lying, 5 = artistic genius
  • Green gummy bears: 1 = order, 2 = boredom, 3 = kindness & confidence, 4 = stagnation & sadness, 5 = wisdom & inner peace
  • White gummy bears: odd number = clarification & intuition, gummy bear pair = illusion or lability, 4 = deception & aberration, 5 = healing power & clairvoyance

Abenteuer Freundschaft wishes you a Happy New Year!

The Oracle game Versailles is by no means our only party game! Just browse through our party ideas and game tips. On top of that, you’ll find plenty of ideas for activities with friends, as a couple or with the family on our website.

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