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20. October 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

Musical Chairs Drinking Game for Grown up Fruties | Game Rules


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What makes a good fun drinking game? Clearly: action, variety and excellent alcohol! We have the perfect booze idea for your next home party: play the musical chairs drinking game Fruit Salad and get high on forbidden fruits!

The musical chairs drinking game Fruit Salad is a fun variation of the well-known game musical chairs for adults, which you might remember from children’s birthday parties or primary school. Of course, a party drinking game of this name involves drinking fruit schnapps!

Musical Chairs Drinking Game Fruit Salad

  • Game type: Drinking game, Party game
  • Age: from 18
  • Duration: approx. 15 min. per round
  • Players: from 8 persons
  • Accessories: Chairs (one less than people), picnic blanket, schnapps glasses, possibly a winning fruit
  • Alcohol: fruit schnapps (possibly different types)
    Refreshment: fruit salad
  • Place: Anywhere there is room for a circle of chairs
  • Skills required: quick reactions, concentration
  • Game goal: grab a chair

Preparation for the Musical Chairs Drinking Game Fruit Salad

Circle of chairs for the Musical chairs drinking

In this party drinking game, everyone sits in a circle of chairs at the beginning

For this musical chairs drinking game, you need a room or an area (can also be in the garden, for example) that is big enough for a circle of chairs. You need exactly one chair less than the number of players. In the middle you put a picnic blanket on which one player sits at the beginning.

All players are now assigned a type of fruit; with 8 players, 4 types of fruit are optimal. There should always be at least two players for one type of fruit, e.g. 2 apples, 2 pears, 2 cherries, 2 peaches. The best way to decide which fruit is which is by drawing lots. You also draw lots to determine who sits in the middle first. This player is “the plum” as long as he is stuck in the middle.
The other players sit down on the chairs, roughly opposite their fruity counterparts. It is better to place the schnapps and the glasses outside the circle of chairs, because during the following hunt for a chair, the ring quickly fills up with wild berries (even more dangerous than bears). Therefore, there is an acute danger of glasses toppling over. After all, it would be a shame if the good fruit schnapps ended up on the floor instead of in the throats of your party guests… 😉

The Musical Chairs Drinking Game Is On!

The party drinking game Musical chairs involves a good tipple of fruit schnapps.

Fruit schnapps from baroque castle at CC BY 2.0

By the way, the plum, the player in the middle, is not good for the other little fruits! Because the plum now shoos them through the circle round after round to rob them of a place in the orchard (i.e. the circle of chairs). In return, the plum now calls out as many types of fruit as she wants while sitting down. As soon as a fruit variety is called out, the corresponding players have to stand up and look for a new place. If the plum calls out ‘fruit salad’, all players must stand up and look for another place. The plum may now jump up from the picnic blanket and try to grab one of the seats before it is occupied again. As soon as the player in the middle has stood up, however, he may no longer call up any fruit.

If the plum manages to occupy a chair / place in the orchard before the other fruities, he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labour for now: he changes his fruit status and the player who did not get a chair has to bite the bullet instead and become a plum. That means he gets to drink a fruit schnapps as punishment and sit on the blanket in the middle in the next round. Because in this party drinking game, the rule is: late fruit lasts longest!

If a player stands up by mistake, although he was not called, he has accordingly confused apples with pears and must also drink a schnapps as punishment. And if a player in the middle calls out a wrong type of fruit that is not even in the game, he must also drink a fruit schnapps as punishment for this – correctly. 🙂

3 Variations on the Musical Chairs Drinking Game Fruit Salad

Playing in Fruit Teams

If the number of players can be divided by 2 or 3, you can form teams of equal size, each with one type of fruit. In this case, you must always drink one in solidarity with your fruit type if one of the team players has to drink.
In addition, each team collects one minus point for each round in which one of its players sits in the middle (except the first round). Agree beforehand how many rounds you want to play the party drinking game. After the last round, it is determined which team has the fewest minus points and has therefore won. The prize can be a fruit basket or a special fruit, e.g. a pineapple, or a bottle of particularly fine fruit schnapps.

Chairs Are Getting Fewer

The player in the middle has only one round to get a seat. If he fails to do so, he is eliminated from the game and has to drink 3 fruit schnapps. In return, he can now decide which of the other players loses his chair and has to move to the middle. The circle of chairs is squeezed like a lemon: each round, one lazy fruit is eliminated and the chairs fall away one after the other. The chairs are always moved up so that there is the same distance between them, until finally only 2 chairs are left facing each other.

As soon as the third last player is eliminated, there is a final duel. For this, all the chairs are put aside and a fruit is placed in the middle of the picnic blanket for the winner, e.g. a pineapple, but an apple will do as well, of course. The two players must now run around the picnic blanket at the same speed, which the other players specify by clapping.

Party drinking game Musical chairs with fruit schnapps: the apple of discord

Finally, the party drinking game is about the famous apple of discord

The last player to be eliminated now acts as the game leader and calls out different types of fruit to the finalists until he or she eventually names the winning fruit that is on the blanket. Only then may the finalists pounce on it. The first player to take possession of the fruit is the winner. If one of the players enters the picnic blanket beforehand, e.g. with the wrong kind of fruit, he loses immediately and the other one has won..

The Fruit Membership Changes

After each round, the fruit affiliation of the players is redrawn. And to make it more difficult, new types of fruit can be added and others dropped. Whoever is in the middle and calls up a type of fruit that is not currently in the game must drink a fruit schnapps as a punishment.

If you have different kinds of fruit schnapps, you can also introduce the rule that each player must always drink exactly the schnapps that corresponds to his fruit. Theoretically, you can also provide other alcoholic drinks made from fruit: e.g. apple cider, strawberry lime and orange liqueur. However, we would strongly recommend that you don’t drink too many different things in a jumble, otherwise you are guaranteed to be completely bananas in the head the next morning… 😉

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