Music presents are the right gifts for musicians

23. June 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

Music Presents: 7 Ingenious Musical Gifts Not Necessarily Limited to Ear Candy


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What are Music Presents, you may ask? It’s obvious: simply the most beautiful gifts with, about and in the form of music. Just the right gift idea for friends to whom music means their lives!

1. Music Presents to Experience Together Live

No MP3, CD or Youtube recording comes close to a live concert! Concert tickets are a safe bet if you know the musical tastes of the person you are gifting them to. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get hugely excited about tickets to a concert of their favorite band or artist. A true Ärzte fan is happy about tickets for a Ärzte concert even if he has already seen them live 10 times.

A little tricky, but more original, is to give a friend tickets to the concert of an artist he doesn’t even know yet – or at least has never seen live, but is guaranteed to love. For such a gift, you should know the recipient and his music taste well, so you can assess what he likes.

Ideally, you choose a concert that is also to your taste and buy a second ticket for yourself. Then your gift consists not only of a concert ticket, but also that you go to the concert together and share this beautiful moment together!

Tip: To make the concert tickets a special gift, think about a fancy packaging for it. You can wrap the cards in music paper, for example, or put them in an envelope that you put a self-made label on.

The biggest surprise effect you achieve, if you direct the friend, to whom you give the concert, under a pretext to the location of the concert. There you let the bombshell burst only shortly before admission. Ideally, the concert should take place on the same day as the occasion for which you are giving the music gift. One thing is for sure: such an unexpected event is a damn good birthday surprise that everyone will be happy about.

2. Music Presents* To Listen to Together

Give classic music presents with records and CDs

Classic music presents are records and CDs

In this age of YouTube and terabyte-sized hard drives full of MP3s, many don’t listen to music from classic records anymore. But honestly, music that you love and not just run as background noise, you just want to own in the best quality. Besides, it’s just nice to hold a awesome CD or record of your favorite band or artist in your hand, especially when an album comes along with really cool artwork.

Hanging out with friends at home and listening to awesome music all evening – what better way to just chill out? The sound experience is also quite different when you listen to music from a vinyl record: music from analog music carriers is richer in sound nuances than digitized music, such as with MP3s, CDs or from YouTube. You can really hear the difference in sound!

I am not alone in this opinion! In Saturn and Mediamarkt or on Amazon there are records again and we swim fully on the retro wave and collect records. The good old LP just has a richer sound than MP3s and besides, the big record sleeves just can’t be topped aesthetically. If the friend you want to give a gift to loves music, you will make him a great pleasure with a well-chosen record,CD or concert DVD with bonus material.

By the way, you can find real treasures at flea markets or in antiquarian record stores. For a passionate record collector,rare LPs or first pressings are the most precious music presents you can give him. Special rarities are records that have been signed by the artist. Such treasures are usually expensive and therefore suitable as a special community gift for which you pool with other friends.

3. Music Presents for Good Sound

At the last party, did your best friend’s stereo system go belly up? Your buddy has been dreaming of really fat speakers for his stereo for a long time? Or the friend you’re looking for a gift for has also recently acquired a taste for records, but doesn’t yet have a record player?

Turntables, amplifiers or speakers are the optimal music presents for those who value good sound or need a new system. Since you have to reach deeper into the wallet for good technology, you do for such music presents best together with other friends.

A good music gift for those whose lives are unimaginable without music are good headphones and portable Bluetooth speakers. These handy speakers can be conveniently taken anywhere, they even fit in any bike basket. In recent years, a real technology revolution has taken place in terms of portable music boxes and some of these speakers now really have top sound quality and volume. You can also give waterproof speakers as a gift, with which your buddy can listen to his favorite song even in the shower.

Another important tip: Before you buy something, find out what brand your friend prefers or what matters to him in technology. A method that always works to find out is to ask him for his opinion on a device in the technology market. Because on the subject of technology, every real music lover has an opinion. Surely your buddy will get into it and you will quickly find out which system or speakers he would prefer and which accessories he is missing. If he is not interested in the topic – then you better think about another music gift 😉

4. Music Presents for Musicians

music presents should always fit the recipient of the gift. Is this a musician? All the better! Give him accessories to the instrument that he plays: A new plectrum for the electric guitar or a new amplifier, sides, a metronome, etc.

You can, of course, give a musician a musical instrument, but that’s a more expensive proposition and he probably already owns the instrument he plays. However, if you know exactly what instrument he is dreaming of and raise the money together with friends, your friend will surely be floating in seventh heaven!

Notebooks also make good music presents: surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with sheet music to music that connects you, or that you know the person loves.

5. Music Presents for Gamers

There are also music games for game consoles to give as gifts. Singstar is the absolute classic among karaoke games. Those who prefer to rock out on the guitar or DJ will surely enjoy Guitar Hero and DJ Hero.

And for music-loving trivia fans and self-professed music connoisseurs, Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz is definitely a great gift, too. This quiz game for the PS3 offers thousands of questions from the world of music that are interactive and varied thanks to lots of music tracks, pictures and videos.

6. Music Presents to Hang On the Wall, Drink From and Wear

For passionate musicians, ardent fans and for everyone in whose life everything revolves around music, there is a wide range of everyday objects with motifs that revolve around music and are therefore excellent as music presents. Because for really music-crazy friends and die-hard fans of musicians there can never be enough music in their everyday life, be it a keychain in the shape of a clef or a foot mat with the Rolling Stones lips.

Clearly, perfect music presents for such music-crazy people are fan items of their favorite artists! From posters, mugs, T-shirts and hoodies to patches, wristbands, caps and bags, there is almost everything the heart of fangirls and fanboys desires. By the way, there are such fan articles not only for rock and pop stars, also the fans of classical composers get their money’s worth:


If the gift is meant to cater to your buddy’s passion for music in general, check out these cool music presents: Kclothing, decorative and utilitarian items with musical patterns and motifs such as musical notes, clefs, instruments, sound curves or stylized musicians representing no one in particular.

Original music presents for record lovers are bowls, baskets and even clocks made from recycled records or coasters in record form.

7. The Right Soundtrack to Your Friends’ Lives

The most personal music presents are homemade.What tune goes through your head when you think of your buddy? For a special gift that you can easily make yourself, all you need is a PC and a CD or USB stick: Sassemble the soundtrack to your friend’s life and burn it onto a CD whose cover you design yourself, for example with old photos of you.

The easiest way to do this is with friends you’ve known since childhood. What music from your different stages of life do you associate with your shared memories?

These questions will help you choose music:

  • What song did you always have to sing in elementary school?
  • Which bands were you fans of when you were 12?
  • To which songs you have celebrated the first time as teenagers so right?
  • What was the worst musical “sin”of your boyfriend / girlfriend?
  • Have you been on vacation together? What music did you listen to there?
  • What is the current soundtrack of your lives?

We hope our tips for music presents have helped you. In addition, you can find many more tips for gifts for friends, as well as ideas for activities with friends, as a couple or with children on our website.

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