Movie night ideas for the perfect movie night in a home cinema

15. January 2017 - Anika Semmer

11 Movie Night Ideas at Home to Make It Perfect




Turn off the lights, sit back and watch the movie! With these 11 movie night ideas at home for the perfect movie night with your family, date, partner or friends, even the best movie is just more fun!

1. The Right Movie for the Perfect Movie Night

This is the big question: which movie is right for everyone? First, you should consider which genre is ideal: funny comedy, thrilling adventure movie, cool action movie, scary horror movie, captivating summer drama or perhaps a romantic love story after all? Of course, that depends a lot on who you’re planning to spend your perfect movie night with. Check our lists with genre best-ofs and secret tips and save yourself the brooding time :-)!

Now for the important tip: it’s best to get at least 3 films and you can pull an alternative out of the hat if you don’t like the first film after all. You can get the newest films of 2016 with one click at get amazon Prime.

2. Bigger Is Better – Show the Movie on Big Screen

Show the film in maxi format! If you only have a small TV or usually watch movies on your laptop, you should definitely consider throwing the movie in XXL on the wall for the perfect movie night!

You can rent a projector for this purpose or simply build a cheap projector yourself in 10 minutes. All you need is a shoebox, a magnifying glass, a paper clip, a cutter knife, tape, a pen and your smartphone. Here’s how:


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3. Make Sure the Sound Is Good

Imagine the melody of Jaws or the latest James Bond coming in perfect sound quality from all directions of your home cinema. From the very first minute, the film music grabs you and catapults you right into the middle of the film.

Good sound – speakers & system – are really important for a perfect movie night! So don’t forget to plug in your best stereo or consider buying really good speakers like if you like watching movies on your laptop!

James Bond - Collection 2016 [Blu-ray]
James Bond - Collection 2016 [Blu-ray]
Dieser Artikel hat Deutsche Sprache und Untertitel.; Connery, Sean, Moore, Roger, Lazenby, George (Actors)
76,99 EUR Amazon Prime

4. The Cosier the Better!

With these movie night ideas, it's cosy and there are snacks

Movie night by Anthony J at CC BY 2.0

In the cinema, partner seats are hot. Why? There’s room to lie down and cuddle up. But you can also do that very well on the couch at home! 😉

You can also turn your living room into a cosy home cinema with cushions, blankets in winter, beanbags and, in a pinch, a blanket and cushion storage on the floor. This is an absolutly must have of the movie night ideas four couples.

5. The Right Atmosphere – With the Right Light!

Dim lighting creates a comfortable mood. Get out your fairy lights, dim the lights, spread candles or screw coloured bulbs into the lamps – there are even some that let you choose all the colours by remote control! Preferably to match the genre of film you’ve chosen for your perfect movie night…

ALED LIGHT® RGB LED BULB, E27, 16 wählbare Farben, mit Fernbedienung (85 V-265 V), dimmbar [Energieklasse A] (9 Watts)
ALED LIGHT® RGB LED BULB, E27, 16 wählbare Farben, mit Fernbedienung (85 V-265 V), dimmbar [Energieklasse A] (9 Watts)
Eine Fernbedienung könnte für Mehr Glühbirnen verwendet werden; Low-Wattage, Energieeinsparung und Umweltschutz, dies ist, keine UV- und Ir-Strahlung.

For a romantic movie night, you can also create the right atmosphere with lots of candles. For an action movie night, however, fairy lights are certainly more suitable ;-).

6. Quick Decoration for Even More Atmosphere

Old school and pretty cool for that very reason: Get your old movie posters from the basement and decorate the walls with them. It’s quick, probably makes you laugh and yes, it sets the mood.

7. Decorate to Match the Genre – Theme Movie night ideas

Decorating for the perfect movie night

Hulk Drinks! by Leonardo Shinagawa at CC BY 2.0

Once again, the basement greets you: are there old action figures hiding there for your action movie night? Or skeletons, cobwebs and scary decorations from last Halloween?

Schleich 22501 - BATMAN
Schleich 22501 - BATMAN
Batman, DC Comics Sammelfigur; Mitglied der Justice League; Größe in cm (H xB xT): 16 x 9,5 x 8,5
19,31 EUR Amazon Prime

Nice kitschy plush hearts, heart glitter and your old Titanic fan slogan collection also make for a perfect movie night with girlfriends and heartbreak movies!

A few things are all you need to hang on the wall and illuminate with a floor lamp or place on the coffee table. Bet your guests will love it?

8. Provide Sweet and Savoury Snacks

Popcorn for the perfect movie night

Salted popcorn from Dr_Kelly at CC BY-SA 2.0

What can’t be missing from the perfect movie night? Chips! Don’t forget to buy chips, roasted peanuts or other savoury finger food, as well as something sweet like gummy bears or chocolate. You can even microwave fresh popcorn in a minute! Put the snacks in bowls so there are no rustling bags – because that can be a real pain! Sooner or later, everyone gets a craving for munchies while watching a film.

Tip: Fruit gums are also available as little monsters for your horror movie night, chocolate pralines to match the seductively delicious film Chocolat etc.

9. Some Like it Hot – Some Love it Cold!

Be sure to have a good choice of drinks within reach before the film starts. You should have what your guests like to drink in stock – the classics are usually enough. Besides cold cola, mineral water, juice and a six-pack of beer, some people like to forget about hot drinks. But hot tea or mulled wine with a wintry love story with your girlfriends and of course Feuerzangenbowle with the classic film Feuerzangenbowle make your movie night 100% perfect!

Tip: You have to go shopping anyway – so why not just get a matching drink for the movie night? For example, a poison-green woodruff cocktail (with or without alcohol) to go with Grinch or an alien movie, or a martini with olive to go with new James Bond?

10. Funny Movie Game

You watch American Pie and take a sip of apple pie er apple juice with cinnamon (and vodka) every time Jim puts his foot in his mouth – or when sex is involved. Especially films that most people already know can be turned into a cool experience by playing a funny game while watching them, where you see the film from a different perspective because you are paying attention to something completely different..

And it doesn’t have to be a drinking game! Alternatively, you can, for example, prepare small tasks or personal questions to answer. Sure, the stop button will then be pressed frequently – but if everyone knows the film anyway, no one will mind.

And if the film goes down badly, a drinking game can help! Discuss a word or an object, and then each time a short one is exchanged. This way you can turn even the biggest movie flop into a funny movie night!

11. For Movie Junkies – The Surprise After the Movie

Rating the movies is one of the best movie night ideas

Movie review card by Personal Creations at CC BY 2.0

You love films and so do your friends, family or partner? Then you’re sure to get excited about additional information and funny anecdotes and talk about the film afterwards. If you have prepared a little quiz with a few questions about the film to answer together, then the faces will be beaming.

Or you can suggest a quiz before the film, everyone picks out a detail and at the end you do a little test to see who knows the most about it. Also suitable for film evenings with the family, because this attention game is guaranteed to be hot with kids when there is a prize as a reward! 🙂

Das Filmquiz: 666 Fragen zu Kino, Kult & Kassenschlagern
Das Filmquiz: 666 Fragen zu Kino, Kult & Kassenschlagern
Ab 12 Jahre; Spieldauer: 99; Spieleranzahl: 2+; Anke Küpper (Author)

Film off for your perfect movie night!

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Image source Cover image: Fish-eye Home Theatre by Stephen Bowler at CC BY-SA 2.0

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