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The Mario Kart drinking game is a fun party game for hard-drinking gamblers.

23. March 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Mario Kart Drinking Game – Don’t Drink and Drive! | Game Rules




Drinking and driving: no-go in real life, but the first rule in the fun Mario Kart drinking game! Have fun on the race track and make sure you always have enough fuel.

An evening at home with friends and the question is: a round of gambling or rather boozing? We say: both, at the Mario Kart drinking game, the only game where drunk driving is harmless.

Also known by creative names such as Saufio Kart, Beerio Kart, Kario Mart or Drink’n Drive with Mario, the Mario Kart drinking game enjoys international popularity and has spawned quite a few variations.

All you need for a good Mario Kart drinking game is a Nintendo console (Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Wii, Wii U or the brand new Nintendo Switch), the game Mario Kart and enough controllers for all players. And of course enough fuel to drink, e.g. beer or schnapps. Each player should have a full glass in front of them at the beginning, e.g. 0.2 l for beer, 4 cl for schnapps.

Well then… On your marks! Ready – Steady – Go!

Game type: Drinking game
Age: from 18
Players: 2 to 4
Duration: obese
Goal: Drive Mario Kart and make the other players drink 😉

Hop and Ex – Mario Kart Drinking Game Variant 1

The first round you drive normally, to get used to it. For the second round, however:

Rule #1: Before crossing the finish line of the 2nd lap you have to pull over, stop completely and empty your glass to ex. Anyone who fails to comply with any of these points will be required to empty an additional penalty glass after the race. So whoever skips drinking on purpose or by mistake has to drink 2 glasses after the lap: one made up, the other as a penalty!

Rule #2: Whoever loses 3 races in a row must also empty a penalty glass.

Rule #3: If a player forgets to stop and drink at the right edge in the 2nd race and this is noticed by one of the other players, the latter may remind the first player in the 3rd race and the defaulting player must then stop immediately and make up for the drinking.

This way, you can slow down fellow players and make them lose who forget the drinking routine in the 2nd round. In addition, they must of course drink their penalty glass after the race!

1, 2 or 3 – Mario Kart Drinking Game Variant 2

This way of playing the Mario drinking game is based on getting penalty slots for mistakes or sometimes compensation slots for your luck, 1, 2 or 3. To make the game a bit more exciting, you can also introduce that you have to ex the glass for some actions!.

You can decide for yourself when you have to drink how much and how many rules apply. For the first rounds, it is advisable to start with few rules. You can always make the game harder! 😉

Here are some suggestions for rules:

Drink 1 sip when you…

  • …missed a box
  • …spins the body along with the controller
  • …is hit by Willi
  • …flies out of the curve

Drink 2 sips when you…

  • …get hit by your own Koopa tank
  • …get a pointless Mushroom Boost on Rainbow Road
  • …hit a cow in the Moo Moo Meadows
  • …is blinded by ink
  • …get hindered by a penguin on the track

Drink 3 sips when you…

  • …slip on a banana peel
  • …everyone gets struck by lightning
  • …you go in the wrong direction
  • …you drive into the lava.

You have to throw up your glass when…

  • …you are hit by a blue Stachi tank
  • …you use a power star
  • …you are the last one to cross the finish line.

Drinking According to Ranking – Mario Kart Drinking Game Variant 3

Rule #1: After a race, everyone drinks the number of sips or shots that correspond to their ranking, so the winner drinks 1, the runner-up 2, etc.

In principle, you can only play with this one rule, but in groups with very unevenly strong players, the Mario Kart pros then have a clear advantage and the lesser gamblers are equally drunk. To make it a bit more exciting, a second rule brings a random element into it.

Rule #2: From the second race onwards, a coin is always tossed at the end to decide whether the order remains or is reversed. Number means: Rule #1 is executed. Picture means: the order is reversed, so with 4 players, the winner of the race must take 4 sips, the runner-up 3 etc..

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