Make an envelope and seal it with a seal and wax.

15. August 2020 - Anika Semmer

Make an Envelope – With Template to Print Out | Tutorial




Craft and design a creative envelope in just 10 minutes – it’s easy with this template. This is how to make an envelope – simply print it out and get started.

Print out the template, cut out, fold, glue – done! Every recipient is happy to receive a lovingly designed envelope that they have made themselves. Personal messages as cards or letters become something very special – and it doesn’t even take long to make.

You want to make a square envelope? Here are my instructions for a small square heart envelope.

How to Make an Envelope

Masking tape makes it easy to make an envelope

With masking tape and paint, it’s easy to get the creative look

Time: 10 minutes

Making an envelope with a template takes only 2 minutes and is really easy. I made the envelope for a birthday card in DIN A6. If you print out the template on DIN A4, any “standard card” will fit.

Then it’s time to design the envelope. I used dark green acrylic paint to paint a contrasting frame on the flap and some masking tape.

You can find what you need to make the envelopes on the material list.

Material list*

1. Print Out the Template and Cut It Out

Print out the template on coloured paper – or use the printout as a template for envelope making. Cut out the template along the solid line.

2. Make and Design an Envelope

Fold the folds or fold over a triangle for nice edges to make an envelope

Fold over a triangle for exact folds

To highlight the curved envelope flap, I outlined it with dark green acrylic paint – you can also just use a felt tip pen.

I then applied horizontal strips of masking tape to the envelope. Tape the envelope before you fold it and tape the side flaps – this way you get a nicer result.

Instructions for making and designing an envelope with masking tape and template for printing

Front of envelope with space for recipient and sender

Place a ruler or set square along the dotted lines and fold the four side flaps of the envelope over them.

Fold the two side flaps inwards, brush them with glue and stick the bottom part of the envelope over the top.

Finally, I glued a little wooden star to the back.

I used sealing wax to seal the letter – just melt it on a tea light and drip it on the tip of the insert flap, press the seal on top and the letter is sealed bombproof.

The back of the creatively designed envelope

Who isn’t happy to find a letter like this in their letterbox?

Tip: You can use the cut-out template as a stencil and transfer the outline onto the paper of your choice (wrapping paper etc.)

This is how to make an envelope! Have fun!

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