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16. November 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg – What to Expect there


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Strategic play, fast-paced action, exciting team battles – we tested various systems and games at Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg. Read here what to expect there.

“Quick, quick! The round is almost over. Once again, join forces to conquer the hill!”, I shout to my team members as I run past and rush to our reload station, where you revive yourself.

Sure enough, team red, my team, wins the game “King of the Hill”. But that’s only one game out of 6 we play during our visit to Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg location.

What amazed us and was a novelty: every player was really good at at least one game, so everyone experienced a sense of achievement.

Note: We were kindly allowed to play for free as experience testers for Abenteuer Freundschaft. However, this report is not predetermined in terms of content and reflects our independent opinion.

Lasertag PRO (16+) at Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg

The Experience Testers

Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg - Winner of the 1st round

The winner of the round everyone vs. everyone

We came in a group of 8 experience testers. Apart from Anika and me, who already played at 3 other lasertag providers in Berlin, only one other tester had played lasertag before. For the 5 others, it was their first encounter with this fun sport.

Which lasertag technology and which game they liked best was surprisingly quite different: after the game, we evaluated the rating of all experience testers for a result that was as objective as possible.

The Equipment

We started with the Lasertag PRO system, which can only be played from the age of 16. This is a product of the manufacturer Battle Company, which focuses on more realism than simple lasertag.

The weapon, BRM, not only looks more realistic, you also have to aim and reload more accurately with it.

In addition to the weapon, each player wears a luminous headband with a sensor. With this technology, you can be hit on the head as well as on the device itself.

Overall, according to the manufacturer, they have tried to create an approximation of the gaming experience of relevant computer games.

The Games With the Lasertag Pro System

Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg - Battle of the 2 Teams

Team Red versus Team Blue

We started with a round of everyone against everyone. This mode is great to get familiar with the equipment and to get a feeling for the game.

At Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg, however, another feature was added. Because the equipment stores all the hits that you land and concede, you can see your points on a screen after each round. Since we were competing against each other in teams for all further games, we were now divided into 2 equally strong teams by the Lasergame Berlin employee based on our data from the first game.

Team Battle

Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg - 2 players waiting for the opponent

Together against the opponent…

In 2 teams of four we now played several games against each other and it became more difficult. For example, “friendly fire” was now also unlocked, which means you can also accidentally shoot someone from your own team.

Also, our weapon was now switched: before, you had to hit someone 3 times until they were “dead”, but you had a lot of ammunition until you had to reload. Now we played with a different weapon, so to speak – without changing the device. You had to reload after every shot, but 1 hit was enough to kill an enemy. If you are killed, your weapon no longer works and you have to revive yourself at a recharging station.

In the first team battle, the main goal was to shoot down the opposing players as often as possible.

King of the Hill

The following game “King of the Hill” was about capturing and defending a “hill”. The “hill” is generated by a device placed at a location in the arena.

If you are near it (and still alive), a sound signals that points are being awarded to your own team. But of course the opposing team tries everything to conquer the hill. And those who are shot down have to run quickly to their own resurrection station.

Simple Lasertag (from 12) at Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg

Atmosphere like in Blade Runner at Lasergame Berlin

Classic laser tag waistcoats

The Equipment

Since we as experience testers also wanted to try out the other laser tag system, we now switched to the “simple” laser tag. You can use this system from the age of 12 and 1.40 m tall.

You wear a luminous waistcoat with sensors, so you can be hit more easily. The weapon is much lighter and also looks less like a real weapon, as this technique is aimed at younger people. Also, you don’t have to reload.

Purely in terms of visual flair, the laser tag system makes you feel a little less martial and more like you’re in a level of the cyber world of TRON.

The Games With the Classic Laser Tag System

 Game with Targets at Lasergame Berlin

While marking a target

Due to time constraints, we only played 2 variations with this technique, but they were enough to give us a good impression of the technique.

In the first game variant, certain flashing targets and fields in the arena called bases earned a lot of points. You had to shoot as many of them as possible and you would automatically get in the way of the opposing team again.

For the next variation, we split into 4 teams of two, this time Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Again, the aim was to hit certain targets and mark them with your own colour for as long as possible. This time I was team blue together with Janine. When we shot one of the targets, it glowed blue and as long as it did, we got points for it.

But of course the other 3 teams were busy with the same challenge. Shooting down opponents, by the way, also earned points in all games, or getting hit ourselves earned minus points.

Comparison, Evaluation and Conclusion

 Group Picture at Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg

The 8 experience testers

Overall, we all enjoyed our stay at Lasergame Berlin and had fun. On average, our testers gave the experience 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Lasertag and Lasertag PRO in Comparison

When comparing the two systems, our opinion was almost unanimous that we liked the Lasertag PRO system better because it was more strategic. One of our testers also praised the more realistic feeling and would have liked the setup and the games to be even more realistic.

However, this is really a matter of taste and probably also depends on whether you like to play games like Counter Strike, for example, or are simply looking for a cool fun sport and want to have fun.

The fact that the majority of us preferred the PRO system doesn’t mean that we didn’t like the classic laser tag system! One of our testers put it aptly: “It’s perfect for blowing off steam right after work without thinking too much!”

Besides, the classic system is more family-friendly if only because of the lower age limit and the less martial design.

And my co-blogger Anika liked both systems equally. She particularly liked the game variants that we played with classic laser tag, because you work together more in teams and don’t primarily shoot at people.


In addition to the fun of the game, the on-site support is very positive. Two employees of Lasergame Berlin took care of us, explained everything to us and guided us through the games. We were often given several suggestions as to which games we wanted to play and with which settings, and so we were constantly able to help decide and shape our own gaming experience.

But we also asked our testers explicitly for criticism. One tester, who already knew Lasertag from another provider, found the Lasertag PRO technology better here at Lasergame Berlin in comparison, but the arena and the ambience elsewhere. However, we were told that Lasergame Berlin is already planning a renovation of the arena for the beginning of 2019 – this is the oldest laser tag hall in Berlin, which will now be refreshed.

One of the testers suggested that drinks be offered for sale during the breaks between rounds. The bottom line, however, was that she too found:

“Sporty in an enjoyable way. Tolles Workout! Weckt das Kind in mir.“ Janine, 36


Absolutely worthwhile! For adult-only groups we definitely recommend choosing the Lasertag PRO system, for families or groups with younger children the classic Lasertag.

Lasergame Berlin at Charlottenburg – Facts

  • Website:
  • Address: Nordhauser Str. 26, 10589 Berlin (courtyard entrance, ramp down on foot).
  • Telephone: 030 – 68322297
  • Requirements: Either 12 years old or already 1.40 m tall for the Lasertag system (whichever comes first), 16 years old for the Lasertag Pro system
  • Duration: 60, 90 or 120 min. bookable
  • Prices: € 15 – 36 per person, depending on the duration of the game and the day of the week, see price list here.

Soon we will also test the other location of Lasergame Berlin in Schöneweide and there another system called Tactical. We are already very excited! 🙂

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