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9. May 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

Jungle Challenge - How to Experience the Funny Challenge Yourself


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To experience a jungle test yourself, you don’t have to be a pseudo-star or fly to Australia. I was also crowned jungle king in my home country of Germany. This is all about my jungle challenge!

My friends and I like to surprise each other with extraordinary experiences and crazy leisure activities, which often have a certain motto! It works like this: We arrange a day when we all have time, usually at the weekend. One of us is always in for a surprise and has no idea what to expect. The others in the clique come up with an exciting programme based on a certain theme. Recently, it was my turn and my buddies outdid themselves: it was one of the most beautiful and funniest days I have ever experienced with them!

Trip to the Brandenburg “Jungle Challenge”

I admit it: I have a weakness for trash TV! Whether it’s Big Brother or Jungle Camp – where good taste ends for others, the fun only begins for me. My friends know that only too well. After all, I love to celebrate the Jungle Camp with them. Because let’s be honest, what could be better than watching a bunch of wannabe celebrities bathing in cockroaches, eating kangaroo testicles or having their daily catfight?

It was a hot summer day and I already suspected that my friends had thought of a very special experience for me this time when they came to pick me up with a big grin of anticipation. We drove out to a lake where we had been swimming many times before.

But this time my friends had all sorts of mysterious fully packed boxes with them. When we arrived, they first blindfolded me and I was told to wait for a while, then I was led to one of them to a place on the shore and my blindfold was taken off. I had to laugh uproariously when I saw what my friends now looked like: with Hawaiian shirts and huge sun hats, they had dressed up as hosts of my very own jungle camp. I immediately understood what the whole thing was supposed to amount to when they then also said: your first jungle challenge is waiting for you:.

One thing is clear: you have the shot!

Drum swing from branch to branch

and seek coconut for -nut

Like Tarzan, fast and without rest!

Jungle Challenge #1: Like Tarzan in the Treetop

The first jungle test my friends came up with for me was related to a big tree on the lakeshore. Somewhere up in the crown of this tree they had hidden coconuts for me. Luckily I can climb quite well, but that wasn’t the only challenge.

In order to get that real jungle feeling, my friends had provided me with a kind of Tarzan costume* that I had to put on beforehand. So of course I looked hilarious while climbing, while my friends took turns cheering me on and holding their stomachs laughing. My friends had tied “lianas” to several branches, i.e. ropes with hollow coconuts tied to them, which I had to pull up and open.
In each coconut was a scrap of paper on which my friends had written a text. When I had found all 8 coconuts and climbed back down, I puzzled the pieces together and read what my next task was:.

In the jungle tastes especially delicious,

What creeps and crawls on the ground.

Now you have to go all the way without complaining

Eat insects – but not testicles!

Jungle Challenge #2: The Insect Buffet

Insect meal at our Jungle challenge

Insect meal, a real jungle test…

You can do it with me! In fact, a typical jungle camp buffet was waiting for me: on a picnic blanket, on small plates, there was a very special… well unusual food: fried mealworms, roasted grasshoppers, scorpions and cockroaches. For this challenge, my friends had actually found and prepared real insects.

This was not that hard, my buddies said. Eating them isn’t either: in fact, insects taste much better than you think and once you get over yourself it’s not so bad. You can of course vary this test with other “delicacies” from snails to frog legs to more harmless versions, for example with white gums in spider or caterpillar shape.

By the time I had finished the six-legged treats, there was again a labelled piece of paper at the bottom of each bowl. Puzzled together, the text revealed:

You are to be had after all

For the latest bullshit

that’s why you should dig now

in the very deepest mud!

Jungle Test #3: The Thing From the Swamp

At one part of the lakeshore the ground is the purest morass – normally the place where you don’t necessarily go into the water, but of course ideal for a real jungle challenge! My next challenge was to dig 6 objects out of the mud.

Of course, it was some consolation that my buddies had to go at least as deep into the mud to bury the items as I did to fish them out again. And of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to throw mud at them, which turned into a wonderful mud fight in the truest sense of the word.
Finally I had also found the 6 items: a coaster with a parrot motif, a plastic piranha, an (empty) tin of tiger balm (haha!), a butterfly net, a bottle of insect spray and a mini treasure chest containing my next clue for the following exam:.

In the rubber dinghy we go to the island now,

As oars there are only branches!

There you’ll find a snake resting

In her snake’s nest!

Jungle Test #4: The Journey to the Island of Snakes

Quite an audacity to give me only a few fallen branches as oars!!! But well: in the real jungle you also have to cope with what you find. To be fair, my buddies swam with me and pushed the dinghy until I reached the small island in the middle of the lake. It didn’t take me long to find the “snake’s nest” that my group had made out of a basket, chicken eggs and a rubber snake. In its mouth, the snake had a note with the message:

About a log here in the lake

You have to walk now, even if it’s sloshing.

If you fall into the water, it won’t hurt,

Try it till you make it!

Jungle Challenge #5: The Dance on the Log

Easier said than done! The tree trunk I was supposed to balance on was quite slippery. Nevertheless, I managed to fall into the water only three times before I reached the end of the log. There, a small box awaited me, which my buddies had stuck jungle motifs on. Inside was a voucher for Tropical Islands to recover from my exertions in the jungle oasis. Of course, I also got a self-made jungle crown from my friends. It was really one of the most beautiful days we have experienced together and I am still grateful to them today.

Conclusion: It’s crazy fun to stage your own jungle camp and it’s one of the coolest leisure activities you can do with friends in the summer!


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