10 tips for a brilliant James Bond theme party

5. May 2017 - Anika Semmer

James Bond Theme Party – 10 Insider Tips for Your Top Agent Party




Elegant, original and a special atmosphere without much effort – a James Bond theme party has everything that makes a party a roaring success. These 10 tips will ensure that your mission “theme party” succeeds!

You can organise a James Bond theme party relatively quickly and easily and surprise your guests with original ideas and a James Bond atmosphere. Depending on how much love, time and money you want to put into your James Bond themed party, you can choose what you’re looking for from these 10 brilliant tips!

Not 100% sure if you really want to have a James Bond theme party? At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find our top ten theme parties for adults with lots of valuable and time-saving tips for preparation and implementation!

James Bond – Profile With Basic Knowledge

  • Name: James Bond
  • Job: Agent 007, working for MI6 in Her Majesty’s service
  • (Intellectual) Father & Life: Author Ian Fleming, wrote a total of 12 novels and other short stories based around James Bond, 1953-1964. Including Spectre* (2015), there are 24 James Bond films.
  • What he loves: Martini, beautiful women, fast cars, taking down bad guys, saving the world again

10 Brilliant Tips for a Fancy James Bond Theme Party

James Bond theme party - tips and ideas for an epic party

Minimalist poster by Tom Woodward at CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Preparation

Why are we fascinated by James Bond? The smart agent stands for style, elegance, thrill, suspense, adventure, action and great entertainment! And that’s exactly what makes a nice party an unforgettable event.

When preparing, you should first ask yourself where you want to focus your James Bond theme party. To do this, you should think about the following points:

  • Where will the party take place?
  • Will it be a stylish party, an original Casino Royale party with poker and roulette table, an exciting crime experience with a case to solve and will there be original entertainment for (small & big) kids?
  • What decorations do I buy to provide atmosphere?
  • What will there be to eat and drink?
  • Do I provide a surprise party highlight?
  • What goes on my shopping list?

2. The Essential James Bond Theme Party Atmosphere

With a theme party, it is very important that the guests also contribute to the right flair: and this is especially true for a James Bond theme party! Encourage all guests to costume as a villain or character from a James Bond film such as Goldfinger or at least dress smartly!

The decor should be tasteful and stylish with appropriate music from the soundtracks of the James Bond films. If you’re celebrating at home, have your favourite James Bond film playing silently on continuous loop in the background!

Even more original, but also more time-consuming to prepare, is a Casino Royale party: set up gaming tables with a roulette game and a poker table and adapt the decoration to them.


3. Thrill With Spies, Murder & Agents at the Party

Imagine coming to a party and suddenly a murder happens!!!! (Ok, not a real one of course – luckily! But a staged one is already a nice surprise, isn’t it?) And then the host surprises you with a suspenseful party game like Murderous Dinner Party – Voices from Beyond. Each guest takes on the role of an original character with the help of a role-playing book and the task is to find clues and crack the case together.

Or you can surprise your guests with our free agent game, which already has a small fan club among our friends. This game is sure to keep faces perplexed, mysterious and exciting. You can find the guide to the agent game here.

If you’re planning to organise a crime game, we guarantee your friends, family and colleagues will be raving about this fancy party for months to come!

4. Deco for Your James Bond Theme Party

Stylish and elegant should also be the decoration – with a few funny eye-catchers. For example, there are life-size cardboard cutouts of legendary James Bond actors with whom you can take funny photos. Lay out matching napkins on the tables and hang black and silver or gold balloons and streamers. You can also set the scene with film posters from James Bond films, atmospheric lighting and fun accessories straight from Q’s secret laboratory or costume accessories.

Colours: Black, red and white, silver or gold

5. Inexpensive and Fancy Costumes

Elegant, chic evening wear is ideal for a James Bond themed party. If your guests don’t like dressing up, just ask them to slip into a suit and evening gown. For priceless flair at your theme party, ask some of your guests to dress up as famous James Bond characters – and of course, as a good role model, you should do it yourself!

Movie characters & costume ideas: James Bond, Miss Moneypenny, M, Q, Felix Leiter, Goldfinger, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (the bad guy with the cat), Day of the Dead costume, Black and White Morphsuits, Poker Lady, Secret Agent, Hitman, Crook, Sexy Spy

amscan 843933-55 Day of The Dead Halloween Frack Kostüm, Schwarz, Size: 41-43
amscan 843933-55 Day of The Dead Halloween Frack Kostüm, Schwarz, Size: 41-43
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36,73 EUR Amazon Prime

6. Accessories for the Small Purse

An alternative to a complete costume are matching accessories. For example, a man can add a gun holster to his suit or become a mysterious crook with sunglasses and a moustache. With nerdy glasses, ancient mobile phone and chequered shirt with a glowing biros in the shirt pocket, one simply slips into the role of the ingenious inventor Q. With pencil skirt, blouse and updo with writing utensils, you are Miss Moneypenny.

Be prepared for mockers and simply lay out a few funny James Bond masks, toy guns, ties or bow ties. You’ll have Sean Connery, Roger Moore and of course Daniel Craig at your theme party.

James Bond Maske Set – Inklusive Daniel Craig, Roger Moore und Pierce Brosnan
James Bond Maske Set – Inklusive Daniel Craig, Roger Moore und Pierce Brosnan
James Bond Maske Set – inkl. Daniel Craig, Roger Moore und Pierce Brosnan; Hohe Auflösung 2D-Bild
Robelli Gangster Fancy Kleid Set-Trilby Hut, Krawatte, Hosenträger, Zigarre, Schnurrbart & Nelke
Robelli Gangster Fancy Kleid Set-Trilby Hut, Krawatte, Hosenträger, Zigarre, Schnurrbart & Nelke
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7. Food – Simple and Original Snacks

There are sugar and chocolate matching 007-decorations for desserts that you can use to suitably jazz up any sweet snack. A ketchup gun next to a bowl of boulette balls and cards with funny matching names make any snack a fun idea.

You can turn cheese sticks into Gold Fingers, a bowl of gummy sweets into Miss Moneypenny’s Nerve Stuff, hot chilli dips into spicy temptation, a pot of Mexican chilli into Mexican Dance of Death. Or you can think of funny names for the film titles and call the cheese platter Cheese Royale and Hawaii Toast A Quantum Toast, for example.

8. Shaken, not stirred! – Drinks James Bond would love

First things first: Vodka Martini with an olive is an absolute must! James Bond’s favourite drink can also be used as decoration with beautiful martini glasses, a cocktail shaker and olives next to it. Otherwise, you can make all the drinks of your choice fit with melodious names: A red punch as Fireball punch, sparkling wine as Golden Delight, the cocktail White Russian becomes From Russia with love etc.

Recipe for James Bond’s favourite drink:

  • 90 ml gin
  • 30 ml vodka
  • 15 ml Lillet Blanc
  • 1 olive
  • Martini glass
  • Cocktail shaker

Pasabahce 44698 - Martini Glas, Cocktailglas, Partyglas, V-förmige Martini Gläser, 4er Set
Pasabahce 44698 - Martini Glas, Cocktailglas, Partyglas, V-förmige Martini Gläser, 4er Set
Pasabahce - 4er Set Martinigläser, Cocktailgläser, Partygläser; Höhe ca. 17,4 cm, Volumen 230 ml

9. Music – Your James Bond Soundtrack

Most James Bond films have a great soundtrack. Big stars like Nancy Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Madonna and Adele have ensured that the title song is often a masterpiece in itself. Many songs are available on YouTube with video and you can also put together a playlist of songs at your James Bond theme party and run them on the TV, such as the intro to Skyfall (2012) with Adele’s song of the same name, see above.

A Best Of with the best songs is available for example at amazon and a super playlist with the film intros and theme music here at youtube:

10. Gadgets For the (Big) Kids

Are (big) kids also guests at your James Bond theme party? Surprise them with fun gadgets – inventions by Q – that the kids can play with. Pens with LEDs, an agent play set, spy glasses or a game to match the theme.

Jumbo Spiele 3929 - Greenrock Village Tatort: Hotel
Jumbo Spiele 3929 - Greenrock Village Tatort: Hotel
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48,63 EUR

You’re looking for more home party ideas, as well as leisure tips for activities with friends, family and your partner.

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Image source Cover photo: Amanda Royale by Craig Hatfield at CC BY 2.0.

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