This is how to play Poker Dice - poker with dice

7. May 2017 - Anika Semmer

How to Play Poker Dice – Who Will Bluff the Best? | Game Rules


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Poker can be played with more than just cards! Poker Dice has betting rounds and is ideal as a drinking game or simply as an exciting dice duel. This is how to play Poker Dice.

Poker Dice is based on classic poker, but there are some special features that give the game its own appeal. Instead of cards, each player gets a set of 5 special Poker Dice on which the card symbols from 9 to Ace are imprinted.

Like poker, there are betting rounds in which players can pay a bet, call, surrender or raise. So you can play Poker Dice with chips, money – or even alcohol as a bet. In the drinking game variant, each player gets up to 6 shot glasses full of beer or another drink as a stake for the betting rounds. The bet is of course drunk by the respective loser of the game!

If more than the 2 players who rolled the dice want to take part in the game, they are called kibitzers. They observe the game and can place bets among themselves and place a previously discussed stake on a winner. The stake in the drinking game is also a fixed number of filled shot glasses, which the winner of the bet can distribute to the losers as he or she pleases – or save up as the next stake!

How to Play Poker Dice

  • Players: 2 or more
  • Accessories: per player 5 poker dice and a dice cup
  • Duration: 5 rounds per game
  • Game objective: Players roll the dice face down a maximum of 3 times and try to roll the highest poker combination.

Poker Dice – The Dice Combinations

These combinations count in ascending order:

    • No combination (Runt)
    • 2 of a kind, e.g. 2 9s (A Pair)
    • 2 Pairs, e.g. 2 Aces and 2 10s (Two Pairs), the highest pair counts
    • 3 of a kind, e.g. 3 Jacks (Triplet / Brelan)
    • A sequence of the 5 consecutive values K-D-B-10-9 (Low sequence)
    • A sequence of the 5 consecutive values A-K-D-B-10 (High sequence)
  • 3 of a kind and 2 of a kind (Full House)
  • 4 equal values, e.g. 4 tens (Square)
  • 5 of a kind, e.g. 5 Aces (Royal Flush)

If both players roll the same combination, the other symbols next to the combination decide who wins. For example, on a roll of a 10-10-B-B-D and a roll of 10-10-B-B-9, the Queen (D) is higher than the 9!

For like combinations, the ranking is analogous to the rules of playing poker with cards; for example, three tens, an ace and a queen beat a hand of three tens, an ace and a nine.

This Is How to Play Poker Dice

How to play Poker Dice with a dice cup

Irregular Die von Michael Himbeault unter CC BY 2.0

When exactly two players are playing, Poker Dice goes like this: The first player starts and rolls all 5 dice face down. If he is not yet satisfied with his roll, he can re-roll a total of two times as many dice as he wants during a game – even all of them. If, for example, he rolls three 10s, a queen and an ace on the first roll, he can try to roll 4 or even 5 10s or a full house on the next two rolls, because that counts higher than 3 of a kind. But before the player rolls a second and third time, there are first so-called betting rounds (see below), in which players can pay into the pot.

After the first roll, the second player rolls the dice for the first time. This is followed by a betting round, after which both players roll the dice again and can pay a stake again. At the latest after the 3rd roll of the dice and the following last betting round, the game is decided.

Now both players reveal their combinations and the player with the higher roll wins the game. If both players show an identical throw, then this round ends in a draw.

The Bets Make Poker Dice Challenging

As in poker, there are betting rounds in Poker Dice where players can deposit an amount into the pot in the middle. Before the game starts, players determine a so-called minimum and a maximum to bet – for example, 6 times the minimum.
After the first throw, a round of betting takes place. If he wishes, the player can now wait (check) or pay a bet into the pot (bet). Now it is the opponent’s turn to match the bet and pay the same amount into the pot (Call), raise it (Raise) or surrender, pay nothing in (Fold) and thus give away the game. If the first thrower has waited and bet nothing, the second can also simply wait or pay a bet into the pot. After each roll, a bet can be paid in only once and raised only once.

In each case, before the second and third roll of the first player and the second and third roll of the second player, these betting rounds take place. Before the game, the players can also decide whether they will also take a betting round before the first throw of the second game.

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Image source Cover photo: Hand of chance by Alexandra E Rust at CC BY 2.0

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