This is how to make a toilet paper cake as a wedding, housewarming or special birthday gift

24. July 2021 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Toilet Paper Cake That Is an Eye-Catcher | Tutorial


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Witty, creative and visually a real eye-catcher. A toilet paper cake is the ideal packaging for small gifts, money and big surprises. With these tips and suggestions how to make a toilet paper cake, you can make it super funny and beautiful. 

What makes a more special occasion gift than a multi-tiered cake that you can garnish to match? A toilet paper cake is a creative DIY gift that can be made in no time. It is suitable both as an inexpensive, small gift and as a larger present, and a gift of money can be beautifully presented with it.

It’s worth giving some thought to which materials will go particularly well and provide laughs before you buy. I ran into several shops for my last cake and still didn’t get hold of everything I had in mind – ordering in good time from amazon* or an online shop you trust can save quite a bit of time and you’ll have a much wider selection to choose from.

There are no limits to your creativity and wealth of ideas. As inspiration, I have listed and linked my ideas for making clop paper cakes for various big occasions here. All cakes have one thing in common: the base is made of toilet paper, even if it smells like roses, is pink or has naughty sayings on it!

Tob dich kreativ aus! Als Faustregel gilt: Je enger man der oder dem Beschenkten steht, desto persönlicher kann das Geschenk auch werden :-).

What You Need for the Toilet Paper Cake

  • Cardboard
  • Aluminium foil
  • Paper cake cover
  • 9 rolls of toilet paper with a pattern or motif, e.g. as banknotes
  • Hot glue gun
  • 40 mm wide red fabric ribbon (makes a nice contrast to the white toilet paper)
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • If necessary, coloured construction paper for designing
  • Perhaps acrylic paint and brushes to paint the cake realistically
  • + matching decorations to decorate (see below)
  • + funny objects to match the occasion (see below)
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How to Make a Toilet Paper Cake

Fot this how to make a clop paper cake yourself you need cardboard as an auxiliary tool and preferably a hot glue gun

The hot glue gun is the fastest way to attach the individual components

You don’t need any crafting experience to make a toilet paper cake. A pack of 10 toilet paper rolls is enough for a 3-tiered toilet paper cake!

  1. Place 5 rolls of toilet paper in a circle shape on a sturdy cardboard
  2. Circle the outline on the cardboard and cut them out along the line
  3. Umantle the cardboard with two sheets of aluminium foil and glue them together. The best and quickest way to do this is with a hot glue gun, but it works just as well with all-purpose glue – you just need more patience as it takes longer to dry. You can also use other coloured paper and decorate the bottom of the cake!
  4. Place the aluminium cardboard on an unfolded paper cake cover and stick it on top.
  5. Tape the 5 toilet paper rolls onto the wrapped cardboard in the same order you circled them. Tape the toilet paper rolls together at the two points where they touch each other.
  6. The next tier consists of three staggered toilet paper rolls, which you glue to the first tier and to each other. Finally, a toilet paper roll is placed in the middle at the top.
  7. So inside the cake you have room for a hidden gift! Be sure to tuck it inside before you attach the last toilet roll!
  8. Tie a wide fabric ribbon around each tier and stick it tightly to each other. Tie three loops of this fabric ribbon and stick them on top of the glue to cover them up.
  9. Now it’s time to design the cake to match the occasion and get creative!
How to make a toilet paper cake with a cake topper

Glue the cake topper and tinfoil-wrapped cardboard together

Decorating Tips for Toilet Paper Cakes for Occasions

Less is more! Tarpaulin with a maximum of 9 items and small gifts tucked under the ribbon of the cake to decorate the top of the cake. The rule is, they should be different sizes and not too “thick”. Think about what goes on the top, because that’s what catches the eye! A piccolo of sparkling wine always looks good here. 🙂

How to Make a Toilet Paper Cake for a Wedding

How to Make a Toilet Paper Cake for a Round Birthday

When it comes to how to make a clop paper cake, you mainly need fun and beautiful decorative items like artificial flowers and scented tea lights

Flowers, tea lights and Ferrero Kisses as cake decorations

How to Make a 18th Birthday Toilet Paper Cake

  • On the top a party hat/ princess crown, sunglasses over the first loo roll
  • Anti-idioctic, happiness booster – funny first aid kit
  • Condoms
  • Knockers
  • Redbull
  • Emergency chocolate
  • Anti-stress pills (Smarties)
  • Wrinkle mask
  • Eye mask
  • Snickers (if you ever become a diva ;-))
  • Parking meter
  • 18 years confetti
  • Stylish Savings box with lock for the money – the key is inside the toilet paper cake

How to Craft a Paper Cake for Moving In / Buying a House

You can decorate the toilet paper cake with small gifts to suit the occasion

You can get creative with the decorations

  • Toilet brush for the top
  • Toothbrushes
  • Craft a key out of chocolate or cardboard
  • Loop the cord around the ribbon of each tier before you glue it in place
  • Chocolate tools
  • Personalised folding rule
  • knockers
  • Bulb
  • Bread
  • Salt and spices
  • Piccolo Champagne
  • Cup cake
  • Ferrero Kiss
  • WC cleaner
  • Rinsing Sponge
  • Soda
  • Craft and attach flowers from sponge cloths
  • Snow broom
  • Brush
  • Put recipes on index cards decoratively all around

Have fun making a toilet paper cake!

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