How to make friendship rings with a special message

8. May 2016 - Anika Semmer

How to Make Friendship Rings – Forge Them Yourselves!


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Friendship rings are a perfect personal gift for your best friend to express how much your friendship means to you. Combine the gift with an unforgettable experience and forge your friendship rings yourself! This are some tips about how to make friendship rings. 

A ring is the most common and oldest symbol with which people express their bond to each other, not only married couples but also the closest friends. Rings have even been worn as a sign of friendship for about 21,000 years. The circular shape of the ring is symbolic of infinity and eternal friendship.

I love jewellery and have been looking for an extraordinary ring as a gift for my best friend for a long time. I found a great selection of rings in online shops and shops, with beautiful pieces for every taste and budget. But I was looking for something really extraordinary!

Because the most beautiful gifts for friends are personal and unique. What could be more natural than giving yourself jewellery that you have designed yourself? I wanted to give my best friend a friendship ring and at the same time a special experience that she would associate with it. And I found just the right gift: forging friendship rings together. But how to make friendship rings?

How to Make Friendship Rings – What You Need

On the internet, you can find Jewellers offering ring forging courses. Even without much experience or previous knowledge, you can make perfect rings under the guidance of professionals. There are no limits to your creativity and it is incredibly fun to create jewellery yourself. The most important decisions that you should make beforehand:

  • How much money should the friendship rings cost?
  • Do I want silver or gold friendship rings?
  • How do I imagine the perfect friendship rings?
  • Which friendship rings do I like from the design?
  • Do I want to engrave the friendship rings or let in a stone?

Before you can start, you have to decide on a material, usually silver, gold or platinum. The jeweller measures how much of the precious metal you need – this also determines the price per ounce for the material. In the first step, you have to tap the strip of untreated metal into a U.

The Friendship Rings Are Forged

After that, you clamp it in a vice and tap the ends of the rods around a round bar until the ends meet. It is not so easy to work the rod until its ends meet without gaps. After all, you have already formed an egg-shaped round that you can be proud of.
Now literally fire comes into play! You solder the ends together until they fuse. The next step calls for your muscle power. You put the oval ring on a metal rod and hammer away with a lot of strength and stamina until the egg becomes an even circle. Every little unevenness must disappear so that the ring becomes perfect. Now the jeweller checks the ring size – with a special device he can compress the material until the ring is the right size for you.

Tip: You want to surprise your best friend with a self-made friendship ring and don’t know her ring size? With this simple trick you can find it out at home.

The following steps require a lot of patience and fine work: From the inside and outside, you now sand the unevenness smooth with a fine-grained sander. Finally, the time has come: you hold your first self-forged ring in your hands!

Now it is time to make the ring your very own friendship ring. One possibility is, for example, to put a special jewel in it or to engrave the ring with an individual design. Of course, there are no limits to your ideas when designing the friendship ring! Everyone can perfect their ring in their own way. Here are a few suggestions for you.

How to Make Friendship Rings With Gem Stones

You want your friendship rings to be a little more precious? A inset gemstone also symbolically gives your friendship ring a higher value.

My tip: choose a stone with a special meaning for your friendship. I chose to put a blue Australian sapphire on my silver ring and gave the surface an iced look with sandpaper.

Blue is both my favourite colour and that of my best friend. It is also the colour of loyalty and it means to us that we will always stand by each other, no matter what.

Cool Inscriptions and Motifs for Your Friendship Rings

Friendship rings become truly unique with the right engraving. No matter which material you choose, every precious metal can be engraved with an inscription or symbol by the jeweller according to your wishes. Modern jewellers offer not only engraving by hand in print and script, but also more complex engraving with a laser. But finding the perfect saying or symbol that expresses everything that makes up your friendship is not so easy. To help you find the right saying, we have put together a list of ideas for you:.

The Classic: A Number as a Symbol

Do you know the exact date of the day when your paths crossed for the first time? Or the day you moved into a flat share together? The classic inscription is a special date that you associate with your friendship, like a name day or birthday. Maybe it’s the house number of your student flat or another number that has special meaning for you. Of course, you can also simply engrave the other person’s birthday on your ring.

Nomen Est Omen: Traditional Inscription

Feli & Flocke , Alexander the Great or Svenja & Nine: Names are the most traditional and common inscription for rings. Besides your first names, nicknames, pet names or insiders also lend themselves to a special personal touch. My friends Svenja and Nine, for example, call themselves SveNi. You can also give your engraving that certain something with a creative design, for example by writing the names in reverse, merging them into one stroke or engraving your original signature.

Unmistakable: The Fingerprint

A signature can be copied by skilled forgers – the fingerprint of every person, on the other hand, is unique and unmistakable. Whether on the inside of the ring or on the visible surface, the fine structure of your fingerprints is about the most personal thing you can engrave on your friendship rings. In a way, you are always carrying a part of your best friend with you.

The Anagram: Your Personal Secret Word

Do you guess what names are hidden behind words like ”caramel gel”der “Lives”? Both words are so-called shake words, or anagrams. An anagram is a name for a word or words that belong together, formed from all the letters of another word. For example, the sweet ”Karamellengel” is an anagram for ”Angela Merkel” and ”Lives” stands for the famous singer Elvis..

Try it out with your own names! Maybe you will find a funny or symbolically perfect anagram for your name. Of course, the most beautiful anagram is one that combines both of your names or nicknames. This way you can create your own secret word and give your friendship ring a particularly confidential touch.

Animals and Symbols

Do you ever jokingly compare yourselves to certain animals or call yourselves that for fun? Animal nicknames are great for inspiration for symbols. Whether in combination with a name or as a stand-alone motif – the miniature of a cat for Catherine, “The Cat”is personal and cute. Other possibilities are your best friend’s star sign or Chinese zodiac sign, her favourite animal or simply an animal that symbolises your friendship. Symbols from other cultures, such as the Chinese characters for friendship, bonding or companionship, or the Celtic Cladagh symbol, are also a good source of inspiration.

Sayings About Friendship

  • True friendship has no end
  • 1+1=2
  • Until all eternity
  • Best Friends 4ever
  • Nothing else matters
  • Truely madly deeply
  • Without you I cannot be who I am
  • One soul in two bodies (Aristotle)
  • Bridge to you
  • Covenant of friendship
  • Friendship is the union of souls (Voltaire)
  • A good friend is cheaper than therapy.
  • Friendship is true wealth.
  • Spirit sister / spirit brother
  • Two in sync
  • Mickey and Goofy
  • Thelma and Louise
  • Pretty best friends
  • No road is long with a friend by your side (Japanese wisdom)
  • Omnia vincit amicitia (Latin: Friendship conquers all)
  • In omne tempus (Latin: for all time / forever)
  • In perpetuum (Latin: forever)
  • Amore, more, ore, re iugundar amicitiae (Latin: By love, custom, word and object, friendship holds firm)
  • Amicitia vincit horas (Latin: Friendship outlasts time)
  • Amicus optima vitae possessio (Latin: A friend is the best possession in life


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