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9. July 2016 - Anika Semmer

Holiday With Friends – 10 Tips How to Guarantee That It Won’t Fail


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The hottest time of your life or the absolute hell of a trip: there are some things you should know about holidays with friends. With these 10 simple tips, you can avoid trouble and typical problems from the outset when you go on holiday with friends.

You are standing at the dream beach or the mountain top and think to yourself: how cool would it be if my buddy could experience that now?! Do you know this? If everything fits, a holiday with friends is the best way to spend your free time.Special moments you want to experience together with the people who are most important to you: and holidays or leisure activities lasting several days are full of extraordinary moments that you will remember for years to come.

The problem: Going on holiday together with friends can also backfire. Before you travel together for the first time, you simply don’t know whether the chemistry in the group is 100% right. In fact, there is no such thing as a 100% match: everyone has a different idea and ticks a bit differently – so frustration is inevitable if you don’t think about a few things beforehand.

But if you know potential points of conflict and problems right from the start and think about them, then your holiday together can’t go wrong at all! 😉

Whether camping together on a campsite, wild camping, in a holiday flat rented together or in a hotel: with these simple 10 tips, your holiday with friends is guaranteed not to flop!

10 Tips to Make Your Holiday With Friends Epic

The suitcases are packed and you are ready to go? At the latest while waiting at the airport or during the car ride to your holiday, you should have urgently talked about a few things! If you don’t think about it beforehand and just drive off, you run the risk of your friendship not surviving the holiday. You should definitely talk about these topics before, then nothing can really go wrong:.

1. Good Planning Is Half the Battle

You know you want to go on holiday together. But that’s also the only plan that’s in place? If you are planning to go on holiday with friends for the first time, then plan the holiday before you go. Planning gives structure to your holiday and avoids arguments and frustration because important decisions have already been made.

Ideally, you should plan your holiday together. If one person is in charge of the planning, everyone should always be informed about the status of things and important decisions and be able to voice concerns. This way you all have the same idea of your holiday from the start and avoid discussions of principle from the outset.

Have you got these questions all sorted out?

  • How do you get where? What needs to be considered here?
  • What do you want to do? When? How much time do you need?
  • What equipment and clothing do you need? Who brings what?
  • How will you eat and where?
  • How much money do you have to take with you?
  • How does everyone imagine their holiday?
  • Who is responsible for what? Does everyone know about everything?

2. What Is the Perfect Holiday Destination?

Holiday with friends at Lake Garda

Vacation at Lake Garda offers many leisure activities.

Whether Ballermann, cultural trip or survival camping: the perfect place for your holiday should not only meet your expectations in terms of feeling. When you go on holiday with friends, you are travelling in a group in which everyone has different needs and preferences. When choosing a holiday destination, make sure that there are enough opportunities for varied leisure activities. In this way, you can prevent the mood from tipping because limited opportunities lead to boredom or arguments.

3. What Is Too Long and What Is Too Short?

On your first holiday with friends, don't go away for too long

What is the right length for your first holiday together?

On holiday, you want to relax, experience a lot and take as much fun and special moments as possible back into everyday life. When the first euphoria fades and all leisure activities in the small fishing village are exhausted, you ask yourself: “Another 5 long days?!?“, instead of “only another 5 short days!” Before going on holiday, you should definitely think about whether you really want to go on holiday for such a long time with all your fellow travellers or whether you have reservations.

This is especially important if you sleep and live in a confined space and there are annoying chores like cleaning and tidying up. Your perfect holiday destination offers many opportunities for free space, yet at some point the supply is exhausted.

Our recommendation: On your first holiday together, don’t travel longer than 1 week at the most.If you absolutely want to go on holiday for 2-3 weeks, then test how well you harmonise with each other on a weekend trip!

4. Who Pays What? The Money Question

On holiday with friends, money is an important issue

Who pays what?

War is fought, relationships are destroyed and friendships ruined because of money: because when it comes to our finances, we usually can’t take a joke. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on something they don’t want to do or spend more than all the rest.
The solution: Before the holiday, estimate how much your planned leisure activities and other expenses will cost. Each fellow traveller pays the same amount into a joint fund. From this fund, you pay for all common expenses during the holiday, such as meals, snacks and excursions!

Important: Discuss beforehand how much money the holiday may cost and what will be paid out of the common fund and what not.

Tip: Be sure to add a generous buffer amount for further unplanned expenses!

5. How to Make Your Holiday With Friends Epic?

Special moments make holidays with friends extraordinary

Special moments make holidays memorable.

Ask 3 friends how they imagine the perfect holiday with friends and you will get 3 different answers. Why is that? Everyone has a different idea of what makes a holiday epic.

Most of the time, the devil is hidden in the details: before you talk about your ideas, you don’t even know exactly what they are. Then, on holiday, you are dissatisfied because somehow things don’t work out as you had hoped. That’s why it’s important to talk about your ideas beforehand, so that everyone starts the holiday with friends with the same ideas and expectations.

The basic question: Do you rather want to chill out or be active on holiday?.

6. Make Sure You Have Space!

Time to relax on friends' holidays

Time to yourself is important.

When planning your holiday, make sure you don’t fill every day with activities and things to do. Often the needs on holiday are different than expected. It is best to take into account periods of time when planning your holiday when everyone can decide for themselves what they want to do. In this way, you create space for resting, going it alone or time to pursue your own interests that no one else is interested in.

Important: Sometimes you can convince a friend to watch the 12th castle and he thinks it’s great. But that is the exception! If one of you doesn’t feel like doing something (anymore), don’t try to convince him and accept his decision!

7. Friendship Goes Through the Stomach

Eating together on holiday with friends is fun

Crustaceans or rather pizza?

Eating out together, cooking with friends and feasting: when it comes to food on holiday with friends, there is no reason for frustration. Or is there? What if you suddenly realise on holiday that one mate is frutarian and your friend’s mood tips over without a steak.

But it doesn’t have to be the boyfriend who turned vegan overnight who gets into it with the steak-eater. When it comes to food, opinions differ! It already starts with the choice of restaurant or cooking. Tastes are different and who doesn’t know that: sometimes you suddenly have an irrepressible desire for something.

Talking is important! If you’re overcome with a craving for pizza or have a super idea for a fancy recipe to cook together, say so in good time. The most important thing is that you respect each other when someone doesn’t feel like doing something.
If you cook for yourselves, make sure there are clear rules from the start to avoid arguments. For example: If someone doesn’t want to cook or can’t cook, he or she is responsible for doing the dishes. Or you can decide that everyone has a say in the cooking and gets to decide what is served.

8. Mess or Cleaning? What Is the Mood Killer

Cleaning and tidying up on holiday with friends

Where is your dirt pain threshold?

Everybody has different pain thresholds when it is too dirty for them to feel comfortable. What is “still really okay” for Adam is “an unbearable mess” for Eve. Especially when camping and with larger groups, you should make sure every evening that it is tidy and clean enough for everyone to feel comfortable.

As in everyday life in a shared flat, fixed rules help. Establish from the beginning that everyone sweeps the rooms together every three days and tidies up together every evening before going to bed. It is an absolute no-go when holidaying with friends to assign this task to one person and not share this unloved duty fairly among themselves.

9. Sleep and Party Time

No holiday with friends without sleeping and partying

Sleeping or partying?

One person wants to celebrate, carouse and party until the sun rises, the other simply wants to sleep in. On a harmonious holiday with friends, both should be possible at the same time. On campsites, this is made possible by the rest periods. Not without reason, because these times regulate the harmonious coexistence of strangers with completely different sleeping and partying needs. If you still want to party, you can go to the beach, to the disco or to a place where no one else is disturbed by the noise.

If you live in a holiday home or go wild camping, set your own quiet times. For example, when the first friend goes to sleep, all the party animals move to the beach or the pub. For a harmonious holiday with friends, consideration should always be the top priority!

10. When Fights Break Out Anyway

Preventing arguments on holiday with friends

What to do when arguments break out?

You have taken all the tips into account and still there is a fight between your friends? In this case, try to prevent your other friends from taking sides. If tempers are too high to deal with the problem, give them space to regain their composure. Because in the end, nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked.

As with all conflicts, the only thing that helps in the end is talking. In an emergency, call in your most neutral friend as a mediator to help settle the dispute. To ensure that the mood is not bad afterwards, it is essential that the dispute is completely settled!

What’s a holiday with friends without the right leisure activities? At Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find lots of tips for activities with friends and general leisure tips for a variety of activities with friends, your partner or your family.

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