Hawaii theme party - How to celebrate like in the South Seas

4. August 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Aloha and off to the South Seas! – 7 Tips for Your Hawaii Theme Party




Flowers, hula dancing and lots of exotic fruits – a Hawaii theme party is just the thing to ring in the summer!.

Finally T-shirt weather, finally full of sun! Reason enough to throw a really awesome summer party, right?

Maybe you’re one of those (like the author) who have a summer birthday. The ideal time for a celebration with a tropical vacation feeling, e.g. a Hawaii themed party!

Or are you just reading these lines in autumn or winter, while outside the wind blows and autumn leaves or snow swirls through the air? Then don’t be sad – because you can throw an awesome Hawaii themed party indoors too and honestly, what better way to chase away the cold?

Hawaii Theme Party – The 7 Tips of the Great Kahuna

1. Location – The More Tropical the Hawaii!

What, you do not have your own tropical house? Then the garden will have to do. Or you rent a party room in a beach bar, which is nicely filled with sand.

It’s important for the right atmosphere at your Hawaii theme party that there is lots of tropical greenery in addition to the beach. Whether outdoors or indoors, you can’t go wrong with as many palm trees as possible. ?

2. Hawaiian Deco

The special Hawaiian touch you give your location best by typical Hawaiian decoration. What do you think of spontaneously?

Us so many things: flower chains, Hawaiian masks, bast skirts as a table border, real and / or artificial tropical plants, colorful umbrellas, colorful patterned cloths as wall hangings, pineapple garlands, flip-flop garlands, inflatable animals, such as parrots or monkeys, miniature volcanoes or posters of volcanoes, an (inflatable) ukulele and everything around the theme of surfing.

There are also beautiful Hawaii posters to hang or wooden signs that say Aloha, the Hawaiian greeting word that means something like affection.

Some examples of Hawaii decor*:

3. Hawaiian Costumes for Women

What does a woman wear to a Hawaiian theme party? Sure: bast skirt, flower necklace, exotic colors. The image of the hula dancing exotic flower girl is of course a bit of a cliché, but hey: at theme parties you are allowed to try such things after all. ?

If you want to set alternative accents, you can show up as a surfer girl, a tourist with a painted-on sunburn or in a monkey costume instead.

4. Hawaiian Costumes for Men

One thing you have to give credit to traditional Hawaiian costume: Men show just as much naked skin as women.

If you prefer not to, you can instead fall back on the most famous fashion product of the archipelago next to the bast skirt, that’s right: the Hawaiian shirt!

It has been idolized and condemned: Elvis and Magnum wore it and Jürgen von der Lippe nothing else anyway. Dare you too! 😀

But also the guys can of course get into the monkey costume, appear as a sunburnt tourist with socks in sandals or in a skin-tight surf suit at the Hawaii theme party.

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5. Hawaiian Food and Drinks

Shocking but true: neither Toast Hawaii, nor Pizza Hawaii were invented on the archipelago! Toast Hawaii was invented in Germany in the 50s, and the pizza so named was invented in Canada in 1962.

Both dishes are called so because of the ingredient pineapple, for which Hawaii is a particularly good cultivation area. As party food the dishes are anyway super suitable and who asks already so exactly for the origin, if it tastes?

But if you want to prepare a really typical Hawaiian dish, you should try loco moco, a combination of rice, meatball, fried egg, gravy and a wide variation of other ingredients.

Otherwise, exotic fruits, individually or as a fruit salad, are ideal for a Hawaiian theme party buffet!

To drink, appropriate fruit juices and all fruity cocktails are ideal. Who is powerful of English, find here a list of recipes for “Hawaii Cocktails”.

6. Music: Hula, Hula, Hula… (and More!)

Hawaii theme party - magic of the South Seas

Hawaiian musicians

Hawaiian music, people associate with it the typical hula music and the sounds of ukuleles. But even though such music definitely belongs at your Hawaiian theme party to establish the right mood – Hawaiian music is more than that!

Hawaiian music has a long tradition and one of the most famous Hawaiian songs, Aloha’Oe was even composed by the last queen of the archipelago, who went by the sonorous name of Lili’uokalani.

On YouTube you can find several compilations of traditional Hawaiian music. There are also modern representatives such as the now world-famous song by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole, whose version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” still posthumously received the Echo for Hit of the Year in 2011.

Other Hawaiian music legends include: Gabby Pahinui, Don Ho, Kealili’li Reichel and Genao Keawe.

Tip: You can also just play soft ocean sounds at the beginning of the party to get your guests in the right mood.

7. Party Games Hawaiian!

Organize party games to match the theme as a special extra for your guests:

  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Limbo Contest
  • Coconut Skittles
  • Pineapple eating contest
  • Hawaii quiz

Ready for the big Hawaii moth party? Then aloha and have fun!

You can find the hottest mottos on our theme parties list! On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are lots of tips for celebrating together and inspiration for gifts as well as ideas for activities with friends, family and partner. Check it out!

Image source Cover photo: Rhythm of Hawaii by Dole Foods by Prayitno at CC BY 2.0.

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