Halloween treasure hunt for kids - The ideal game for every Halloween party.

8. October 2017 - Anika Semmer

Magical Halloween Treasure Hunt for Kids – It's That Easy




Exciting, full of movement and a huge party fun: A Halloween treasure hunt for kids challenges the imagination and senses of the little ghosts, witches and vampires..

Spiders, frogs, fly droppings – where did I hide my ingredients only? The old witch Broomscare wonders. Soon it strikes 12, is ghost time, but no potion is ready!

Slip into the role of the witch Besenschreck! Dressed as a witch, you tell the children that tonight you have the most important witches as guests. Because it’s Halloween, the night of witches and ghosts. Only on this night you can brew a special magic potion that tastes as delicious as slippery woodruff Jell-O and can do something very special: Make wishes come true. Oh woe! You’re a very forgetful witch and forgot where you hid all the ingredients so they wouldn’t get nimble legs or even fly away. What a luck that so many little ghosts, witches and guests at the Halloween kids party can help her with it…. 🙂

Everywhere in the house is hidden a little treasure for each child. And when all the mysterious bottles of brew have appeared, then it’s time to creepily feel out what the witch Broom Scare is mixing into her magic potion!

This Halloween treasure hunt for kids is aimed primarily at younger children. But on Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll also find a really spooky Halloween scavenger hunt for kids who are older, as well as 10 other Halloween games for kids. Ideas for a more challenging birthday treasure hunt, can also be found at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

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Suspenseful Halloween Treasure Hunt for Kids From 4 Years

  • Age: from 4 years
  • Scary factor: low
  • Location: indoors

Fill an opaque empty plastic bottle for each child with sand and small Halloween items such as rubber spiders, snakes, pumpkin heads, frogs. There should be an equal number of different toys in each bottle.

Tell the children that a forgetful witch has hidden ingredients for her potion here, but can’t remember where. She urgently needs their help to brew a potion.

Hide the bottles in the room and let the children search for them together. Now the children put the bottles on a table covered with plastic wrap. Each child gets a blindfold and you tell them that the bottles were used by a forgetful witch to hide her ingredients, but that she is now old and blind and needs their help.

The children may now each take a bottle, open it, let the sand trickle out, and try to guess which ingredients for the potion are inside. Each guessed ingredient the child gets to keep. All other non-guessed Halloween items are divided fairly among the children so that everyone gets the same amount.
At the end, the witch conjures up a bowl of green woodruff punch from the kitchen, with haribo frogs or centipedes swimming in it and sugar glub eyes. Each child is allowed to take a sip of the sweet potion and make a wish.

Accessories Checklist

Have fun with your Halloween treasure hunt!

Do you already know our tips for Witch Party Games? At Abenteuer Freundschaft, we have lots of Halloween ideas and kids’ birthday party ideas for special parties, birthdays and celebrations! Get inspired by many beautiful ideas for activities with kids, partner and friends.

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Image source Cover photo: Halloween Party at Government House by Maryland GovPics at CC BY 2.0.

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