Halloween Invitation Cards with Ghosts

7. October 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Easy DIY Halloween Invitation Card With Spooky Ghosts | Tutorial




To make this Halloween invitation card is really easy – all you need is clay paper, felt, opaque white and a few matching glow stickers!.

As we speak of self-made Halloween invitation cards, not only the tastes are different. It also depends on the skill of the tinkering. Especially if you tinker with children, it should not be too difficult, otherwise there is quickly frustration.

However, this Halloween invitation card with ghosts and glow-in-the-dark Halloween motifs is easy to craft and is also wonderfully suitable as a template for invitation cards for a children’s party.

Halloween Invitation Card with Ghosts and Glowing Stickers

Time: per card about 30 min.

What you need*

How to Craft This Halloween Invitation Card with Ghosts

1. Cut the Clay Cardboard and Paint the Frame

On the black clay cardstock, draw the dimensions of your card with a fine pencil. For a fold-out card, as shown in the picture, measure a rectangle of 10.5 cm x 30 cm using a set square. Then cut it out and fold it exactly in the middle of the long side to form a card.

Now cut out a rectangle of 8.5 cm by 13 cm from the blue cardboard. Now you have two options: either you glue it in the middle of the front of the card and then paint a frame once around the outside of the black cardboard with opaque white. Or you first paint the white frame on the edge of the blue cardboard, let the color dry and glue it later on the black card.

The difference: In the first case (see photos) the white frame gets wavy contours towards the outside. If you prefer a frame with a clear edge, you should choose the second option.

2. Print out the Ghost Template and the Text you want

Download the ghost template here (see materials list) and print it out on A4 paper. Write your desired text for the front in a suitable font, we have chosen Old English Text MT in size 22 pt in the example.

Here you can find many free downloadable Halloween fonts. If you choose a different font, make sure when you print out the text that it is the right size for your card.

Tip: If you’re not sure, scale your text document on the screen to the exact size of an A4 sheet of paper that you’re holding next to it. Now hold the piece of blue cardstock under your text to perfectly estimate how big it should be on it.

3. Cut out the Ghosts from Felt

Now cut out the two ghosts, place them on the white felt and outline them with a permanent marker. Then carefully cut them out.

Since felt is not easy to cut accurately, this is the step that requires the most skill. This is where adults can help the kids by touching up.

Once the ghosts are cut out, use the permament marker to paint on the eyes and the second little arm.

4. Glue Everything to Fit on the Halloween Invitation card

Halloween invitation card with ghosts

You can also glue on the blue cardstock at the end

Almost done! Now you just have to glue everything on. Put the individual parts on the blue cardboard beforehand to see how you like the arrangement best.
The felt ghosts should be glued with all-purpose glue. Adults can also use a hot glue gun for this. For the lettering, a glue stick will do.

As you can see in the pictures we used glow in the dark stickers: a bare tree, two bats and two spiders, but the nice thing about this card is especially for children that they can let off steam creatively here.

Have fun crafting and have a spooky Halloween party!

This Halloween invitation card, wasn’t exactly what you were looking for? Or you just want to see more ideas? Then check out our 5 other craft tutorials for Halloween cards: with chased skull, as surprise pumpkin, as moon-addicted witch, witch cauldron or with bat!

You’ll also find many more Halloween ideas, as well as general tips for activities with kids.

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