In search of Grandma Uschi's heritage in the Escape Room Würzburg at Exitrooms Würzburg

29. April 2018 - Anika Semmer

Grandma Uschi’s Heritage at Teamescape Würzburg – What to Expect


Action & Trips


Find Grandma Uschi’s heritage before Peter the legacy hunter takes it all! But beware, because you only have 60 minutes! We tested the escaperoom Oma Uschis Erbe by Teamescape Würzburg.

Oma Uschis Erbe is the most family-friendly Live Escape Game we have tested so far. Unlike most Escape Games, Grandma Uschi didn’t live during the zombie apocalypse, at the time of the witch hunt or prepare a surprise bomb for her inheritance (yes, we have also sacrificed ourselves in an Escape Game for humanity somewhere in outer space at the Space Escape).

For 60 minutes, you search together for hidden clues, puzzle and solve riddles in Grandma Uschi’s living room with one big goal: to find her inheritance, which is supposed to be hidden here somewhere, and to do so before Cousin Peter arrives and seizes her fortune…

Room Escape Games – What is that again? On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find an explanation of exactly what this cool trend, which originated in Japan, is all about.

So the four of us met at Bahnhofstraße 11 in Würzburg to play our first Escape Game in Würzburg at the provider Teamescape Würzburg. We were allowed to test it for free.

The Escape Game Testers

We played the Escape Room Oma Uschis Erbe with four people – and found the group size perfect. We were joined by two well-rehearsed Escape Gamers who have already played over 10 rooms and two newbies. For them it was their first time playing an Escape Game and in my opinion Grandma Uschi’s Legacy is a perfect introduction to playing Live Escape Games for all ages. There are many classic puzzles and you are not overwhelmed with complicated technology etc.

The Search for Grandma Uschi’s Heritage at Teamescape Würzburg

It's called finding the treasure or Grandma Uschi's heritage at the Escape Game Würzburg by Exitrooms Würzburg.

Done! We found Grandma Uschi’s heritage at the Escape Game in Würzburg

As soon as the door to Grandma Uschi’s living room closed behind us, the feverish search for clues, hidden tips and Grandma Uschi’s heritage began.

Because Grandma Uschi has run away to the South Seas – and everyone in the family knows: there must be a huge fortune hidden in her flat. But how much and what and above all where – nobody knows. This is our big chance, because she has stipulated in her will that whoever finds the treasure gets to keep it!
The catch: you only have 60 minutes to do it, because the rapacious cousin Peter will be there in 60 minutes and will snatch the whole fortune. And Grandma Uschi is by no means senile but a clever woman who has hidden her treasure damn well with tricky puzzles, brain games and hidden clues.

We searched everything that could be searched, came across strange columns of numbers and clues and found puzzling chests and locks without keys. Logic and combination are required.

If you get stuck and the team doesn’t make any progress, the game leader gives you tips. Before the search for Grandma Uschi’s fortune begins, each team is equipped with a walkie-talkie to ask questions or get help if time is running out.

The Puzzles and Tasks in Grandma Uschi’s Room

At Exitgames Wüzburg we went in search of Grandma Uschi's heritage an Escape Game in Würzburg.

In search of Grandma Uschi’s inheritance at Teamescape Würzburg

In keeping with the story, the puzzles and brainteasers in this Escape Game are rather classic. By this I mean that there are only number puzzles, combination puzzles and brainteasers that family members aged 12 and over can solve. The level of difficulty is easy to medium – and logical thinking helps enormously. However, it is not the case that every solution just falls into your lap – for some of them you have to think for quite a long time. It helps a lot to exchange ideas and to solve the puzzle as a team.

Since we have played many different Escape Games in the meantime, we can identify a few special features that make this Escape Room stand out and which are by no means the same in all of them.  For example, the puzzles and tasks were somehow all connected, like in a crossword puzzle! For many of them, you had to use your head first and foremost, but some tasks also required a little dexterity. And the focus is on searching and finding clues in the living room.

In many Escape Games, you find and solve one puzzle after another and this triggers a new task – here, we found quite a lot of clues and it was not so easy to keep track of what to go for next and what belonged together.

Compared to our previous experiences, there were also few of the typical locks, secret doors and secret compartments – it was mostly about solving and combining the classic puzzle tasks.

Facilities and Atmosphere in the Escape Game Grandma Uschi’s Heritage

Grandma Uschi’s 60s-style living room with dim candlelight, fireplace, piano and glass cabinet is lovingly furnished with props that are simply typical of grandma atmosphere. A coat hangs in the wardrobe, there is of course a hat and the obligatory brown woollen blanket.

Searching for and finding everything that Grandma Uschi has in her living room is a central part of this Escape Game. And here, Exit Game Würzburg has used only nostalgic objects and furniture.

Our Conclusion

Grandma Uschis hertiage by Exit Rooms Würzburg is an Escape Game in Würzburg

The Escape Game Team claws Grandma Uschis Erbe

A real family escape game that is also ideal for beginners. The puzzles, thinking and combination tasks are classic and challenge the grey cells without overtaxing us. In keeping with the story, there are no wacky constructions and technical gimmicks.

Searching and finding objects and clues is a big part of the appeal of this Escape Game. And then combining them to come up with the right solution. There were few locks to pick or secret doors, compartments and secret hiding places. In terms of difficulty, we classify the puzzles as easy to moderately difficult.

It took us the full 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and find the treasure, and we also needed the help of the game leader a few times.

It was the first Escape Game for our two newbies and they both enjoyed it so much that it will definitely not be their last.


Ideal for Escape Game beginners with classic puzzles and riddles. In keeping with the theme, Oma Uschi’s Erbe is super suitable for families!

Teamescape Würzburg – Oma Uschi’s Erbe – The key data

  • Website:
  • Address: Exit Games Würzburg, Bahnhofstraße 11, 97070 Würzburg, Germany
  • Opening Hours: Mondays- Sundays, 10 a.m. – 1 a.m
  • Phone: 0931 45467573
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Number of players: 2 – 6
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Price: € 89,00 for 2-3 players, € 99,00 for 4-6 players

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