Go for Broke Board game the opposite of Monopoly

15. December 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

Go for Broke Board Game - Who Waste The Money the Fastest? | Review


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Monopoly is Scrooge McDuck’s favourite game, the Go for broke board game is loved by his nephew Donald. Because in Mankomania, the prize is in the loss: whoever blows a million the fastest wins the (pledged) crown of the most talented squanderer of money!

Classic Go for Broke Board Game – The Facts at a Glance

Go for broke Game Board Play Money Opposite of Monopoly

Game plan and play money at Go for Broke board game

  • Game type: Game of chance, Dice game, Family game
  • Age: from 8 years
  • Players: 2-4 players
  • Duration: 30 minutes per round
  • Publisher: HB Parker
  • Year of publication: 1985
  • Goal: To be the first player to get rid of 1 million through completely irresponsible gambling, lousy management and outrageous speculation.

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The Go for Broke board game is the perfect game for those who prefer to spend money rather than collect it and have a knack for blowing vast sums in the shortest possible time! 😉

The Go for Broke Board Game – The Game for Passionate Spenders of Money

Go for Broke board game horse racing gambling casino stock exchange

Gambling is just one of the ways to squander your money at the Go for Broke board game

Two to four millionaires ruin themselves for the bet – that is the tongue-in-cheek game goal at Go for Broke. It is thus the ingeniously ironic inversion of the game principle of Monopoly. In real life, of course, nothing is easier than wasting money! But Go for Broke would be witless if it were that easy. Without wanting to, you suddenly make unplanned income and threaten to be left sitting on a pile of money while the other players are blithely heading for their eagerly sought bankruptcy….

The Beginning of the End…

After the board is set up, one of the players takes the role of the banker. He pays out 1 million in play money to each player and sorts out the imaginatively named shares of the game. The shares in Go for Broke are namely shares in the extremely loss-promising Kurzschluss-Versorgungs-AG, the Trockenöl-AG and the Bruchstahl-AG: a worthwhile investment, therefore, for passionate money wasters!
Each player now chooses a champagne bottle as a playing piece and places it on the corner square of the same colour. In addition, he gets his own hotel of that colour. As a player, you should do everything you can to make your hotel as inhospitable, unattractive and unprofitable as possible – after all, you want to make as much money as possible….

Then 2 dice are rolled in turn. Similar to Monopoly, each player acts according to the square on which their own bottle lands. A particularly welcome financial disaster for the budding bankrupts is a double 6. In the Go for Broke board game, you lose a whole 100,000 to the bank with a double 6!

The Glorious Way to Total Bankruptcy

Lottery at the Go for Broke board game

At the Go for Broke board game, you hope to lose a lot of money on the lottery!

But don’t worry, there are many more ways to get your money under your belt! Every time you enter the lottery field, you deposit 5,000. In addition, there are four inviting sin pits where you can try your luck at horse racing, at the roulette table, at the slot machine, at the dice game Evil 1 or at the stock exchange.

And there are wonderful nonsensical investments to be made in numerous fields that pave the way! Among others, a membership in the Absolute Realtivists Club for 5000,- , the purchase of a diamond toothpick for 10,000,- and the financing of the exploration of the Earth’s magnetic West Pole in the amount of 40,000,-.

The Tragic Fate of the Greedy Moneybags

Well, unfortunately not all people can be born losers! That’s why even in the Go for Broke board game some players just won’t get rid of their money, as if it would stick to them like flies to…. exactly! 😉

Therefore, you should beware of the following unexpected sources of income in Go for Broke if you don’t want to end up a rich bigwig. So, tragically, you can also win money in the sin pits and even the most abstruse companies sometimes make a profit. It is particularly nasty when another player stays in your hotel and forces you to pay the room rent – despite cockroaches and unfriendly room service! The happy hotel guest is thus closer to total bankruptcy, while you yourself are forced to pocket annoying dough.


Go for Broke board game opposite of Monopoly

The Go for Broke board game can be played with 2-4 players

Price / Performance

Go for Broke impresses first and foremost with the charm of its funny basic idea of frittering away money and its imaginative implementation. Sure: it is basically a modification or inversion of Monopoly, but I personally like this variant better for ideological reasons alone. 🙂

Go for Broke is also somewhat simpler than Monopoly and a game round lasts shorter. So the board game is well suited for a short game in between or for families with children who get impatient with overly long games.

The playing board is made of cardboard, the rest of the playing material is plastic. Design-wise, it has a lovely ”old school comic style” that fits well with the overall concept.

We hope you have as much fun with the Go for Broke board game as we do!

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