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Extraordinary Love Gifts and Gifts for the Partner

It has to be practical! Or original and creative? In any case, a love gift with heart – or is that too kitschy? Finding gifts for your partner is often a challenge for both men and women.

If you haven’t known each other for long and still have to open the seven seals of great loves, joys, interests, preferences, passions, secret joy-bringers and the relationship to love gifts, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas can be an occasion to pull your hair out.

And if you already live together and know each other well or even inside out, then the big question is a completely different one: What else can I give as a gift? Abenteuer Freundschaft sees itself as a portal for special moments that enrich life – and that includes gifts for the partner and love gifts that make the hearts of men and women beat faster.

The secret to finding the right gift for your partner is to choose the gift with care, and a personal connection to the recipient almost always makes it perfect.

Abenteuer Freundschaft offers compilations and lists of gift ideas for the important events, mainly for inspiration, most notably birthday gift ideas.

Creative and Personalised Gifts for Your Partner

It’s not for nothing that people say about something they made themselves that it was made with love. Gifts for your partner that are made with skill, time and handicraft clearly show how much the other person means to you. Gifts of love are invariably personal, conveying a message that cannot be more intimate.

Abenteuer Freundschaft offers ideas for do-it-yourself gifts that can be made in a short time or with more effort. Because often you can simply redesign the packaging, the label or the object and personalise the gift.

Or you can personalise a gift for your partner with an engraving or imprint, making it uniquely yours.

Special Experiences as Love Gifts

Great experiences are remembered for a lifetime – even more so if they were a gift. Time together is a precious commodity in our fast-paced times and there are plenty of experience gifts for women and experience gifts for men with something special for everyone. From creative workshops, relaxing wellness trips, extraordinary event dinners with a show or in the dark, exciting Escape Games to action-packed adventures that often fulfil a secret dream for your partner. Experiences are one of the gifts for your partner that often surprise him or her.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Abenteuer Freundschaft offers a host of ideas for leisure activities and special gift ideas – not only for activities for two, but also for family and friends. With the Leisure Ideas Finder, we offer the possibility to filter out what you are looking for from the pool of ideas. There you can search specifically for gifts for your partner and favourite people by occasion.

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