Great gifts for animal lovers are extraordinary experiences with animals.

16. May 2016 - Anika Semmer

Gifts for Animal Lovers – Experience Animals up Close and Personal


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Are you looking for good gifts for animal lovers? From my great wealth of experience, I have compiled the most beautiful experience gifts with animals for the small and large purse for you in Germany.

They have velvety paws, cute snouts, colourful feathers or shimmering scales: There is almost no animal that I don’t love. My friends know that too. In my free time, I have already spent many great experiences with, on and with my animal friends.

I live in a small flat in the middle of Berlin and therefore don’t have a pet. In my circle of friends, you usually pool your money for a gift and so I have already received a few great experiences from you. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on the experience gift – depending on how sporty and patient you are, good gifts for animal lovers hardly cost you anything.

Best Gifts for Animal Lovers in Germany

A trip to the animal kingdom as a gift for an animal lover

Prince Charming? Animal gifts for animal lovers

1. Favourite Exotic Animals and Animal Challenge

A trip to the zoo is cheap but too conventional and nothing special? Then just make it something extraordinary! The more personal a gift is, the more joy it brings to the recipient. Test your knowledge or the knowledge of the recipient by preparing a knowledge challenge. Think of questions and tasks, such as:

a) What is the heaviest animal in the world?

b) Who will discover the first baby animal?

Get prizes in advance as rewards and use them to award each task solved or the winner as a highlight at the end. Inexpensive trophies can be, for example, fruit gums* in the shape of an animal, animal soaps* or animal bath beads* – a bigger prize could be a baking tin*, a carnival animal costume etc. The Zoo Berlin, for example, also offers rallies in which you can join the animals in the enclosure and assist with feeding. It’s best to check the offers of the zoo near you first!

Tip: Animal feedings and newborn baby animals are the biggest highlights of a zoo visit! Find out about animal offspring and feeding times before you visit and adjust your challenge to match these times!

2.Shark, Crocodile and Clown Fish – Animal-Themed Gifts for Amateur Marine Biologists

Looking for a special experience for a friend of aquatic animals? If you don’t live on the North Sea or Baltic Sea, check out the nearest aquarium in your area! As with a visit to the zoo, you can make an inexpensive gift special by adding a personal touch. Prepare a knowledge challenge or a quiz and turn your shared experience into a real event!

Tip: Underwater world in the dark: The Aquarium Berlin offers discovery trips with a torch from 6 pm to observe animals that hide in their caves and nests during the day!

3. Animal Gifts With Seals

A trip to see animals with fins is one of the best gifts for animal lovers

Who doesn’t love seals?

Even as a child, I loved feeding the seals with their big googly eyes at the zoo. When I went on holiday to the Baltic Sea, I had to visit seal care stations or aquariums. But it never occurred to me to swim with the animals. A friend gave me the idea when she sent me pictures of herself and a dolphin. At the Baltic Sea there are various offers to get very close to seals and seals*. If you have a diving licence, you can even dive with the cute animals in Rostock!

4. Experience Whales in Their Natural Habitat on a Sailing Trip

I haven’t tried it yet, but I came across a great offer on the internet that I’m thinking about trying out and therefore don’t want to keep it from you: a two-day whale research trip. Unfortunately, I missed the time of the big whale sharks during my trip to Australia and have since been looking for a way to see the big sea creatures without having to travel so far.

I discovered a two-day weekend trip to Stralsund, which includes a sailing trip with whale-watching. The first day is spent at the Ozeaneum in Stralsund and overnight aboard the yacht. A 3-course dinner on board and breakfast are included. The highlight is a sailing trip lasting several hours, during which, with a bit of luck, you may also spot whales.

5. Falconry Experience or Bird of Prey Day for Friends of the Kings of the Air

Bird of prey day with eagle

A bird show with birds of prey is a special experience

Experiencing majestic eagles, owls and buzzards up close as a falconer for a whole day. I have never forgotten this experience and can highly recommend it to every bird lover. I was given a day with a falconer in a falconry as a gift from friends, spent the whole day with the professional and was even allowed to help train the white-tailed eagle, eagle owl and buzzard myself. There are several falconries in Germany that offer such extraordinary experiences with birds of prey. Interested? Here you can see what offers are available.

Tip: If you are looking for something really unusual, you can also give away a photoshoot with birds of prey. Such photos are truly unique, but such a shoot is not cheap! At Jochen Schweizer, this experience is available for €199.

6. Riding Fun on Special Animals

A very special gift for animal lovers is a ride on an exotic hoofed animal. Alpacas, llamas and Cameels: the natural home of these animals is not Germany, but for some years now they have been living here not only in zoos. The best thing about it is that you no longer have to travel far to go on a trekking tour on these exotic animals. For experienced riders, a ride on one of these exotics is a fun and unusual experience.

Take a look at our other tips for finding gifts for your friends! It’s also worth browsing Abenteuer Freundschaft for lots of leisure tips for activities with friends, family and your partner.

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