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This is how the game Moment of Truth goes

27. May 2016 - Anika Semmer

Game Moment of Truth – How Well Do You Know Your Friends? | Game Rules




Do you know the game Moment of Truth? You may think you know everything about your friends. But I wouldn’t be so sure! Play Moment of Truth and learn their secrets.

The game Moment of Truth explores your knowledge of the people who matter most to you. You will also learn many secrets about your friends that will help you to get to know them better. And of course, the game Moment of Truth brings lots of fun and laughter. If you and your friends are looking for exciting leisure activities to do at home, this is the game for you!

You don’t need much to play this game: just print out the 201 questions and off you go! If you want to know how to play the Moment of Truth as a drinking game or as a way to fill the party coffers, just scroll down to the end of the text!

How to Play the Game Moment of Truth and Learn All Your Friends’ Secrets

“All is fair in war and in love,” said Napoleon Bonaparte. Friendship is also a kind of love, but still the rules of the ultimate test of friendship are very important and you should definitely follow them. The game Moment of Truth is a question and answer game that consists of several phases – just like a friendship. In our experience, a number of 3-6 players is ideal – but you can also try the game with as many players as you like.

Ideal number of participants: 3-6 friends.

What You Need:


Print out the Questionnaire of the ultimate Friendship Test or provide a laptop or PC to read out the questions. Cut 45 index cards in half to give you 90 cards and divide them between you so that everyone gets the same number. If there are 3 players, you each get 30 white cards, if there are 6 you each get 15, and so on. Put a pen in your middle.

The Game Moment of Truth Begins

The First Phase: Getting to Know Each Other

The game Moment of Truth game starts with question rounds in a clockwise direction. First appoint a game leader: this can be the youngest player or the host. This player starts each phase and writes down your points. The game leader takes the list of questions, picks a question, marks it and reads it out loud to the person to his left. The person takes three of their white cards and writes the following answers to that question on each card:

1. The true answer

2. An answer that could be true

3. A completely false answer

He then places the three labelled cards face down in a pile in the middle of the table. The friend who comes next in a clockwise direction is now given the list of questions and asks the person to his left (initially the first questioner) a question which he marks. The friend writes the three answers on three cards and puts them face down on the answer pile.
You ask questions that are answered counter-clockwise by your friends until all the cards are used up. Be careful not to give your answers away when you write them down so as not to jeopardise your chance of winning. Guessing and thinking about which answer is true is simply part of the game Moment of Truth. Particularly shrewd players use the discussion to lay false trails or advance untrue assumptions. How skilled are you at this?

The Second Phase: The Ultimate Friendship Test

Do you really know your friends as well as you think you do? That’s what you’re about to find out. In the middle of you now lies the pile with your answers. Shuffle all the cards and then spread them out in 9 rows of 10 cards each. Again, the leader starts and you go clockwise. Each turn, a player turns over three cards and can then (but does not have to) place three cards on top of each other if he suspects they belong together. In addition, he names the question to the answers.

If the player has correctly assigned both the question and the answers, he may mark one card with an x, take all three and stack them in front of him. If the player assigns three answers that belong together to the wrong question, he may place the cards in front of him without marking a card. If the player combines three answers that do not belong together, the player gets 1 minus point for one wrong answer, 2 minus points for two wrong answers and 3 minus points for 3 wrong answers to the question. The second phase is over when all the cards have been turned over and are stacked in front of you.

The Third Phase of the Game: The Moment of Truth

This phase consists of only one round. Each player chooses a triple from the pile in front of them with their correctly tipped answers that they are most interested in. The game leader starts with his tripple and asks:

1. for the story behind the true answer

2. or why the second answer might be true

3. or after a detail about the answers that particularly interests him.

Here it is up to your creativity to ask in such a way that you learn what interests you the most! Clockwise, everyone gets to ask a question. After the last truth, you vote via majority vote on which answer/story you liked best: this story is the favourite. The player to whom the favourite belongs gets three extra points from the game leader.

The Fourth Phase: Best Friend or Newbie?

Now everyone counts how many cards are in front of him. He adds one point to this number for each card marked with an x. After the game leader has noted down the points of all the other players, he subtracts any minus points noted down and calculates everyone’s score. The friend who scored the most points is the winner of the game.

But what is really exciting is the big question: What kind of friend are you?.

Evaluation of the Game Moment of Truth

115-123 points: The spiritual twin – best friend ever

90-114 points: The Confidant – The best friend knows his friends almost better than they know themselves!

79-89 points:  The Bro – You know your friends as well as if you had known them from birth

68-78 points: The Companion – The good friend who knows his friends well, but also has a lot to find out about them!

57-67 points:  The Homie – You’re firmly part of the clique and no one would ever think of forgetting you when you’re out and about.

46-56 points:  The Dude – The right man, in the right place, at the right time 😉

45-55 points:  The buddy – You’re the special one, the sidekick and comrade who has shared a lot with your friends!

34-44 points:  The Mace – Sometimes you hit the mark, but there’s still a lot you don’t know about your friends

23-33 points:  The Groupie – You’re part of the group and hang out with his buddies, knowing them superficially but not more deeply. A round of Truth Hour might help!

11-22 points:    The blabbermouth – A lot of clever things come out of your mouth, but also a lot of nonsense.

0-10 points:     Newbie – Knowledge comes with questions and answers, after a few rounds of Moment of Truth you’re definitely not a newbie anymore!

-x points: ZORK! Keep playing! You still have a lot to learn!

Tip: You can vary the game Moment of Truth to suit your mood!

  1. As a drinking game: For each wrong move, the player must drink. Depending on the score at the end of the game, you distribute penalty sips.
  2. Fill up the party cash box: Everyone pays 1-3 € into the cash box at the beginning of each triple (you can adjust the amount depending on how many people you are playing with). So there are 30-90 € on the table. At the end of the game, the winner gets his entire stake back, the other players can take back their stake for each guessed triple. The surplus amount goes into your party coffers!

Have fun with the game Moment of Truth!

You can find many more game tips for a game night on our leisure ideas portal. Plus, browse for activities to do with friends, partner and family!

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