50 food gift ideas for epicures, gourmets and foodies

6. August 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

50 Food Gift Ideas, That will Take Amateur Chefs and Gourmets to Heaven


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Nothing makes a gourmet and passionate amateur chef as happy as a gift that makes his mouth water just by unwrapping it. This food gift ideas are 50 most tempting gifts for gourmets.

Smoked salmon and caviar, cool sparkling champagne, crispy roasted strips of beef in a Bernaise sauce with green asparagus tips… or would you prefer a bar of delicate, hand-scooped nougat chocolate?

Pure culinary pleasure is something different for everyone and there is no one who doesn’t love it.

Seen in this light, we are all epicures and gourmets, each person a gourmet in his or her own way. And for this reason, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy delicacies and other gifts for gourmets. Bought or homemade, as an item or voucher for an action – culinary experience gifts for gourmets are always a nice present.

The only thing you have to make sure of is that the food gift ideas fits the person you are giving it to. If you’re not quite sure or don’t know someone’s tastes and eating habits very well, it’s best to ask an insider from their circle to avoid any faux pas.

50 Food Gift Ideas for Food Lovers


  1. Gourmet plate with pistachios or other noble nuts
  2. Engraved whiskey decanter + fine whiskey
  3. Vodka gift set with engraved glasses
  4. Spice set
  5. Precious oil or vinegar set
  6. Chocolate fountain
  7. Wine knowledge box
  8. Whiskey book
  9. Coffee book
  10. Gourmet calendar
  11. Particularly expensive gourmet cheese (bring along in a well-sealed cool box



  1. Basket with ingredients + handwritten family recipe
  2. Personal, handwritten and decorated cookbook
  3. Sprouts from your own herb garden
  4. Home-made spice oil in a beautiful carafe
  5. Homemade tiramisu
  6. Homemade risotto mix to give away – for example for porcini risotto
  7. Gift voucher for being cooked properly by me

Special Dinners

  1. Crime Dinner
  2. Creepy dinner
  3. Comedy Dinner
  4. Dinner in the Dark
  5. Romantic Dinner
  6. Burlesque Dinner
  7. Knight dinner
  8. Muscial Dinner
  9. Hearty feast on the alpine pasture
  10. Erotic dinner for someone special

Cooking Courses and Tutorials

  1. Cooking course for a specific country’s cuisine: Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, German etc.
  2. Sushi workshop
  3. Insect or reptile cookery course
  4. Vegetarian or vegan cookery course
  5. Cooking course on elemental cuisine or Ayurveda
  6. Beer brewing course
  7. Make your own chocolate, chocolates or ice cream
  8. Coffee seminar / barista workshop
  9. Herbs & spices seminar
  10. Oil & vinegar seminar
  11. Barbecue workshop


  1. Beer tasting, e.g. with delicious craft beer
  2. Wine tasting – there are also interesting special tastings like wine & cheese or wine & chocolate
  3. Sparkling Wine & Champagne Tasting
  4. Whiskey tasting
  5. Gin tasting
  6. Rum tasting
  7. Cocktail Tasting
  8. Coffee Tasting
  9. Chocolate tasting
  10. Cheese tasting
  11. Taste training: learning to taste spices and oils

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