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5. May 2018 - Alexander Schmidt

Father’s Day Trip – 23 Ideas for Extraordinary Activities




For some men it is the most beautiful ritual of the year: the Father’s Day trip! Together with the son or with other fathers, this is a day to savour to the fullest.

We all have the image in our minds: a bunch of drunk guys with a wagon full of beer, wandering through green meadows and having a blast!

Father’s Day, is celebrated in Germany on the same day as Ascension Day (in Austria on the 2nd Sunday in June) and is associated with two traditions.

Firstly, fathers are congratulated and given presents by their children. Secondly: Men, even those without children, do something together and have a good time! The latter is also known by the delightfully old-fashioned name men’s party.

This tradition of having a Father’s Day trip with lots of partying originated at the end of the 19th century in Berlin and Brandenburg, but quickly became very popular all over Germany. Why do you think?

But many fathers also like to go on a Father’s Day trip with their children or the whole family. We have collected 25 ideas for a special Father’s Day outing. 14 of them can also be done with children and 9 are for 16+ or groups of adult men.

There are also a few tips for an indoor Father’s Day trip in case it rains on the day in question.

23 Ideas for an Unforgettable Father’s Day Trip

1. Hiking or Cycling Tour With Picnic

The classic: go on foot or by bike somewhere in the countryside and have a really nice picnic there.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find a Checklist for cycling tours, a Checklist for picnics and lots of other ideas in the Leisure Ideas Finder.

Should you be planning a classic “gentlemen’s party” with beer and a handcart, without a bike of course? ?

2. Camping and Barbecue as father’s Day Trip

For all those who have taken Friday off as a bridge day, it is a good idea to stay overnight and camp somewhere nice, weather permitting.

This is also an ideal opportunity to celebrate an extensive barbecue, known to be one of man’s great passions. ?

And if you’re at the campsite in an all-male group without all the kids, you can sleep it off on the spot and be ready for the family the next day…?

Here are our tips for the best camping recipes.

3. Fishing

Father’s Day was traditionally also a day when fathers taught their sons about manhood. What that might mean exactly is of course a matter of interpretation.

But teaching your son (or daughter) how to fish and communicating your passion for it is certainly the ideal Father’s Day outing with a child for all passionate anglers. And there are quite a few of them in Germany: after all, 5 million fish regularly. 94 % of them are men, by the way. I wonder if that has something to do with the Father’s Day ritual.

4. Canoe, Rowing or Sailing Tour

When the May sun is shining and the temperature is worthy of the merry month, it is not only anglers who are attracted to the water. From Mecklenburg to Bavaria, beautiful lakes all over Germany invite you to take a tour by canoe, rowing boat or sailing boat.

5. Beach or Swimming Pool

A Father's Day trip with children or the whole family can be made to a beach, for example

Father’s Day trip to the beach

If you prefer to lie comfortably on the beach or on the lounger at the open-air swimming pool and seek cooling off by the water, this is of course also how you can spend Father’s Day.

6. Paintball or Laser Tag

Rainy weather forecast? That doesn’t mean your Father’s Day outing has to be cancelled! At paintball or laser tag you can let off steam indoors and (safely) shoot around.

We have already had our first experience of laser tag and had a lot of fun!

7. Car Show

Is there anything more manly than speedy manoeuvres in fast cars? For all men of any age who are passionate about cars and action, a car show is the perfect programme for a Father’s Day outing.

8. Go-Karting

If you prefer to get behind the wheel yourself, you can also go to a go-kart track and let off steam. Most go-kart tracks allow children over the age of 8.

9. Amusement Parks

Fun for the whole family is also offered by large amusement parks: there are over 100 of them in Germany and in almost all regions. Among the largest and most popular are Europapark in Rust (Baden-Württemberg), Phantasialand in Brühl (NRW) and Heidepark in Soltau (Lower Saxony).

Here is a good overview map with all the theme parks in Germany.

10. Going to the Sports Stadium as a Father’s day Trip

Whether football or another sport. Going to the stadium together is one of the most popular Father’s Day outings for father and son as well as a group of men.

11. Climbing Park – Indoor or Outdoor

For all those who prefer to move themselves and are in the mood for a bit of adventure, a trip to the climbing park is recommended. Whether it’s a high ropes course or an indoor climbing area (especially when it rains) – adults and children alike will have great fun here.

Drinking alcohol is, of course, taboo when climbing.

12. Carriage Ride

You can do the latter without worrying if you want to be driven through the city or countryside in a horse-drawn carriage. But a horse-drawn carriage ride is also a special tip for a family Father’s Day outing.

13. Zoo or Aquarium – Father’s Day Trip with smaller Kids

Planning a Father’s Day outing that includes younger children? A visit to the zoo, animal park or aquarium is fun for the little ones too.

14. Balloon Ride

A balloon ride is one of those events that many always plan to do but never do, yet it’s a great experience that should definitely be had. Why not use a special Father’s Day outing as the occasion?

Father’s Day outings  16+ and 18+

15. Beer Garden Tour

Father's Day trip to the beer garden

Beer gardens are a popular place to go on Father’s Day

Instead of a pub crawl, you can take a beer garden tour when the weather is nice. Especially in Munich and other cities in southern Germany, there is a tremendous variety of beautiful beer gardens to discover!

16. Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting

Or you can book a brewery tour followed by a (craft) beer tasting. This is also a good alternative for a Father’s Day outing in rainy weather.

17. Wine Hike and Wine Tasting

If you live in one of Germany’s wine regions, you can also go on a nice wine hike through the vineyards followed by a wine tasting.

18. Canyoning or Rafting

A more action-heavy Father’s Day activity is to try canyoning or rafting and feel first-hand the natural force of a white-water course on your body.

I was introduced to rafting with friends once at a stag party.

19. Driving an Excavator or a Tank

For many men, this is a childhood dream: to drive one of these giant machines!

20. Quad Tour

Or even ride the small but amazingly fast quads through motorcross terrain and enjoy the driving action.

21. Drive a Racing Car or Luxury Car

What the excavator is for one person is the Ferrari or the luxury limousine for another. A test drive is a suitable gift for Father’s Day and makes it an unforgettable experience.

22. Go to the Casino

Instead of wearing shorts with beer and a trolley, you can also spend Father’s Day in a dinner jacket with a martini and a poker face. For once, you can also take a risk on Father’s Day…

23. Bungee Jumping or House Running

If all the previous ones were still too tame for you and you’re looking for a real adrenaline kick on Father’s Day, you should take advantage of the occasion and finally try out something really extreme that you’ve always wanted but never dared to do before.
Our spontaneous tips: Bungee jumping or house running. Looking into the abyss is guaranteed to make every heart beat faster, as hard-boiled as a guy can be! ?

Do you have any other suggestions for an official Father’s Day trip? On the leisure ideas portal Abenteuer Freundschaft you can get outing tips and ideas for worthwhile indoor activities. On occasions and all year round, there is also plenty of inspiration for gifts and various leisure ideas for activities with children, friends and your partner.

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