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The Cave of Ideas for Little Dragons And Princes(ses)
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Tips, Advice and Ideas for a Beautiful Family Celebration

If you are planning a family celebration or a milestone birthday, you want it to be a party that all the guests will enjoy. There are many things to think about. Starting with the guest list, the appropriate invitation, the decoration, food and drinks, games and entertainment for the children to the important question of the programme. Suggestions and creative ideas for the family celebration can be a great help and save a lot of time and work. Abenteuer Freundschaft offers numerous ideas for a beautiful family celebration and tips and advice on what to think about.

The Creative Family Party with a Motto

Children’s birthday party with a motto or elegant themed Venetian masked ball for a round birthday: if you put a special family party under a motto for an occasion, you are planning an advanced party. This is because a themed family party requires additional creativity, and organisation, planning and smart ideas also take more time. At a family party with a theme, the theme is the programme and should shape the entire party from the invitation onwards: Decoration, party location, outfit, music, food, drinks, party games and special activities and programme items. Often, the party theme of the family celebration dictates the style and atmosphere that the theme party will have: for example, a witch party for kids calls for matching decorations and original games on the theme for the kids, while an elegant black and white theme party as a 40th birthday family celebration includes dinner jackets and elegant atmosphere.

The Family Party to Remember

Surprises are one of the most important ingredients of a good party that will be remembered decades later: if you plan a special surprise at a party, for example fireworks, a surprise guest or someone jumping out of a cake, you will create something to talk about and lasting memories. Accordingly, there are many party ideas at Abenteuer Freundschaft that relate to the theme of surprise and make a family celebration special. Loved and feared in equal measure by organisers, the surprise party requires careful planning and preparation. You can find out what all you need to consider and how to organise such a surprise at the family party without the person you are doing it for suspecting anything in the tips and party ideas on Abenteuer Freundschaft.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Abenteuer Freundschaft is a pool of ideas for leisure activities – apart from colourful ideas for successful family parties, there is more to discover: completely different leisure ideas for activities with children, friends and your partner. To find the right leisure activities, we have been offering the Leisure Ideas Finder since 2019, which makes it possible to find the right idea every day: according to interest, state of mind, occasion, season, weather conditions or desire. The result is many regional and location-independent ideas.

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