The Face to Face game is a duel for two players

25. May 2018 - Anika Semmer

Face to Face Game - The Card Duel for 2 Players | Review


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In The Game Face to Face game, 2 players play against each other instead of together against the game as in the original version The Game.

A gold and silver skull stares at me. Emblazoned on it in large letters: The Game Face to Face. And at the very bottom of the cover the explanation: The duel for 2, with a juicy red bloodstain behind the 2. Sounds damn exciting, like a challenge and like tactical blade crossing, jumping ahead, prancing back, faking feints and the whole thing with cards?

After we have played the Face To Face game, let me say this in advance: jumping back and forth, tactical hesitation and rapid advance – that really describes The Game Face To Face very aptly. The card duel, however, lacks the blood splatter. 😀

What Is Different About the Original the Game and the Face to Face Game?

The original The Game is a cooperative card game where 1-5 players pull together to win against The Game. The version the Face to Face game, on the other hand, is a card game for 2 players playing against each other – however, victory only works if you keep helping your opponent properly.

The Face to Face game is the new game version for 2 players of the original game The Game. The original card game The Game was a great success in 2015 and delighted players with its impressively simple rules and great fun when playing together against The Game – or chance. Subsequently, the Nürnberger-Spielkartenverlag published The Game on Fire and Extreme with additional rules – and The Game Face to Face, the version for 2 players.

The Face To Face Game at a Glance

  • Game type: Card game, game of chance
  • Age: from 8 years
  • Players: 2 players
  • Duration: approx. 20 minutes
  • Publisher: Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag
  • Author: Steffen Benndorf and Richard Staupe
  • Year of publication: 2017
  • Game objective: Be the first to completely discard your pile of cards on descending and ascending card sequences and help your opponent again and again to win the duel yourself.
NSV - 4049 - The Game - Face to Face - das Kartenspiel für 2 Personen
NSV - 4049 - The Game - Face to Face - das Kartenspiel für 2 Personen
The Game Face to Face - die Duell-Variante zu The Game ( Spiel des Jahres 2015); Wer am Ende siegreich sein möchte, muss seinem Gegner immer wieder helfen
9,58 EUR Amazon Prime

The Face To Face Game – Against Each Other and Against the Game

The Face to Face game is a card duel

Place cards with yourself in the Face to Face game

At the beginning, each duelist gets a deck of 60 gold or silver cards. Everyone places the row cards 1 and 60 in front of them, shuffles the remaining cards and stacks them face down next to them. This is the draw pile. The aim of the game is to get rid of all the cards in the draw pile and all the cards in your hand first.

The Face to face game is a card game for 2 players where chance and tactics are important

Card structure at the start of the game of both duelists

At the beginning, everyone draws 6 cards from the draw pile into their hand and you decide who starts. The player can now place cards next to the 1 ascending card and next to the 60 descending cards. Each card must be higher or lower than the previous one. So jumping up too many numbers is risky!

In addition, you are allowed to place one of your hand cards with your opponent per turn and thus help him – because this card must always make the respective piles better, e.g. increase the value again on the descending pile and vice versa. Each turn, the player must discard at least 2 cards – if he cannot do this, he loses immediately.

The Face to Face game is a card game for 2 players with luck factor

You can help the other player 1 time per turn

A special feature is the backward trick: the only way to improve your own discard piles again. This means that you can place a card that is exactly 10 smaller on top of the last card you placed on your ascending discard pile – i.e. a 30 on top of a 40 and improve it that way. Or on his descending pile a card that is 10 higher, so for example on a 24 a 34.

As soon as the player has laid all the cards he wanted to lay in this turn, he draws cards. If the player has only laid cards for himself, he may draw 2 more. If, however, the player has helped his opponent and improved his pile with a card, he draws as many cards as he needs until he has 6 cards in his hand again.

The winner is the duelist who has first discarded all cards from the draw pile and from his hand.

Review and Conclusion


Total Grade

Simple rules, simple gameplay and yet the game never gets boring. Because The Game – also known as the random – mixes in and makes for unpredictable cards.

The game also has a strategic component. Again and again, you find yourself hesitating, pondering and thinking about which cards are best to place with yourself and, more importantly, with your opponent, in order to be in the best possible position. Do you go for the full risk or play it safe? You have to think along, always keep the rule of 10 in mind, stay focused and ideally calculate which cards are still in play.

Nevertheless, card luck is a decisive factor in the game and can also cause some moments of frustration. If the opponent draws a lot of cards for the rule of 10 and you have hardly any luck yourself, there is simply nothing you can do about it. And even the best strategy doesn’t help if luck doesn’t play into your cards and you don’t get the right cards. So The Game certainly determines the game.
Despite the simple rules and game principle, The Face To Face game challenges you more than you thought. Playing the cards and thinking about how to make your move is fun, especially when the cards become fewer as the game progresses. It’s a constant weighing up of how best to play the cards in your hand and whether you should help your opponent in order to be allowed to replenish your cards.

If you already know The Game in the original, you will get into the game immediately and only need to read the short rules with the changes.

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NSV - 4034 - The Game - Kartenspiel
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