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10. December 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Experience Gifts for Men That Make Men's Hearts Beat Faster


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Action, fun and adventure, indoors and outdoors – these experience gifts for men are guaranteed to stay in the memory of the recipient longer than a new tie pin.

You are looking for a really cool gift for your best friend, partner or buddy? What’s more, this time it should be something really unusual that he’ll never forget? Give a sparring session with a trainer instead of boxing gloves, brew your own beer together instead of just giving a voucher for a pub night. Joint experiences are the most beautiful gifts, because they make for unique moments!

On occasions like a bachelor party or a round birthday, experience gifts are the perfect surprise on the day’s programme. No matter what the occasion – Christmas, school or university graduation or as a big thank you – these 10 experience gifts for men will make men’s hearts beat faster.

10 Exciting Experience Gifts for Men

With this selection, we have tried to put together experiences for ”typically male” interests, which of course does not mean that no woman will be happy about these experience gifts! And vice versa, there are of course also men for whom there is nothing better than wellness, a creative romp or special experiences with animals. That’s why you should also check out our recommendations for the 10 best experience gifts for women, if you haven’t found the right gift here yet! 😉

1. Let’s Go Into Hop Happiness! – Beer Brewing Course

Experience gifts for men beer brewing course

Brewing and brewing digital cat at CC BY 2.0

What man doesn’t love beer? That’s right, hardly any! Beer is the man’s soda – especially the German man’s. In Germany we are in the fortunate situation of having one of the most diverse beer cultures in the world: there are a whole 1,388 breweries in the Republic (as of March 2016)! From the tart Pils of the North and East to Helles, Weizenbier and Dunkelbier, there is a real wealth of beer to discover. We lived for a long time in Franconia, one of the regions with the highest density of breweries in the world, and are passionate about trying out beer varieties we don’t yet know.

Many guys secretly dream of brewing their own beer at home. And you really can! Many breweries offer a brewing course, where you can learn the most important basics of the art of brewing and start your own home creation. Included is a tasting of the in-house beer varieties and a guided tour of the brewery.

Ideal as a community gift for bachelor parties and a great treat for any beer lover.

2. Flight Fun in the Wind Tunnel – Indoor Skydiving

Experience Gifts for Men with action

Screaming Fast by Erik Charlton at CC BY 2.0

To be able to fly is the oldest dream of mankind. And quite rightly so, because it’s an incredible feeling! And no, I don’t mean on a plane. Taking off without a flying vehicle is something completely different! You can do that, for example, when paragliding or skydiving – but in the cold season, unfortunately, that’s only something for really tough guys ;-).

A really cool and cheaper alternative, where you can take off in any weather, is the Indoor Skydiving in a wind tunnel. The shafts, in which you are blown into the air by extremely powerful wind machines, were originally developed as a free-fall simulator and for training skydivers. Now, for as little as €50, you can climb into the wind tunnel yourself in Bottrop and take off. An experience that a buddy of mine has been raving about for ages and that I definitely want to try out myself!

Apart from the much lower price, indoor skydiving has another big advantage: a flight in the wind tunnel lasts more than twice as long as a free fall in skydiving, at over a minute!

3. Rafting – Adventure on a Wild River

Adventure experience Gifts for Men White Water Rafting

Rafting is one of the most adventurous experience gifts for men

Whitewater rafting is the perfect experience gift for men who love adventure and the outdoors! I went rafting for the first time this summer in Bavaria and was totally thrilled! With a group of friends, I had a phenomenal bachelor party experience on white water on a brilliant summer day. In front of the impressive backdrop of the Alps, we conquered rapids, swam through white water and experienced nature as up close as rarely before.

Nine of us experienced about 2 hours of adventurous water fun. You can read more about it here on Abenteuer Freundschaft in my experience report about Isar rafting.

4. Noble Pleasure From the Barrel – Whisky Tasting

Experience Gifts for Men Whisky Tasting

Whiskey Tasting from Sebastian Brinkenfeldt at CC BY 2.0

Water of life or elixir of life means whisky in Gaelic (Scottish/Irish) translation. The drink originally distilled from barley by the island winegrowers is today regarded by many as the epitome of upmarket, stylish alcohol enjoyment and is appreciated for its special nuances of taste..

I admit, I was at war with whisky for a long time, but then I only knew the usual varieties from the supermarket that my friends mixed with cola. Then I went to a private whisky tasting with friends who have a collection of exquisite varieties. Since then I understand why whiskey has such a good reputation among gourmets and connoisseurs!

On a professional whiskey tasting you not only taste particularly fine drops, but also learn to taste and name the subtle differences. The tasting is held in an appropriately stylish ambience and with a whisky expert who introduces each whisky and gives an introduction to its history and production. Just the right experience gift for men who love whiskey and all those who want to become connoisseurs.

5. Searching for Clues at the Crime Scene – CSI Training

Experience Gifts for Men CSI Training

SpuSi by HaPe Gera at CC BY 2.0

Every crime fiction fan dreams of solving a case themselves. In recent crime novels, a special role is played by the work of the forensic experts, who examine the crime scene in detail and reconstruct the course of events, which often leads directly to the culprit! For all those who have always wanted to slip into the role of a CSI specialist themselves, a CSI-Training including solving a murder case a dream come true!

First you learn the theory of forensics and how forensics works from a real professional. Then it’s time for practice: with other forensic experts, you examine a prepared crime scene, collect clues and interpret the traces until you can create a perpetrator profile that points to a suspect. Then it’s on to the interrogation and the exciting challenge of getting a confession. 

An unusual experience gift for men who love CSI, cult TV series like Dexter or crime thrillers! For even more ideas for sunnier crime adventure gifts, see an extra article.

6. Becoming the King of the Pub – Billiards Training

Experience Gifts for Men Billiards Training

Billiards player from Bertram Nudelbach at CC BY-SA 2.0

Billiards is one of those games that men have to be good at. 🙂 If you’re a guy in the pub and you hold the cue wrong, sink the wrong ball or let the cue ball bounce off the table, you have to reckon with the mockery of your mates. Even if you can play reasonably well – as a billiard pro you simply enjoy respect in the pub!.

For all ambitious billiards players and passionate pub goers, a professional Billiards Training a super gift. You learn from a professional billiard player to work around your weaknesses and build on your strengths. Whether one is a beginner or already plays quite decently, the training is individually adapted to the person.

7. Adrenaline with Every Step – House Running

Experience Gifts for Men House Running

Jae jumping off a building! …again! by Sascha Wenninger at CC BY-SA 2.0

While house running, you are roped up and run vertically down the wall of a building, looking straight down into the depths – you can’t get more thrilling than that! Definitely not for people with a fear of heights! If you can’t get enough of the adrenaline rush, you can even try tricks like jumps. You feel like you’re suddenly a superhero in your own action film! For every man who loves thrills and chills, House Running is certainly an unforgettable event.

Depending on where in Germany you House Running, you can choose between charming buildings and surroundings: Skyscrapers, old granaries and in Rhineland-Palatinate you can even run down a real castle tower at Ehrenburg!

8. Step on the Gas and Take Off! – Drive a Racing Car

Adventure Gifts for Men Race Car Driving

599 GTb by Ben by CC BY-SA 2.0

The friend for whom you are looking for a gift is totally into horsepower and cool cars? Then he’s surely been dreaming of driving himself in a real racing sleds through the area.

Whether Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati – a joyride in the car of your dreams is the greatest thing for racing fans and car enthusiasts. What’s more, you are guided by an instructor who rides along as a co-driver and teaches tricks. Ea fully comprehensive insurance and all fuel costs are included!

9. Once Be Robin Hood… – Crash Course in Archery

Archery is just cool: Heroes with bows and arrows fighting for justice (Robin Hood, the Seven Samurai, Katniss Everdeen, etc.) usually look pretty cool shooting and are smart and skilled. Besides, the bow is one of the oldest weapons of mankind and was already used by prehistoric people in the Stone Age for hunting. I’m sure many a man, like me, has dreamed of being able to shoot a bow since he was a boy.
How awesome would it be to shoot an arrow into the bull’s-eye over a distance of 60 m in the wind. Well, it’s never too late to learn something new. And even though I might not have what it takes to be a Robin Hood after one training session…. I already know what I’m going to ask my friends for at Christmas: a
Crash course in archery!

10. Come on Baby, Light my Fire – Pyrotechnics Workshop

Experience Gifts for Men Pyrotechnics Workshop

Belvoir Fireworks-19 by rayand at CC BY 2.0

Men like to play with fire and that doesn’t change for many when they grow up. This starts with barbecues and stoking campfires and extends to entire battalions of fireworks that one likes to set off on New Year’s Eve. No wonder that especially male bands like Rammstein use so much pyrotechnics at their shows.

For fireworks fans, a workshop in pyrotechnics the opportunity to learn the professional and safe handling of fireworks and the artful construction of pyrotechnics. Most of these courses take place over a whole day and in the evening the course ignites a specially created firework together.

For inspiration for other experience gifts for men, take a look at our other tips for gifts for your partner. You’ll also find lots of tips for activities with friends, couples or activities with children.

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Image source Cover image: Jump! by Roberto Ventre at CC BY-SA 2.0

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