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9. November 2018 - Anika Semmer

Escape Room the Bomb - Save the World and Prevent World War 3


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A bunker in the middle of the Cold War. A spy has hidden a nuclear weapon here and World War 3 can only be thwarted by a small group of brave Escape Gamers. The mission: disarm “The Bomb” at Exit the Room and save humanity. This is what to expect at the Escape Room The Bomb.

We beam ourselves back to the 70s. Dull brown wallpaper, tube TVs, socialist sparse furnishings. This is what it looks like in the spy’s secret bunker, where the nuclear weapon is hidden that is supposed to trigger World War 3. And time is ticking. There are only 60 minutes to find the threat and disarm the bomb.

The spy is long gone. But he has peppered the bunker with hidden clues, riddles and secret codes to prevent his perfidious plan from being found and defused. The Bomb is a classic escape game in Berlin with a heroic mission. We have already played over a dozen Escape Games in Berlin and tell you here whether the Escape Game is worth it in terms of fun, puzzle demand, puzzle variety, atmospheric setting and more.

Sounds super exciting, but what exactly is an Escape Game? Here you can find out what the experience trend Room Escape Games is all about.

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Note on transparency: We were kindly allowed to test The Bomb at Exit the Room for free. However, this experience report is unpaid and reflects our honest and independent opinion.

The Escape Game Testers

The Escape Game Team from the Bomb in Berlin

The Escape Game Team from The Bomb

Four of us played the Escape Game The Bomb. Three of us have already played around 20 Escape Games in Berlin, and the fourth has played several. So we don’t look at this Escape Game from the point of view of completely inexperienced Escape Game newcomers and draw comparisons with other providers and experiences.

However, with its clear mission and the conception of the puzzles, The Bomb is super suitable as an entry into the world of Escape Games!

Expand The Bomb – The Escape Game by Exit the Room

On a fateful Monday evening we, 4 agents of MI6 stood in the bunker in Berlin Friedrichshain. The door firmly locked, no windows, crap brown wallpaper, dreary 70s interior. You’d think time was standing still here – if it weren’t for the fact that time was unstoppably running backwards on a screen directly above the tube TV. As it is with Escape Games, we have a maximum of 60 minutes to avert the nuclear threat, defuse the bomb and leave the bunker as heroes!

No sooner had our game master introduced us to the action than the door of the bunker closed behind us and we embarked on a journey back in time to the 1970s, the Cold War era, and started on our mission.

The Puzzles and Tasks in the Escape Room The Bomb

The Escape Room The Bomb in Berlin by Exit the Room.

Who will crack the code and get to the inside?

Dining table, plastic flowers, telephone, shelves – at first glance, nothing reminds you of a nucleus of evil that will soon destroy humanity. But then locks on cupboards and drawers and some strange details jump out at you.

So we turned the room upside down in a frantic rush, looking for clues, secret information and, of course, the bomb. For this, it is worthwhile to look closely and also to reach for pen and paper to write down numbers and decipher codes. The latter is ready for all Escape Gamers on the dining table. It was a matter of cracking codes, opening combination locks, puzzling and working together to come up with the solutions. As the last 10 minutes ticked away, we completed the final challenge – and defused the bomb.

Logic, combining, calculating, brainstorming, choosing actions and searching, searching, searching! The puzzles at The Bomb were a mix of typical tasks from easy to medium difficulty levels compared to other Escape Games. There was no task that was unsolvable or really difficult. The first puzzles to warm up were easier, in the course of the Escape Game the puzzles became more difficult and then culminated in the finale of defusing the bomb with the correct code. And the spy had cleverly encrypted and hidden it.

If you get stuck and can’t find the solution, you can ask for clues via a walkie-talkie, which you get from the game leader at the beginning. This is the case with many Escape Game providers – one difference with Exit the Room is that the team has a total of 5 jokers for questions. So the quest is not only to complete the mission within the 60 minutes, but also with as few jokers as possible!

With its classic puzzles, The Bomb is well suited as an introduction to the world of Escape Games, and there is absolutely no need for prior knowledge.

Equipment and Atmosphere in the Bunker

Escape Room The Bomb in Berlin by Exit the Room on the theme of the Cold War.

Where is the atomic bomb hidden?

The bunker has a 70s look and is rather minimally furnished. What decoration there was, however, was enough to make us leave everyday life behind and immerse ourselves in the mission right from the start.

Compared to other escape rooms in Berlin such as Da Vinci’s Cabinet, Cyber Attack or Alice in Smartland, which have an enormous visual impact, the look here is rather sober. There are still a few surprises and aha-effects, but for us there was no big wow-effect due to the equipment.

Our Rating and Conclusion

All lovers of end-time scenarios and classic missions to save the world as you know them from Hollywood films are in the right place with The Bomb. The Bomb is a great introduction to the world of escape games and is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Because you solve the puzzles and tasks together one after the other and the difficulty level increases until the finale at the end.

“What I liked best were the contemporary details and their successful incorporation into the game.” – Paul, 34

The time pressure and and the ticking clock on your neck is exacerbated here compared to other Escape Games (where the mission is often merely to escape from the room in 60 minutes). This is because the bomb countdown is also running and the number of jokers for hints is limited. There are Escape Game players whose main ambition is to escape from the Escape Room as quickly as possible and set a new record: if you like the added thrill, this is the place for you.
The décor takes you back to the time of the Cold War and fits the mission. Overall, the Escape Game offers a good mix of different puzzles, tasks for which you have to act and search and puzzle fun.

Conclusion: A classic Escape Game with an exciting mission, which increases the adrenaline level especially towards the end with the increasing demand of the puzzles. Recommended for Escape Game beginners and for advanced players who love time pressure and James Bond missions!

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The Bomb at Exit the Room – Facts

  • Website:
  • Address: Exit the Room GmbH, Glatzer Str. 7, 10247 Berlin (visit the Website for the Escape Rooms in other German cities)
  • Number of players: 2 – 6
  • Playing time: 60 min
  • Prices depending on number of players: € 74 – 104,00 per group

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