Live Escape Game Sherlock Holmes in Berlin - an experience report

19. May 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

Escape Game Sherlock Holmes – Will You Be Able to Track Sherlock?


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We played the Escape Game Sherlock Holmes in Escape Berlin, the biggest Live Escape Game in Europe. With a team of 6 friends, we went on the trail of the master detective Sherlock Holmes! This is what you have to expect.

Have you ever tried a Live Escape Game, also known as an Escape Room? No? Then it’s high time, because puzzles, suspense, fun and a unique ambience await you. Get a few friends together and let’s go. We did something like this in Bavaria years ago, but every Escape Game is completely different and has its own charm. You can find an overview of Escape Games here.

This time we tested one of the games at Escape Berlin, the largest live escape game theatre not only in Germany but in Europe. Those of you who regularly visit Abenteuer Freundschaft know that we have a weakness for detective games and so our choice naturally fell on the Sherlock Holmes scenario! By the way, we were allowed to test the Escape Game for free.

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Escape Game Sherlock Holmes – Welcome at 221 Baker Street B

In the Live Escape Game Sherlock Holmes, you have to cleverly combine the clues.

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One thing in advance: the Escape Game Sherlock Holmes is not only suitable for amateur detectives and crime fiction fans, but for anyone who enjoys tricky tasks. It is also a great introduction for all Escape Game beginners!

Of course, we can’t and won’t tell you too much, after all, this special scavenger hunt for adults is all about you solving one mystery after another!

What Is It About?

Master detective Sherlock Holmes has disappeared! Since his nemesis Professor Moriarty was spotted back in London 4 weeks ago, no one has heard from Sherlock. You (2 – 8 players) are the team of investigators from Scotland Yard who are now sent to his flat at 221B Baker Street to search for clues.

You have to find clues, combine them correctly and work together as a team. The clock is ticking as you have exactly 1 hour before any rescue will be too late for Sherlock. Will you manage to pick up the master’s trail?

The Sherlocj Holmes Escape Room

The Escape Room itself is a bit of a sensation in itself, as almost all of the furniture and props are over 100 years old. This makes the game seem coherent and you feel like you’ve been transported straight back to 1890s London.

There were six of us at the Sherlock Escape Game and that was an ideal team size, because we quickly collected and combined the first clues. It also happened that some of us already knew something that wasn’t clear to the others and vice versa, because we sometimes investigated an object or room alone or in pairs. From our experience, we can recommend holding small team meetings every 5-10 minutes.

If you get stuck in between, the Escape Berlin team will also give you a helpful tip via the monitor. I admit it, we also needed 2 or 3 tips, but our ambition was of course to find out as much as possible ourselves and without help, and I don’t think we did too badly…

Other Plus Points of the Sherlock Holmes Escape Game

  • This Escape Room is also suitable for children over 12. For them, the accompaniment of an adult is recommended. Groups of children aged 14 and over may also embark on the adventure without adult accompaniment. The Escape Game is therefore also a nice idea for a birthday surprise for teenagers.
  • You don’t need any previous knowledge! Although the theme and set-up are based on the famous Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and fans will be pleased with many allusions, you can play the game even if you have never heard of Sherlock. In order to solve the tasks, it requires primarily resourcefulness, the ability to combine and logical thinking, just like in a classic detective story.
  • This Escape Game can also be played in English, so you can also take your international friends with you who don’t understand German.

Rating and Conclusion

Live Escape Game Sherlock Holmes in Berlin and our experience report

Us at the Live Escape Game – where is Sherlock?

We took some friends to the Escape Game Sherlock Holmes without telling them what to expect. For them, it was their first Live Escape Game and we were all gripped by crime fever when the door closed behind us.

We found the challenge of this Escape Game to be just right – we were challenged, sometimes had to use our brains a lot, but together we came up with the most solutions. With each piece of the puzzle mosaic, we put together the circumstances surrounding Sherlock’s mysterious disappearance and thus continued the story right up to the finale.

We were joined by a passionate Playstation gamer who was happy to be able to crack puzzles and move through adventurous rooms in the real world for a change.

We can unreservedly recommend the Sherlock scenario in Escape Berlin! We, at least, have now tasted blood as far as Escape Games are concerned and definitely want to try out other scenarios…


The historical setting with puzzles that Sherlock Holmes came up with create a thriller atmosphere. Sherlock Holmes is a mystery escape game for all fans of the master detective who want to play Watson themselves. The puzzles are easy to solve and in combination provide some surprises with a finale.

Escape Game Sherlock Holmes – Facts

  • Website:
  • Adress: Escape Berlin VR GmbH, Storkower Str. 140, 10407 Berlin
  • Booking: online with fixed times
  • Number of players: 2 – 8
  • Minimum age: 10 years (from 14 years possible without adult accompaniment)
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Price per player depending on number of players: € 21.13 – 49.50 per player

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