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11. March 2023 - Anika Semmer

25 Easter Riddles for Adults + Free Riddle Easter Game Printable




Really good Easter riddles challenge the grey cells and provide spontaneous laughter and the best entertainment: Whether for puzzling over individual riddles, for an Easter scavenger hunt or as an ingenious filling for Easter eggs to crack. As an original pastime for the Easter season, you can also find the Easter riddles for adults as a free Easter game printable here!

Easter and riddles go together perfectly. Because some of the most popular Easter traditions, such as the joint Easter breakfast and the Easter egg hunt, are super suitable for riddles. Wrap a printed puzzle around each breakfast egg and start the day with a puzzle together. Or write the riddles on small pieces of paper and fill them into refillable Easter eggs instead of or together with a sweet. Or create an Easter scavenger hunt, because some of the riddles can be used as ingenious clues or you can combine them with a hint as to where to go next. If you’re planning an Easter walk with the family, a scavenger hunt is a great way to keep teenagers occupied.

Without any preparation or effort, the Easter riddles for adults are also available as an Easter game to print out and play together in a relaxed atmosphere. You can find the solutions in an extra download!

This puzzle game is aimed at teenagers and adults. You can also supplement it with knowledge questions from our challenging Easter quiz for adults. If you have children with you, you’ll find extra child-friendly riddles as an Easter game that can be combined to make it fun for everyone.

Free Riddle Easter Game Printable

Free Easter game template with Easter riddles for adults

The riddle Easter game you can play together or as a competition

As an entertaining Easter game for adults, I scoured the internet for the best Easter riddles for adults and created an Easter game from my personal best of that you can download as a PDF or simply print out and start playing immediately. If you manage not to peek into the solutions beforehand, you can also join in yourself – they are in an extra PDF.

25 Hard and Fun Easter Riddles for Adults

  1. The small, round house has no door and no gate. If its occupant has to get out, it has to pierce the wall. Who is the occupant? 
  2. First small, then large, illuminates the night in which Jesus awakens. It is beautiful to behold, yet will soon pass away.
  3. If 7 children squeeze under an umbrella, how do none of them get wet?
  4. An Easter bunny has two daughters. Each of her daughters has a brother. How many children does the Easter bunny have? 
  5. How do you know that bees are happy when they work?
  6. What can make the weather change abruptly?
  7. Who hits hooks and never hangs clothes on them?
  8. It is a small, white catkin that never purrs, it also has no paws.
  9. Why is the rabbit the luckiest animal?
  10. How many Easter eggs can you put in an empty basket?
  11. Why is the letter A like a flower? 
  12. How does Easter end? 
  13. I don’t grow on the beach, but in the middle of the forest. I don’t have nuts on me, but berries. If you want to break me, I will sting you. Who am I?
  14. I wear candles in spring and green hedgehogs in autumn. Who am I?
  15. What is the American Easter Bunny’s favourite capital city?
  16. Which kind of bunny cannot hop?
  17. How many eggs go into a nest? 
  18. There is only one place where Halloween comes before Easter. Which one is that?
  19. How do you know for sure that carrots are good for the eyes?
  20. What important Easter accessory do you have to break in order to use it?
  21. Which bird calls its own name in spring?
  22. What is the Easter Bunny’s favourite music to listen to? 
  23. On Calvary there were three of them, not six. Another word for them is crucifix.
  24. How do birds communicate?
  25. What kind of bow can’t be tied? 

Have fun cracking the Easter riddles for adults and happy Easter!

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