What Easter gifts for men do you think the Easter Bunny will bring this year?

9. April 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Easter Gifts for Men That You Can Put In the Easter Basket




More than a nest of colourful eggs and chocolate bunnies: these 10 Easter gifts for men will give him a special surprise for Easter!

The Easter season is just around the corner and all over Germany eggs are now being dyed and artistically painted, chocolate eggs are being bought and hidden for the children and the whole flat is being decorated Easter-like with Easter branches, Easter bells, Easter bunnies and little Easter nests.

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection and spring and for devout Christians the highest holiday of the year (yes right, even before Christmas). Whether you are religious or simply celebrate Easter as a spring festival with beautiful customs, it is a good occasion to give a gift to someone special.

Most of the time it’s the children who get gifts at Easter, especially in the form of chocolate. But why not also give something to your beloved partner or best friend for Easter?

Since experience shows that it is much more difficult to find a good gift for a man than for a child or a woman, this article presents 10 funny Easter gifts for men that are guaranteed to surprise the recipient and sweeten his Easter.

10 Easter Gifts for Men – Practical, Fake Bunnies & Springy Things*

1. Egg Cup Set Hard and Soft

For men who like to make statements in the morning: From now on, every day a new man can decide which motto he wants to start the day with: Charming wimp lover or I like it best when it’s hard.

GRUSS & CO 43801 Eierbecher-Set 'Hart und Weichei', Porzellan
GRUSS & CO 43801 Eierbecher-Set "Hart und Weichei", Porzellan
Aus hochwertigem Porzellan gefertigt; Maße je Eierbecher: Höhe: 4,2 cm, Durchmesser 5,3 cm

2. The Paradoxical Egg Timer

For hip nerds, crazy professors and fans of Alice in Wonderland: with this egg timer the granules trickle from the bottom to the top!

Paradox Sanduhr Tango 5 Minuten in 6 Farben (blau)
Paradox Sanduhr Tango 5 Minuten in 6 Farben (blau)
Sanduhr: Der Sand fließt von unten nach oben; Maße: ca. 6 x 3 x 7, 5 cm (LxBxH); Laufzeit: ca. 4 - 5 min (Näherungswert)
14,76 EUR Amazon Prime

For real football fans: this BeepEgg is an egg timer to cook along with, which intones 3 melodies, depending on the desired hardness of the egg: the German national anthem for perfect soft eggs, the stadium clap for medium-soft eggs and a triumph march for hard eggs!

Keine Produkte gefunden.

4. Bunny Office Set

OK, enough with the fussing – let’s get down to the cute four-paws: this fake bunny is the perfect Easter gift for office people: the bunny’s ears are a removable pair of scissors and paper clips attach to the magnetic carrot.

5. Bottle Opener in the Shape of a Bunny

Letting a bunny open your beer bottle – this is not a macho fantasy, but the practical use of a bottle opener in the shape of a bunny. Either as a wall bottle opener or classically as a utensil in the drawer.

Splash Brands 1172 Flaschenöffner Bottle Bunny
Splash Brands 1172 Flaschenöffner Bottle Bunny
Glänzender Hasenkopf aus Edelstahl; Zähne mit Innenkante lösen Kronkorken; Für die Wandmontage, zwei Schrauben inklusive

6. Easter Beer

The right drink for a hearty Easter celebration to go with the bottle opener.

7. The Spicy Easter Box

For guys who like it spicy: The contents of this Easter gift box will heat up any hardcore spicy eater: an appropriately titled Ouch Ouch paste made from habanero chillies and ginger and, in keeping with spring, 5 Hababenro seeds with instructions for planting and growing your own arsenal of spiciness.

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8. Make Easter Great Again!

The perfect Easter gift for all friends of political satire: this book is simply hilarious. It is totally awesome, simply the best: Easter first – Christmas second!

9. Easter in a Tin

The botanical surprise from a can: even for hitherto inexperienced gardeners, the first step towards a green thumb: a spring-like daffodil growing from this funny can.

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10. Easter Coffee

As I said before: Easter is the feast of the rising…. er… ok, of resurrection, but anyway: a real Frahling lover is always happy about good coffee!

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