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9. March 2024 - Anika Semmer

Easter in Brandenburg: 10 Best Things to Do




Medieval spectacles, Sorbian-style Easter egg workshops, atmospheric Easter bonfires, pretty Easter markets: if you know where, Brandenburg has a lot to offer at Easter! These 10 excursion destinations around Easter in Brandenburg are really worthwhile.

Pickles or Easter eggs – what comes to mind first when you think of the Spreewald? And would you expect some of the best Easter excursions in Brandenburg to lead to castles? Amazing! Because everyone has seen artistically painted Sorbian Easter eggs and yet very few people associate them with Brandenburg. Brandenburg is actually the land of magnificent Prussian palaces such as Sans Soucci and Rheinsdorf Palace and is not known for its castles. All the better that we can discover a new, lesser-known side of Brandenburg at Easter!

At Easter, some of you have four days off, nature awakens outside (depending on when Easter is this year) and the time is perfect for Easter excursions in Brandenburg. Grab your loved ones, set off with or without children to the most beautiful regional Easter markets, medieval knight spectacles or take a workshop in Sorbian Easter egg painting and drive out the winter with fudelstriepen, rattling and an Easter fire! Or take an Easter walk in one of the most beautiful spots in Brandenburg and meet some Easter bunnies! These 10 ideas for Easter excursions in Brandenburg are guaranteed to make for a fun-filled Easter!

At the end of the article, after my 10 absolute highlights, I’ll give you a few more tips for Easter excursions in Brandenburg!

10 Easter Excursions in Brandenburg to the Places Where It Is Most Beautiful

"Well-known and lesser-known excursion destinations attract visitors to Brandenburg at Easter"

The beautifully situated Rheinsberg Castle from the castle park

Where is the most beautiful place in Brandenburg during the Easter period? That was the question I used to select these 10 excursion destinations. They include some destinations in Brandenburg that I consider to be among the most beautiful spots in Brandenburg at any time of the year, such as Rheinsberg Castle with its magnificent castle park, but also some destinations that most of you probably don’t know yet. All of them offer something special on one or more of the Easter days – from the Easter bunny himself handing out eggs, to typical Brandenburg Easter markets with handicrafts, to a journey back in time to the Middle Ages with knightly spectacles. As a great nature lover, my favorite excursions into Brandenburg’s springtime nature are of course not to be missed. They are perfect for a long Easter walk.

1. Easter Monastery Festival in Chorin – Medieval Spectacle at Easter in Brandenburg

"Chorin Monastery is one of the most impressive destinations for Easter excursions in Brandenburg"

The Easter market takes place every year at Chorin Monastery

Knights, dragons and jugglers populate the Easter monastery festival in Chorin. Not far from the very impressive monastery ruins, many medieval fans have been making a pilgrimage to the large festival meadow of the Schönhof estate on Easter holidays for 30 years. There is a medieval village with around 100 stalls where craftsmen and artists offer all kinds of bric-a-brac and beautiful things, as well as theater performances.

It is particularly recommended for families to experience the ancient customs such as Fudelstiepen and Raatschendrehen and drive away the winter. Of course, there is also an Easter bonfire.

  • Where: Easter monastery festival in Chorin, cult original barn in Chorin-Golzow
  • When: Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday
  • Costs: Free admission

2. Easter at Filmpark Babelsberg – A Cinematic Easter in Brandenburg

The bunny is on the loose at Filmpark Babelsberg on Easter Sunday. Easter Bunny Flimmy is out and about and the whole Filmpark is transformed into an Easterland with play stations, such as the egg race and sack race. Children (and grown-ups too, of course) can collect a stamp at each station and receive something from the Easter bunny as a reward for a full stamp card. There is also a children’s disco. But so much Easter spectacle also has its price.

  • Where: Easter at Filmpark babelsberg
  • When: On Easter Sunday
  • Costs: Adults: €23.79 | Children (4-16 years): €17.70

3. Wolf Night, Easter Eggs and Easter Bonfire in Schorfheide Wildlife Park

"Wolf night in the Schorfheide forest park"

Wolf night in the Schorfheide forest park

Fire show, wolf night, painting and searching for Easter eggs: In recent years, a trip to the Schorfheide Wildlife Park has been one of the best Easter excursions in Brandenburg, and not just for families. On Good Friday, the wildlife park was open until midnight on Wolf Night and there was a fire show and wolf feeding at night. On Saturday, it was time to color Easter eggs and there was a great Easter bonfire. On Easter Sunday, the highlight was collecting Easter eggs, but there were also pony rides, carriage rides and a bouncy course.

  • Where: Easter in the Schorfheide Wildlife Park
  • When: Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday there’s a different program
  • Costs: Adults: 10€ | Children (from 4 years): 7€

4. Prussian Spring Awakening at the Bornstedt Crown Estate at Easter in Brandenburg

"Take an Easter walk through Sanssouci Palace Park and enjoy the Easter festival"

Take an Easter walk through Sanssouci Palace Park and enjoy the Easter festival

As you stroll through Sanssouci Palace Park, sooner or later you will pass the Bornstedt Crown Estate. From Good Friday to Easter Monday, the Easter festival takes place on the entire grounds of the Crown Estate and in the barns by the lake.

There you can feast on baked pork and many other regional delicacies, see handicrafts in the farm stores and there is an Easter bonfire.

  • Where: Easter at the Bornstedt Crown Estate near Sanssouci
  • When: Good Friday to Easter Monday
  • Costs: Free admission

5. Knights’ Spectacle at Rabenstein Castle – Knights’ Festival With Jousting

[En="Knight's*festival*at*Rabenstein*Castle*at*Easter*in*Brandenburg" De="Ritterfestspiele*auf*Burg*Rabenstein*an*Ostern*in*Brandenburg"]

Knight's festival at Rabenstein Castle

Rabenstein Castle with its mighty keep made of hewn granite towers in the Hohe Fläming. When the castle was once besieged, there was a turmoil of battle, screams and the clashing of lances. Even today, the virgin Rosemarie haunts the damp walls. So much for the backdrop to the knights’ festival that takes place at Rabenstein Castle at Easter. Tournaments and competitions take place on horseback and – how could it be otherwise – adventurers and knights fight for the favor of a fair maiden.

There is hearty food and drink and jugglers, traders, craftsmen and minstrels are also present.

  • Where: Easter spectacle at Rabenstein Castle in the High Fläming
  • When: Good Friday to Easter Monday

6.Easter Walk in Oranienburg Palace Park With the Easter Bunny

"The fantastic playground in Oranienburg Palace Park is also a great destination for families at Easter in Brandenburg"

The playground in Oranienburg Castle Park is also great and well worth a visit

Who wants to meet the Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday? Head to the Oranienburg Palace Park! The castle park costs a few euros to enter and offers extensive fresh meadows with lots of early blooming tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. As an Easter highlight, the Easter bunny himself will be out and about on Easter Sunday handing out colorful eggs. In the orangery, children can do handicrafts and color and paint eggs.

Oranienburg Castle Park also has a really great playground with a large playhouse and a café for refreshments!

  • Where: Easter in Oranienburg Palace Park
  • When: Easter Sunday
  • Costs: Adults: €5 | Children (7-17 years): €3

7. Sorbian Easter Traditions in the Spreewald – Easter Egg Decorating at Easter in Brandenburg

"You can paint Sorbian Easter eggs yourself at Easter in the Spreewald in Brandenburg"

You can paint Sorbian Easter eggs yourself in the workshop

Every year at Easter, Sorbian traditions come back to life in the Spreewald. At the Lehde Open-Air Museum, we can still experience these old traditions, such as fetching the Easter water. The best known is the artistic decoration of Easter eggs. If you want to watch a professional painting eggs at Easter in Brandenburg, you can do so in the open-air museum or decorate Sorbian eggs yourself. Every year, the Waleien – egg rolling – takes place there, in which visitors can also take part.

Saturday is family day – an Easter surprise awaits children!

You can also experience Easter traditions in other places in Lübbenau!

  • Where: Easter at the Lehde Open-Air Museum
  • When: Good Friday to Easter Monday
  • Costs: Adults: €6 | Children up to 16 years: free

8. Easter Festival at Rheinsberg Castle – The Court of Muses of Frederick II Awakens

"At Easter in Brandenburg, the Easter Festival takes place at Rheinsfeld Castle"

The Easter Festival takes place at the Castle of Friedrich II

Rheinsberg Castle is picturesquely situated in the Ruppiner Land region on the banks of the Grienericksee lake and has an extensive, beautiful castle park. Nature, architecture and art merge to form an enchanting ensemble. Culture enthusiasts and music lovers can enjoy opera, plays and chamber concerts there at Easter. Prussian King Frederick II would have been delighted to see his court of muses come to life.

You can take an Easter stroll through the palace park and admire the natural surroundings and the views from one of the most beautifully situated palaces in Germany. At Easter there is also a guided Easter walk through the pleasure garden.

  • Where: Easter Festival at Rheinsberg Castle
  • When: Good Friday to Easter Monday
  • Costs: depending on the performance | the visit to the castle park is free

9. Slavic Castle Raddusch: The Search for the Golden Egg at Easter in Brandenburg

"The Slavic Castle Raddusch is one of the most impressive Spreewald excursion destinations!"

The Slavic Castle Raddusch is one of the most impressive Spreewald excursion destinations!

Jatšowny wogeń burns on Easter Saturday and is said to drive away demons with its cleansing power and bright light. Easter bonfires are a tradition in Lusatia and are lit on the night of Easter Sunday. It is said that as far as the firelight can be seen, the land will be fertile. There is a small Easter bonfire on Easter Saturday in the Slavic castle and Manni, the Slav, tells stories from the Spreewald and about Easter customs.

Who can find the golden egg hidden somewhere in the grounds around Raddusch Castle? On Easter Sunday, you can take part in a fun Easter egg hunt and, with luck, find the golden egg.

There is also a nice offer on Good Friday: you can bake your own Easter roll and freely decide what shape and meaning you want to give it.

Raddusch is a replica of a circular rampart complex that stood in Lower Lusatia in the 9th and 10th centuries. The castle was built as a museum between 1999-2003 and shows archaeology in Lower Lusatia in a 12,000-year journey through time from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages with Slavic castle construction. It is of course also possible to visit the castle.

  • Where: Easter at the Slavic castle Raddusch
  • When: Good Friday to Easter Monday
  • Costs: depending on where you want to take part for adults from 10€ | children (from 6-16 years): 7€

10. Easter Market at Chorin Monastery at Easter in Brandenburg

"Easter markets are great places to visit at Easter in Brandenburg"

Feasting at the Easter market

The beautiful Chorin Monastery is the backdrop for a pretty, traditional Easter market. You can buy flowers, garden decorations and accessories, Easter decorations and handicrafts as well as many regional culinary specialties. Children can go on an Easter egg hunt, make handicrafts and discover old Easter traditions.

To visit the Easter market, you have to pay admission to the monastery complex and you should definitely plan some time to see the architecture, which inspired the great Prussian master builder Karl Friedrich Schinckel so much that he saved the monastery ruins from decay.

  • Where: Easter market at Chorin Monastery
  • When: Easter Saturday to Easter Monday
  • Costs: Adults from €7 | Concessions: €5

We wish you a wonderful Easter in Brandenburg!

Are you looking for more tips for activities in Brandenburg and the surrounding area? From adventure tests, exploration tours, for example of the Babelsberg Park or excursion tips such as for the Ziegeleipark Mildenberg, on Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find lots of ideas for activities with children, with friends or for couples.

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