12 tips for fantastic excursion destinations at Easter in Berlin

16. March 2024 - Anika Semmer

Easter in Berlin: 12 Fantastic Things to Do




Flickering Easter bonfires, clashing swords at the Easter Knight Festival, colorful Easter hustle and bustle, neighborhood Easter markets: In the capital of Germany, there are many Easter events for families and couples. These 13 events are, for me, the most beautiful ones during Easter in Berlin.

Finally, Easter! For most Berliners and visitors to the city, that means – 4 days off! For me, it means – let’s get out and discover and enjoy the awakening of spring, atmospheric Easter traditions, and the most beautiful Easter markets. As they say so beautifully – Berlin never sleeps – or in other words: in the metropolis, there is always something fantastic happening somewhere. You just need to know when and where!

Beautiful Easter bonfires can be found in the Britzer Gardens or the beach baths Wendenschloß and Plötzensee. Spring and Easter festivals at Kurt-Schumacher-Damm in Reinickendorf, in the Düppel Open-Air Museum, at the Mariendorf Trotting Track, or at the Alice-Salomon-Platz in Hellersdorf. But the most spectacular visitor magnet leads to Spandau. There, the medieval Easter festival takes place at the Spandau Citadel. Here, I present to you the most worthwhile events for Easter in Berlin and provide many more tips for other small and large excursions in the capital.

Interested in worthwhile excursions in Berlin’s surrounding areas and in Brandenburg? Here you’ll find great Easter excursion tips in Brandenburg.

What Things You Have to Do in Berlin at Easter?

"With a bit of luck, you can meet the Easter bunny at some places in Berlin at Easter"

With a bit of luck, you can meet the Easter bunny at some places in Berlin at Easter

What can you do in Berlin at Easter? Amusement rides, painting Easter eggs, making seed bombs, Easter brunch, puppet theater, bouncy castle, Sorbian Easter egg coloring in Wendish costumes, or socializing by the Easter fire with grilled food and drinks? From Good Friday to Easter Monday, there are many spring and Easter festivals, Easter markets, and Easter events in the capital. With good weather, you have the dilemma of choosing what you most desire for Easter in Berlin.

Some of the Easter events presented here are worth visiting even in rainy weather. But when it’s pouring, cold, or hailstorming, there’s always a lot going on in Berlin: for example, finally visiting one of the 180 museums and 440 galleries again.

1. Traditional Easter Bonfire in Britzer Garden

Frühling im Britzer Garten

Im Frühling blüht es im Britzer Garten besonders prachtvoll

Every year, there is a traditional Easter bonfire in Britzer Garden. But in the most beautiful park in Berlin, there is much more than just a fire. With live music and fire shows, the awakening nature is celebrated, and winter is finally banished. I advise families with (small) children to arrive early because it’s often quite busy, and getting a good spot with a view of the fire is not easy at all!

Originally, the Britzer Garden in Berlin-Neukölln was created for the Federal Garden Exhibition in the 1980s. Besides attending the Easter fire, there are also offers for Easter games and Easter crafting for families.

  • Where: In Britzer Garden on the play and sunbathing lawn
  • When: usually on Easter Saturday at 6 pm
  • Cost: Park admission: Adults €3, Children / Reduced: €1.50

2. Medieval Knight Festival at Easter in Berlin at Spandau Citadel

A knights' spectacle takes place at the Spandau Citadel at Easter

The most colorful spectacle at Easter is at Spandau citadel. You can stroll through a beautiful medieval market, test your skills in archery and crossbow shooting, listen to jugglers performing their tricks, play mouse roulette, or ride carousels and Ferris wheels. Highlights include show fights: knight tournaments and battles man against man, where knights in full armor showcase their skills. Of course, there’s plenty to feast on and strengthen.

Speaking of knights in full armor: Knights appearing in full armor get free admission!

  • Where: Easter Knight Festival at Spandau citadel
  • When: Easter Saturday to Easter Monday
  • Admission: Adults €14, Children (6-16 years) / Reduced: €7.00 / €11

3. Meet the Easter Bunny in the Gardens Of the World at Easter in Berlin

"You can meet the Easter bunny in the gardens of the world at Easter in Berlin"

You can meet the Easter bunny in the gardens of the world

The Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World) cover 43 hectares, and with a bit of luck, you might meet the Easter Bunny and his friend there at Easter. Besides Britzer Garden, there is probably no more beautiful place in Berlin for an extended Easter walk among daffodils, crocuses, and tulips.

Every year, there is also an Easter program, including live music and puppet theater. Be sure to check the Event website of the Gardens of the World to see what’s currently planned for Easter!

  • Where: Easter in the Gardens of the World
  • When: Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday
  • Cost: Park admission: Adults €3, Children / Reduced: €1.50

4. Hands-On Medieval and Interactive Easter at Museumsdorf Düppel

"Painting Easter eggs is part of Easter"

Painting Easter eggs is part of Easter

Back to the Middle Ages at Museumsdorf Düppel. There, where more than 800 years ago farmers lived, a medieval village from around 1200 has been reconstructed. The open-air museum is already a great destination, but at Easter, it offers great hands-on activities for families. The program includes crafting, painting Easter eggs, watching puppet theater, or building seed bombs.

  • Where: Easter at Museumsdorf Düppel
  • When: Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday
  • Cost: Admission: Adults €6, Children up to 18 years old free

5. Fritz Brandt Race on Good Friday at Mariendorf Trotting Track

"The Fritz Brandt Race on Good Friday is at easter in berlin a tradition"

The Fritz Brandt Race on Good Friday is a Berlin tradition

On Good Friday, a race for amateur drivers has been taking place at Mariendorf Trotting Track for 80 years – along with an Easter egg hunt. So, one can rightly say that the Fritz Brandt Race is a Berlin Easter tradition. In addition to this traditional race on Good Friday, the trotting track organizes an Easter festival on Easter Saturday with an Easter bonfire, bouncy castle, and pony rides. If, like us, you’re going with children who love ponies, be sure to arrive early.

  • Where: Easter Festival at Mariendorf Trotting Track
  • When: Good Friday and Easter Saturday
  • Cost: Friday €3, free on Saturday

6. Easter Fair on Kurt-Schumacher-Damm

"There are folk festivals and funfairs at Easter in Berlin"

With fun, bright colors and a good mood, you can chase away the winter at a spring festival

Break Dance, bumper cars, Aviator, and all the rides you can think of, along with a hall of mirrors and haunted house, are part of the spring festival during Easter in Berlin. Around 80 rides offer fun at the Easter Fair on Kurt-Schumacher-Damm. In addition to exciting rides that spin you around wildly, there are also family-friendly attractions like a watercourse, Dumbo’s fantastic flight, and a Ferris wheel.

  • Where: Easter Fair at Central Festplatz on Kurt-Schumacher-Damm
  • When: from Easter Saturday (continues beyond the Easter holidays)
  • Cost: Free admission

7. Egg Days in the Blue Fairy Tale Hut

"You can paint Sorbian Easter eggs yourself at Easter in the Spreewald in Brandenburg"

You can paint Sorbian Easter eggs yourself in the workshop

You can paint Easter eggs in the Sorbian tradition at Späth’s Baumschule in Neukölln. Dorothea Tschöke from the Easter Egg Museum Sabrodt demonstrates how to create artistic Sorbian Easter eggs using the wax-resist technique.

For Easter egg enthusiasts, there is also an Easter egg sale with collector’s items where you can discover rarities.

  • Where: Egg Days at Späth’s Baumschule, Neukölln
  • When: Good Friday to Easter Monday
  • Cost: Material costs per egg between €3.50-€4

7. Easter in Berlin at the Berlin Zoo

"Newborn lambs and other cute young animals can be seen at the zoo at Easter in Berlin"

Newborn lambs and other cute young animals can be seen at the zoo at Easter

Colorful flowers bloom, exotic and native bird chirping everywhere, and little lambs and chicks call for their mothers. Besides, the silverback gorilla at the Gorillas shows interest in a colorful Easter egg. Anyone who follows the Berlin Zoo like me on Instagram knows that the animals there receive special cakes with their favorite foods for their birthdays, indulge in Christmas trees at Christmas, and at Easter, the Easter Bunny brings colorful eggs and yellow turnips, surprising its animal colleagues. This makes a visit to the zoo at Easter a great Easter event for me: petting lambs and kids in the petting zoo, watching monkeys peel eggs, and beautiful Easter photo opportunities are also available beside the animals.

There are also guided Easter tours through Germany’s oldest zoo – but they sell out quickly. So, better secure your ticket early.

  • Where: Easter at Zoologischer Garten Berlin
  • When: On the Easter holidays
  • Cost: Admission for zoo visit: Adults €20, Children: €9.50 (Guided tours are extra)

8. Easter at Tierpark Berlin

With a bit of luck, crocodile hatchlings and other animals can be seen in Berlin's Tiergarten at Easter

I wonder what crocodiles think of Easter?

Easter eggs are also on display at Tierpark Berlin: with a bit of luck, even from crocodiles, as you don’t have to pay extra for the Rainforest House as you do for the Aquarium at Zoologischer Garten. Colorful flowers, bird chirping, and a petting zoo with lambs are also available at Tierpark. Tierpark has some different animals than Zoologischer Garten – are you a fan of polar bears? Then you should visit Tierpark in Berlin at Easter and meet Hertha!

There are usually quickly sold-out Easter tours through Tierpark, leading to egg thieves and egg connoisseurs and offering an animal surprise.

  • Where: Easter at Zoologischer Garten Berlin
  • When: On the Easter holidays
  • Cost: Admission for zoo visit: Adults €20, Children: €9.50 (Guided tours are extra)
  • Where: Easter at Zoologischer Garten Berlin
  • When: On the Easter holidays
  • Cost: Admission for zoo visit: Adults €20, Children: €9.50 (Guided tours are extra)

9. Britzer Blossom Festival – Folk Festival with Easter Bunny in Berlin at Easter

Who wants a family photo with the Easter Bunny? On Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, he distributes Easter eggs to the children at Britzer Blossom Festival and is available for photos. Every year, the festival features a stage program with live bands.

Britzer Blossom Festival is a folk festival held annually at Gutspark Britz on Parchimer / Fulhamer Allee. It is especially worthwhile for families, with about 40 rides set up and a beer garden for refreshments.

  • Where: Britzer Blossom Festival at Gutspark Britz, Parchimer / Fulhamer Allee
  • When: On the Easter holidays and beyond
  • Cost: Free admission

10. First Swim on Good Friday at Strandbad Wannsee

Who isn’t scared of 7 degrees water temperature? On Good Friday and the following three Easter days, you can take a free dip at the season start in Strandbad Wannsee. After the icy bath, mobile saunas are available for the brave swimmers to warm up.

If the weather is good, the Easter Bunny may also visit Strandbad Wannsee on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday, distributing gifts to the children.

  • Where: First Swim at Strandbad Wannsee
  • When: Good Friday to Easter Monday
  • Cost: Free

11. Train Ride into Spring in Volkspark Wuhlheide at Easter in Berlin

Children and adults can take a ride through the spring landscape on Easter days in Volkspark Wuhlheide with a historic steam locomotive in an open carriage. The journey lasts half an hour, and tickets can be purchased at the ticket office at the main station and on the park railway trains.

12. The Most Beautiful Easter Fires at Easter in Berlin

"Bonfire at Easter in Berlin"

Easter bonfires traditionally chase away the winter

Easter fires have a long tradition and are meant to drive away winter. They usually take place in Berlin on Easter Saturday, but some organizers also offer them on Easter Sunday. For an Easter fire, branches and wood are piled up, and people gather socially at the fire for grilled specialties and drinks.

Here are, among others, Easter fires at Easter in Berlin:

  • Britzer Garten (Easter Saturday)
  • Französisch Buchholz, Bucher Str. 36-40 (Easter Sunday)
  • Strandbad Wendenschloss at Dahme in Köpenick (Easter Saturday)
  • Kladow (Easter Saturday)
  • Schloss Brook in Lenné-Park, Köpenick (Easter Saturday)
  • Strandbad Plötzensee
  • Kienbergpark at the Fire Station (Easter Saturday)
  • Spandau, on the Buchwaldzeile site in the Gatow district (Easter Saturday)
  • Baumschulenweg, Späthsche Baumschulen (Good Friday, Easter Saturday, and Easter Sunday)
  • Nikodemus Church Neukölln with night service and Easter fire (Easter Sunday)
  • Easter fire in Marzahn (Easter Saturday)

Easter Markets and Spring Festivals at Easter in Berlin

Berlin is known for its vibrant market culture, and Easter is no exception. Numerous Easter markets transform the city’s squares into colorful oases. One of the most popular is the “Easter Market at Alexanderplatz,” which captivates visitors with arts and crafts stalls, regional delicacies, and an entertaining program. Here, you can not only browse for original Easter gifts but also try culinary delights.

Another highlight is the “Spring Festival in Volkspark Friedrichshain,” which takes place parallel to the Easter holidays. In addition to a colorful funfair with rides for the whole family, there is live music, street food stalls, and craft markets. The green meadows of Volkspark provide an ideal setting for a relaxed Easter picnic with friends.

Easter Markets in Berlin

  • Easter Market at Potsdamer Platz
  • Artisan Easter Market at KartlAugust-Platz
  • Easter Market at Alexanderplatz with beer garden

Easter Customs and Traditions

Easter is also a time when Berliners cherish their cultural and religious traditions. For example, the Berlin Cathedral congregation organizes solemn services and concerts that emphasize the spiritual significance of the festival. The splendid architecture of Berlin Cathedral lends a special atmosphere to these events.

For families with children, Easter fires and Easter egg hunts in the numerous parks of the city are an absolute must. Mauerpark, Tiergarten, and Britzer Garten are just a few of the places where the little ones can search for hidden Easter eggs with gleaming eyes.

Are you still looking for more tips for activities in Berlin and the surrounding area? We have tested many escape game providers, laser tag arenas, and tours and provide tips for excursions like in the Nature park Schöneberg. On our blog, you’ll find new ideas for activities with children, with friends, and for couples every week.

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