Drinking duel - Trump vs. Clinton

13. October 2016 - Alexander Schmidt

Drinking Duel: Trump vs. Clinton – Political Drinking Game | Game Rules


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Are you ready for the cutting-edge political drinking game for two: Hillary or Donald? Get drunk and become the next President of the USA with a fun drinking duel! Ideal for preheating for a party or as a friendly competition.

There are those evenings – you’re sitting at home with a buddy and don’t really have anything crazy in mind when suddenly this crazy idea comes up: a drinking duel! Purely by chance, there is a bottle of good schnapps around and the competition can begin.

But which drinking game for two is a worthy candidate for your duel? If you’re going to drink – then please drink with class!, we thought to ourselves and developed a drinking game for two that pays homage to two of the most eloquent, intellectually quick-witted, morally upright and all-round fairest political thinkers of our time: Clinton and Trump. We are sure: Whoever of these two wise men soon sits in the White House – she/he will lead the world into a better future! (At least better for her/him) 😉

Small but important tip: Drinking games should be fun and in a good mood. Nausea and dangerous situations bring the absolute opposite. Also seid verantwortungsbewusst beim Alkoholgenuss und kennt eure Grenzen.

Drinking Duel Trump vs. Clinton – Who Has the Stronger Stomach?

Politicians have to take a lot and cope with a lot. And this is all the more true the higher up they want to go. The US elections are coming up: the tough establishment girl Hillary Clinton and the super-rich rabble-rouser Donald Trump are getting ready for the final round in the epic duel for the office of President of the United States. Who do you think would win if the election was decided by an official drunken duel?

What You Need:

Players: 2


  • 1 dice
  • 1 stopwatch
  • Paper and pens
  • Sufficiently good schnapps
  • 2 shot glasses

Required skills: Drinking strength, political skills, knowledge and dice luck 😉

For this drinking game for two, you start by deciding who is Hillary and who is Donald. If you don’t agree, you draw lots.

Rule #1: From now on, the two of you may only address each other as Hillary and Donald and also speak of yourselves only as this person. Whoever breaks this rule must immediately exercise 2 shots to restore his/her political credibility.

The Drinking Duel Can Start

Drinking duel - Clinton vs. Trump

From Ted Eytan at CC BY-SA 2.0You take turns rolling an ordinary six-sided die:.

1 = Political Speech Express

Your opponent chooses any topic and you have exactly 45 seconds to make a political demand. If you exceed the time limit, do not make a sensible demand or contradict an earlier demand and your opponent notices it, you have to drink 1 schnapps.

2 = Email affair for Clinton

Pitch for Hillary! Her polls are faltering and she has to drink 1 booze because she unfortunately can’t handle her email program properly, causing a questionable security breach. Hillary also has to drink 1 more schnapps to disinfect herself against computer viruses!

3 = Knowledge Round

As President of the USA, you should have general knowledge about the country and politics, otherwise you will quickly make a laughing stock of yourself. A certain cowboy ex-president, in fact, once asked his Brazilian colleague: ”Do you have blacks too in your country?”.

If Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton roll a 3, both candidates pick up paper and pen. The stopwatch is set to 30 seconds and both candidates try to name as many names or terms from one of the following categories as possible in that time. The category is determined by the dicer.

  • a) Former American presidents (first and last name!)
  • b) American states
  • c) European states
  • d) Asian states
  • e) African states
  • f) Latin American states
  • g) Current heads of state and/or government of other nations
  • h) Organisations of which the USA is a member
  • i) Wars in which the USA has been involved
  • j) American companies / large corporations (because you should know who donated to you)

Now evaluate your results and count how many correct and complete answers your opponent has produced. Those who knew fewer answers must drink 3 shots to compensate for their lack of political competence through decisiveness.

In the event of a tie, both candidates must drink a schnapps.

4 = Mud fight

Few things are as effective in politics as mudslinging. You now both have 30 seconds to write down on one piece of paper the worst slander you can think of about your political opponent. On a second piece of paper you write something extremely positive about your opponent. Then crumple up both pieces of paper and let the other one go.

If someone draws the slander note, he has to drink 3 shots to survive the smear campaign. If, on the other hand, he draws the praise slip, his opponent must raise a glass to him with a shot of schnapps and grudgingly offer praise.

These Are the Rules:

  • Both politicians draw praise → each must toast the opponent’s good health with a schnapps.
  • Trump draws slander slips and Clinton draws praise slips → Trump must drink 4 shots, at one of them to Clinton’s health
  • Clinton draws slander slips + Trump draws praise slips → Then Hillary must exe four shots and drink once to Donad’s health
  • Both politicians draw slander slips → Both now have a pretty nasty reputation and have to wash it down with 3 shots each!

5 = Tax affair for Trump

Oh Donald, don’t you have enough billions in your bank account already? Now your not-so-clean tax returns are going to be your undoing…. Drink 2 schnapps to come to your senses!

6 = Collect donations

An election campaign costs a lot of money – now is the time to collect donations. Roll the dice again: the number on the dice tells you how many million US dollars you have received. And for every million or every point, your opponent has to drink a schnapps.

Who Wins in the Political Drinking Duel?

Whoever gives up first, or falls off the chair, has lost. For the other one it is therefore called:

Congratulations, you are the 45th President of the United States of America! Rejoice and buy yourself an ice cream, because you now have pretty much the biggest mess on your hands that a human being can handle. But hey, at least you’ll go down in history – one way or another! 😉

By the way, did you know…? The real Donald Trump is supposedly a teetotaller and has never touched alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs. So he claims… But maybe he’s just scared of a real drinking duel against Hillary?

Furcht: Trump im Weißen Haus
Furcht: Trump im Weißen Haus
Woodward, Bob (Author)
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Image Source Cover Photo: Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump – Caricatures by DonkeyHotey at CC BY-SA 2.0.

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