How to make a DIY dinner voucher

18. February 2023 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Simply Great DIY Dinner Voucher | Tutorial




It’s super quick to make at the last minute and always welcome: this DIY dinner voucher is easy to make yourself with little effort and looks great. As an original ingredient, the recipient has a playfully staged choice of restaurant when handing it over. This is how it works.

Beautifully designed vouchers are a great gift for loved ones. In my opinion, a voucher as a gift is unjustly discredited for being unimaginative – because if you put a little effort into it, there are countless ways to make it beautiful and special! True to the motto: for an excellent meal, it’s not only the quality of the chef and the ingredients that count, but also his creativity, this DIY dinner voucher is designed with a playful pinch of creativity.

When the gift voucher is presented, the recipient is also given a dice and there is a little surprise: now the dice are rolled to decide which restaurant the DIY dinner voucher is valid for. This adds a little excitement, fun and games to the presentation and makes for an original surprise.

You can find everything you need to make the DIY dinner voucher on the list of materials. You should have most of it in the house or you can get it cheaply from your local supermarket or craft shop or from amazon*.

Material List*

How to Make a DIY Dinner Voucher in 3 Steps

Make your own DIY dinner voucher with restaurant choice

The cutlery bag comes with cutlery, vouchers and restaurant logos

Time: about 20 minutes

To cut the cutlery bag to fit exactly, I first designed the voucher. You can simply print out the template on the material list. Then I looked for the 6 restaurants on the computer and made sure that they offered very different cuisine and were special. I chose in-restaurants in Berlin that are particularly well rated online. By choosing the restaurants, you can also personalise your dining voucher by, for example, choosing restaurants that match the letters of the birthday boy or girl’s first name. If you are a long-term couple, you can also choose the best 6 restaurants you have eaten at during your relationship as a nostalgic idea.

1. Print Out The DIY Dinner Voucher and 6 Restaurant Logos

DIY dinner voucher template

Free DIY dinner voucher Template

Simply print out the voucher template in portrait format on Din A4 on coloured printer paper. Research the 6 restaurants of your choice on the Internet, download their logos and print them out. Then format the 6 restaurant logos of your choice in Word or Gimp to the same size and print them out.

I then shrink-wrapped the logos (you can skip this step) and cut each one out individually. I then wrote the numbers 1-6 on the back of each logo.

2. Cut and Staple the Cutlery Pocket

A DIY dinner voucher can be beautifully presented as a cutlery bag.

Use the stapler to fix the DIY dinner voucher

For the cutlery bag I used a dark white DIN A4 cardboard and cut the back side to 21 cm x 10 cm and the front side to 11 cm x 10 cm.

Now I cut a chequered cake lace to the dimensions 18 cm x 9 cm and placed it in the desired position between the front and back of the cutlery bag.

The seam of the cutlery bag is particularly beautiful if you use a sewing machine and coloured thread to sew the front to the back. Since I had to work quickly, I simply used the stapler and the cutlery bag turned out super sturdy.

3. Glue on the Decorative Elements and Finish Your DIY Dinner Voucher

This is how you can make a last-minute dinner voucher yourself.

You can craft the dinner voucher in just 20 minutes

It only takes 20 minutes to make the dinner voucher yourselfTo decorate the voucher, I wrapped dark purple ribbon tightly around the voucher and attached it to the back with all-purpose glue. On the bottom right I put the bow and on the left side of the cutlery pocket I stuck a matching sticker.

Finally, punch a hole in the circle of the voucher and thread a piece of ribbon in the same colour through it.

Now stow the restaurant logos as a surprise in the cutlery bag and slide the fork and knife with the voucher into the cutlery bag.

My Idea How to Present the DIY Dinner Voucher

When you hand over the voucher, you also give the recipient the dice. The six labelled logos are laid out on a table in ascending order from 1-6 and then the dice are rolled – a total of 5 times. With each roll of the dice, one restaurant is eliminated and you can briefly introduce it with your intention why you chose it. This increases the suspense and makes it clear how much effort you have put in! 🙂

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