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24. May 2016 - Anika Semmer

5 Crime Adventure Gifts for Crime Fans and Secrect Detectives


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Crime adventure gifts are the best gifts for true crime fans and amateur detectives: a tricky case that will stimulate their brain cells to the max. Why not get your buddy Sherlock off the couch and give him an unforgettable crime experience? This crime adventure gifts are mostly to experience in Germany.

1. Crime Dinner – The Culinary Crime Experience

What is Sherlock Holmes without Peter Watson? A detective whose ingenious ability to solve cases unconventionally keeps him in the cosmos of his small flat in Baker Street. Deep down, every Sherlock Holmes dreams of a Watson with whom he can solve a thrilling case.

Crime adventure gifts that goes down equally well with younger and older detectives combines enjoyment and excitement: the crime dinner. The task is to solve a case over a multi-course meal. At the crime dinner, professional actors stage a tricky criminal case in which each guest takes on a specific role. Unlike in the theatre or cinema, at the crime dinner you are not just a spectator but become part of the crime yourself.

As the main suspect, witness, inspector or murderer, you are deeply involved in the case during this crime experience – this is an unforgettable experience for every crime fan. Most crime dinners create a special atmosphere simply by their choice of location: castle halls, mine tunnels or dungeons provide a murderously good backdrop for a mysterious case. In more than 200 cities in Germany, there are now offers for crime dinners with different cases, and such a detective evening costs from €49 per person.

2. A Murderous Weekend – The Two-Day Detective Experience

But the greatest crime adventure gift for crime lovers is a all-day weekend getaway with a murder case to solve. A gruesome murder takes place in Hillesheim in the Eifel and a suspenseful case begins that keeps the best commissioners and investigators on their toes all day. Before you know it, you are part of the task force and questioning the first witnesses. Who knew the victim and why was he murdered?

Time is breathing down the necks of several capable teams of investigators who have never worked together before: but now the 20-60 best commissioners in Germany have to convict the perpetrator by the evening. Each team of investigators works independently, investigating crime scenes, searching rooms for clues and questioning suspects. However, all teams pull together: when important breakthroughs are made, the teams meet in their investigation centre, evaluate clues and solve the murder case piece by piece. In the evening, it becomes clear whether the murderer has really been caught.

The offer for 139 euros includes a total of eight hours of detective fun including lunch buffet, coffee and cake. Detectives who, like Miss Marple or Hercules Poirot, have a longer journey, can also book into the hotel and recover from the stresses and strains of the murder case in a soft bed.

3. Search for Clues and Investigate Like Sherlock Holmes

How great is your talent in trace hunting? Great master detectives find clues, combine circumstantial evidence and solve cases based on hard facts. Many crime lovers secretly dream of playing detective and solving a case themselves one day. Fulfilling this wish is not difficult at all: with a Street Crime.

With this crime adevnture gift, you are provided with everything you need to solve the case. At the beginning, a rally leader explains the rules and the course of the Street Crime Game. Like a scavenger hunt, you go on a search – but the aim is not to find treasure but to solve a tricky case. During the rally you slip into the role of the investigators and solve a criminal case. Of course, this is most fun in pairs or together with friends. You start with the search for clues, secure and examine the crime scene, interrogate suspects and check alibis.

In most offers, professional actors impersonate the suspects and witnesses. You have to plan about three hours for a street crime until the case is cracked. Here you can find offers for street crime thrillers starting at 39 euros per person.

4. Agent Training – The Crime Adventure Experience Gifts for the Next James Bond

James Bond, His Majesty’s Agent 007 is the world’s most famous secret agent. Every day, the spy faces dangerous missions and saves the world from destruction by hardened villains. A creative gift for all James Bond fans and action enthusiasts is a ticket for a Secret Agent Workshop.

Even James Bond had to undergo tough agent training at training camp before he became a secret agent. In this crime thriller experience, a variation on the street crime thriller, you learn the basics of espionage: thinking and acting like a secret agent. While investigating, you learn the basics of installing listening devices, bugging devices and mini cameras. You also learn how to conquer your bond girl 😉.

This promising variant of a street crime rally was offered until recently and we hope it will be back soon.

5. Gangster Hunt with Geocaching – The Crime Adventure Experience for Action Fans

Do your friends like crime thrillers in principle, but only those with extra action and suspense? For your friends who find classic detective work and the Sunday crime scene too boring, a gift with proper action and excitement here! No problem, because police work doesn’t always have to focus on solving the case based on clues. There can also be real action in a genuine chase!.

There is hardly a more unusual action-packed gift than chasing after a notorious armed criminal together to finally catch him. The mission: prevent a multi-million dollar theft and apprehend the cunning, armed criminal.
Armed with a GPS-enabled tablet, the race against time begins. In this action-packed geocaching variant, you follow the gangster’s clues. If you don’t manage to catch the criminal by a certain time, you’ve lost. For this special manhunt, you have to be at least 16 years old and a group consists of a maximum of four police officers. 

Pegasus Spiele 19010E - Deadly Dinner - Red Carpet in Ruins - Murder Mystery at Home for 6 to 8 Players - Krimidinner auf englisch für 6 bis 8 Spieler - English Crime Solving Game
Pegasus Spiele 19010E - Deadly Dinner - Red Carpet in Ruins - Murder Mystery at Home for 6 to 8 Players - Krimidinner auf englisch für 6 bis 8 Spieler - English Crime Solving Game
interactive murder mystery; glamorous Hollywood setting; evening-filling entertainment; surprising twists and revelations
32,99 EUR Amazon Prime

Have fun with your shared thriller experience!

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