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15. March 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Crepe Flowers DIY With Ping Pong Ball and Wool | Tutorial




You can make crepe flowers in a variety of ways. For this method, besides crepe paper, you only need a ping pong ball, woolen threads and a little wire. Here you can learn how to do it.

Flower decoration in the apartment ensures in the spring that you are attuned to the season. But also around the year you can set colorful accents with blossoms and flowers and design your own kingdom. Fresh flowers are super beautiful, but just also ephemeral and purchased artificial flowers often look too artificial.

Crepe Flowers Craft With a Ping Pong Ball

All the nicer that there are numerous methods to craft flowers. This method for making crepe flowers is easy for children and also can be done with few and also cheap materials.

Materials list*

1. Cut Crepe Paper to Fit

Cutting the Crepe Paper for the crepe flowers

Cut a strip of crepe paper about 7 cm wide

For the petals, cut off a strip of crepe paper about 7 cm wide. This one divides then into pieces of equal size, where the length of a piece should have about 10 – 14 cm, depending on how long and thick you want to craft the stem of the crepe flowers.

2. Shape Petal Of the Crepe Flowers With Ping Pong Ball

Curling a ping-pong ball to form the petals of the crepe flowers

A ping-pong ball is ideal for shaping the petals

Now place a standard ping-pong ball on a piece of crepe paper cut to size. On one side, only about 2 – 3 cm should protrude. Now you can turn lleft and right the crepe paper. You should proceed carefully, because it can tear quickly.

When the petal has the desired shape, you carefully take out the pinpong ball and continue with the next one. I have always used 5 petals per flower, but here you can of course vary and experiment.

Ppetals and finished crepe flower

5 petals make one crepe flower

3. Make Stamens From Wool

No flower would be complete without stamens. You make these from yellow knitting wool. It is enough per stamen a piece of about 6 cm. You knot one end of the thread to indicate the anther.

Although the wool I used was already yellow, I wanted a more intense color and painted it with yellow acrylic paint. The paint also makes the wool a little stiffer and the stamens stand up better. I always made exactly 5 stamens per flower.

4. Tie The Crepe Flowers With Thin Wire

Tying the petals of the crepe flower together

In a bottle neck you can bundle the petals for the crepe flower

Now it’s time to assemble the flowers from the petals. To do this, I first tied the dust petals together at the bottom with fine craft wire.

To tie the flower together, I thought of a little trick: rinse out an empty bottle and dry the neck of the bottle well both inside and out. Then you can first put the petals in it and then the bunch of stamens in the middle in the neck of the bottle.

Now it’s much easier to wrap the whole flower with the craft wire and tie it together. If it holds together tightly, take it back out of the bottle neck and wrap the longer stem ends of the petals with the wire so that they form a sturdy stem. You can trim unevenly protruding ends with scissors.

5. Wrap Stem With Green Crepe

Sheathing the Stem of the crepe flowers with Green Crepe

Using paste and green crepe, sheath the stem

For the stem of the flower, cut a strip of green crepe paper about 3 cm wide and get some glue and a brush ready. Now glue the strip always around the stem of your crepe flower, working in a spiral from top to bottom. Make sure that the craft wire is not visible if possible.

And now have fun making crepe flowers! 🙂

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