Creative drinking games - the 3 best drinking games for your party

30. December 2016 - Anika Semmer

3 Creative Drinking Games That Prove Imagination Fills the Glasses! | Game Rules


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”Drink and shrink!” grinned the Cheshire Cat and handed Alice the shot glass. Alice sat down on the teapot in Wonderland, drank and suddenly…. she decided it was high time for some wonderfully creative drinking games..

Just exing glasses without imagination and crazy hats was a yawn for Alice. So she saddled the white rabbit and pulled 3 creative drinking games out of the clouds. ”For these 3 games you need.

you really only need imagination,” the Cheshire Cat laughed in amazement. ”Drinks, good laughs, speed, ingenuity and a few friends,” Alice added mischievously.

”You have 3 creative drinking games to choose from, all different. In a nutshell – here’s the deal: The first creative drinking game, Convince Me or Drink!, challenges your talent as a salesman of total nonsense. The second is a competition with tasks and in the third drinking game, everyone who loves funny stories gets their money’s worth.

Which creative drinking game is your favourite?

3 Creative Drinking Games for 4 People+ for Maximum Fun

1. Convince Me or Drink!

Creative drinking games - Convince me or drink! puts your sales talent to the test

How good are you at selling nonsense?

  • Players: 4 – ∞
  • Accessories: Slips of paper or index cards, pen, 2 different drinks (e.g. beer and schnapps) and 1 schnapps glass and one 0.3 l glass per person.
  • Skills required: imagination, inventiveness, humour.
  • Time: 10 minutes – ∞
  • Location:anywhere


Even the preparation for this creative drinking game requires imagination! Each player is given 11 index cards or pieces of paper. Now everyone has 5 minutes to think of 10 crazy products – the more fantastic and nonsensical the better! Each player writes anonsense term on a piece of paper, for example galaxy milk, dragon horn powder, billion cumin hard disk and places the labelled pieces of paper face down in a pile in the middle. After all the players have handed in their slips, shuffle the cards well and stack them in the middle. On the 11th slip of paper, everyone writes their name and puts it on a second pile in the middle, which is also mixed well. Now everyone gets 2 glasses, you put the 2 different drinks ready and can start.

Let’s go!

The first slip of paper from the name pile is turned over, for example Alex. All players except Alex now draw a card from the second pile, face down. Now everyone has one minute to think about why they absolutely need this item. The first player to report that they are ready begins. Moving clockwise, everyone now has 30 seconds to convince Alex that they absolutely need their nonsense item. Alex keeps an eye on the time, listens to everything carefully and announces at the end which item he wants to have.
You have successfully convinced Alex that he wants your Padauzometer. Because the Padauzometer not only measures and weighs, Alex can strap it on at night and wake up with a muscular, fit, perfect six-pack. It converts practically anything less than perfect into the ideal. Every day. Even at work. Completely without electricity and without cost!

Alex hands you his name slip and drinks a glass of schnapps with you to your business. You also discuss who else needs to drink fantasy, agree on 25% of the players present and fill the 0.3 glass with beer. Now it is the turn of the next person whose name is revealed. All glasses must be emptied at the latest before they are filled again, otherwise you have to drink a penalty shot!

At the end, each player counts his name cards. The player with the most cards gets to pour 75% of the teammates of his choice a drink of his choice.

2. Competition of the Creative Sippers

Creative drinking games - you can't go wrong with competitions where spectators also play an important role at a party or a cosy evening with friends

When it comes to drinking duels, everyone gets their money’s worth

  • Players: 5 – ∞
  • Accessories: Pen and 2 slips of paper per player, tokens, drinks and 1 shot glass per person.
  • Skills required: Imagination, acting, creativity, wit
  • Time: 10 minutes – ∞
  • Place: anywhere


All players are given 5 pieces of paper. On these, each player writes down 1 task for a competition between 2 players and puts their slips of paper face down in the middle. This pile is shuffled and each player gets 10 tokens and a shot glass as well as a drink of their choice. The host decides which 2 players will compete against each other first. One of the opponents now draws the first task from the pile and reads it aloud.

The Competition Begins

Both players now do their best to complete the task as creatively and well as possible. Now it is up to the audience – the other players. They each decide for themselves which of the two competitors has completed the task better and each gives their champion 1 token. The loser gets the shot glass filled with his drink and is allowed to drink it. The winner of the competition is the player who has more tokens. He may distribute 3 schnapps glasses to players of his choice and determines which pair will compete in the next contest.

The player with the most tokens after the last round is the winner, to whom all other players may toast 3 more times with their shot glasses.


  • Who makes the better grimace?
  • Who invents the most lurid and stupid newspaper headline?
  • Who manages to make everyone laugh first?
  • Who imitates Michael Jackson’s moonwalk the funniest/best?
  • Who writes the most original quatrain?
  • Who invents the funniest word in 1 minute?
  • Who manages to look the other person in the eye without stopping and without laughing?
  • Who can yodel best?
  • Who can best explain what happened after the following: ”When Jana wanted to unlock the door, she saw a shadow in the mirror. Then she felt a blow and it went black around her. When she woke up again, she was lying in a coffin…”
  • Who thinks up the most somehow appropriate nicknames for the other person in 1 minute?
  • Who tells the funniest/more exciting/crazier short story in 2 minutes?

3. Emotion! – Creative Drinking Games with a Dice

Creative drinking games - Emotion, the most creative drinking game for storytellers

The creative drinking game with emotion

  • Players: 4 – ∞
  • Accessories: 1 large cube, note + pen, drinks and 1 shot glass per person.
  • Skills required: imagination, inventiveness, humour.
  • Time: 10 minutes – ∞
  • Location: anywhere


Emotion! is a creative drinking game in which all the players make up a story together. And the drunk plays a particularly filling role….

If you don’t want to buy a big cube, you can easily make one yourself (20 minutes). Just print the template on a thick paper and cut out the figure. Then crease the lines between the sides of the cube and glue the cube together at the glued edges. For the purchased cube, stick 6 different faces on each of the 6 sides of the cube.

1 – a happy, smiling face.

2 – an angry face.

3 – a wondering face.

4 – a sad, weeping face.

5 – a face in love.

6 – a drunken face.

Now each player gets any number of slips of paper (at least 10) and labels each with a term of their choice that should appear in a story.

You label another 10 slips of paper, the Special Cards, each with 2 x drink!, 3 x drink!, 4 x drink!, drink 1 glass with your left seat neighbour, empty 1 glass with your right seat neighbour, drink all! , All who laughed in the last 5 minutes drink, 3 people of your choice drink, Everyone of odd age drinks, Everyone of even age drinks. Shuffle all the slips of paper and place them in a covered pile in the middle of the table. You also form a row with one filled shot glass per person and slide one face-down card from the pile under each shot glass.

Now it gets emotional! The creative drinking game begins

Creative drinking games - the 3 best drinking games for your party

Emotion! The drinking game with real emotion

The host Tim starts the game and rolls the dice. If Tim rolls a happy face, the protagonist’s story begins happily, if the dice shows a crying face sadly, and so on. The dice thus always determines the emotional turn of the story. Tim also pulls a piece of paper out from under a shot glass of his choice and reads the term.

Tim now starts to tell a story (about 5-7 sentences or 15 seconds) in which he puts the term he has drawn. As soon as he has finished, Tim is allowed to choose 3 friends who each give a hint as to which term was on the card. Tim must now drink his shot glass once for each correct guess. If the friend is wrong with his guess, he must empty the shot glass. If he guesses that Tim drew a ”special card’ and is wrong, he must drink 3 shot glasses! Now it’s the next person’s turn, clockwise.

If a player rolls the drunken face, not only the story takes an alcoholic turn! Each player must also empty a shot glass. In addition, the narrator must draw 2 cards – each tipster then has 2 tips each.

Special cards

If a player draws a special card, it too is not revealed. If one of the tipsters guesses that the narrator drew a special card, the instruction on the special card is fulfilled and the tipster empties the shot glass from under which he drew the card. This special card is thus fulfilled and comes out of the game.

If none of the 3 prompted tipsters guesses that a special card has been drawn, the narrator does not have to empty the glass and the special card goes back into the face-down pile and is shuffled under.

The special cards should definitely be taken into account both when giving the tip and when telling the story! For example, the narrator can cleverly place one or more absurd terms in his story and try to lead everyone astray.



Are you looking for more creative drinking games? Do you already know these awesome dice drinking games and card drinking games? Or browse our home party ideas, as well as leisure tips for activities for two, with friends or family.

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