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The Color Addict card game in the box

3. August 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Color Addict Card Game – Why This Game Is Perfect for Families | Review




This card game is not for naysayers, grey mice or colourless people, because the Color Addict card game is all about colourful cards, nimble eyes and fingers!

Color Addict is the name of the new card game from the traditional publisher ASS Altenburger. It is played with 110 playing cards that show neither German nor French hands, but simply coloured words that mean colours. Most of the time, the words and the colour of the writing do not match! And to make matters worse, there are also confusing colour blobs on the cards.

Find out how the game works and for whom it is worthwhile here!

Note: The publisher ASS Altenburger kindly sent us a free review copy of the Color Addict card game. However, this review is unpaid and reflects our own independent opinion.

Color Addict Card Game at a Glance

  • Game type: Card game, Family game, Party game
  • Age: from 7 years
  • Players: 2 – 6 players
  • Duration: approx. 15 min.
  • Publisher: ASS Altenburger
  • Game author: not named
  • Publication year: 2019
  • Game Objective: Each player tries to be the first to have discarded all cards

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How to Play the Color Addict Card Game

Similar to Mau Mau, Uno and numerous other card games, Color Addict is about being the first to run out of cards. Unlike these games, however, you do not hold all your cards in your hand.

First, all 110 cards are shuffled well and then dealt evenly to all players, with any surplus cards being discarded. Each player has a pile of cards in front of them and draws 3 cards. The dealer places the top card of his draw pile on the table and now it is a matter of speed, because all players can now place cards on the resulting pile in the middle of the table without any particular order.

The cards that may be discarded are always determined by the top card, i.e. the card that was discarded last, and certain rules apply.

Rules for Discarding Cards

Card example in the Color Addict card game

Example of which cards may be discarded in the Color Addict card game

Most cards show a word that denotes a colour and is printed in a different colour. Thus, 2 colours are given and the players may now place a card on this card that either shows the word for one of the two colours or on which the word is printed in one of the two colours. In addition, you are always allowed to place jokers.
Important: the colour blobs have no relevance whatsoever. They are only there to confuse!

The whole thing becomes clearer with an example. Let’s assume that (as in the picture above) the card is displayed that shows the word blue in green letters. There is also a purple blob on it, but it doesn’t matter.

The players may now lay cards that

  1. show blue writing,
  2. show green writing,
  3. show the word blue,
  4. show the word green,
  5. or are wildcards.

Exceptions are cards where word and colour match, e.g. “yellow” in yellow, then there are only 3 possibilities (word “yellow”, yellow writing, joker). It is the same with a joker on the table, except that the player who laid it is allowed to choose the colour.

If you cannot lay it, you have to draw cards from your pile until you can. The winner is the first player to get rid of all his cards.

Alternative rules

For beginners and for younger children in general, this is not as easy as it sounds. That’s why you can play with simpler rules at first.

One way to simplify the game is to play only with the cards that show the words red, yellow, green and blue.

Another variant that makes the Color Addict card game a bit calmer is to play but with player order. In this case, each player may discard a matching card in a clockwise direction. If he then only has 2 cards in his hand, he immediately draws a third card from his pile. If you cannot discard a card, you may also draw a card, but you may not discard it until the next turn. If you discard but then still have 3 or more cards in your hand, you may not draw any more.

Evaluation and Conclusion

View into the box of the Color Addict card game

The rules of the game are directly in the box of the Color Addict card game

Color Addict is basically a typical discard game with cards, as known from Mau Mau, Rummy, numerous quartets and other games. The special thing about this game is the theme of colour and that you can quickly get confused here, because your brain gets seemingly contradictory information at the same time.


Price / Performance
Total Grade
very good

Pro and Con

The packaging of the Color Addict card game promises “This game can be addictive” and this can only be confirmed! It really is a lot of fun, especially in normal mode where speed is of the essence.

It is suitable as a family game with children, as well as a party game in a small group because of the speed and the hilarity created by the confusion. The packaging is “square, practical, good” and so it is also ideal to take along on trips or can even be played during school breaks.
The openness of the game also literally invites you to invent your own rules and to vary it. For example, among professional players, one could introduce the special rule that there is a penalty if someone accidentally lays a wrong card, or similar.

The instructions are printed inside the box and are very concise. On the one hand, this is practical, but on the other hand, it could have been a bit more detailed, because we had to figure out some of the points ourselves. For example, there is not a word about speed or whether a player can theoretically lay several cards in quick succession, etc. (We played it in such a way that the cards were laid in quick succession). (We played it in such a way that one is allowed to do so).

For Whom Is Color Addict Worthwhile?

The game is ideal for training children to quickly grasp information and react accordingly. With younger children, you can also play the variant where you take turns one after the other. But adults also have fun with it and the Color Addict card game is also great as a warm-up for a game night or as a party game.


Color Addict is a fast-paced discard game with cards, where quick perception and nimble fingers bring victory and everything revolves around showing your colours!

Want more game tips? Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll also find plenty of family games, as well as tips for activities with kids, friends or your partner.

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