Make your own clay Easter eggs

2. April 2022 - Anika Semmer

How to Make Elegant Clay Easter Eggs | Tutorial




Hanging Easter eggs belong to Easter like a hen to an egg. With the right accessories, you can easily make simple, flat, openwork clay Easter eggs for the Easter bush.  

Sometimes you get the brilliant idea while baking. My new Easter cookie cutters are much too good to be used only for pastries, but they are also perfect for handicrafts. So instead of dough, today I’m using air-drying clay to make flat Easter eggs to hang on the Easter bush.

The great thing is that you can paint, glue or apply reliefs to clay Easter eggs, as I did. It looks very classy and is really easy to make. With modeling clay from Fimo you can also tinker with the little ones – with fingerprints can create beautiful reliefs and stamping the tots can also already super.

You will definitely need Linzer Easter molds with the little bunny and chick included to recreate this. As always, you can find everything else I used on the material list*.

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Material List

How to Make Clay Easter Eggs

To make flat Easter decorations from modelling clay, you need stamps and cookie cutters.

You can also cut out patterns with fondant shapes

Drying time: about 24 hours

From 250g air-drying clay you get 23 Easter eggs with chicks or bunnies. This is about half a package. You should store leftover clay in an airtight container in a cool place so that you can still use it days later. For example, a simple screw-top jar stored in the refrigerator is suitable for this purpose.

Fimo clay is also available in colour! And apart from stamps, you can just as well press in a relief with an old crocheted doily.

Cut Out and Emboss Osteier Eggs From Clay

You can quickly make beautiful Easter decorations to hang on the Easter street from air-drying modelling clay

First emboss, then cut out the Easter eggs

Roll out the clay to a thickness of about 5 mm on baking paper. This way you avoid the  clay sticking to the table and you can easily remove it. The best way to do this is with a fondant rolling pin, but you can also use a rolling pin or an empty bottle.

Now use the large stamps, old crocheted doilies etc. to emboss a relief into the mass. Make sure that you leave small areas free so that the patterns can work. Then cut out the Easter eggs with chicks and bunnies. Place two of the small ornament stamps close together, place the cut-out Easter egg with the smooth side on top and carefully press it onto the stamps. This way you will also get a nice relief on the back.

Now poke a hole in the top centre with a toothpick or shish kebab for hanging. Place the clay Easter eggs on a flat surface to dry and leave them to dry for about a day.

Sand the edges with fine-grit sandpaper until all imperfections are removed.

Attach the Suspension

Make Easter pendants out of Fimo with bunnies and chicks

6mm thick satin ribbon works well for the hanging

Lay the satin ribbon on top of each other and push the loop through the hole. Thread the two ribbons through the loop and pull the ribbon tight. For the green hangings I added a metal thread. I threaded a transparent crystal bead onto the white satin ribbons. Finally, knot the ribbons in the desired length. The Easter eggs made of clay are ready :-).

Have fun making them and happy Easter!

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