Fun Chuck Norris drinking game

14. January 2022 - Anika Semmer

Chuck Norris Drinking Game - How to Play Roundhouse Kick | Game Rules


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What makes a party drinking game the toughest ever? Chuck Norris is in the game! Take on the ultimate challenge and play the Chuck Norris drinking game at your party! Chuck Norris doesn’t wait, he kicks time forward!

Chuck Norris doesn’t think, he knows! Normally he is a tough dog and shows his death claw with bared teeth. But today he’s in the mood for a party drinking game. So go ahead, invite your friends and practice your roundhouse kick together! Roundhouse Kick! is the ultimate party drinking game with action, luck and guessing fun. But beware: if you bring Chuck Norris to your party once, you’ll be doing roundhouse kicks in your sleep!

Chuck Norris Drinking Game – The Game That Makes Chuck Norris Kick

Who drinks booze instead of water and has never been drunk? That’s right. Chuck Norris. Wherever he appears, action happens, tough guys show their muscles and pithy remarks and roaring laughter are obligatory. He is the perfect guest to give your party the ultimate kick!

For the Party Drinking Game Roundhouse Kick! you should have some skills to keep up with the Grandmaster! Of course, no one can win against Chuck alone. That’s why you play in 2 teams, arm yourselves with spirits and get the items Chuck wrote for you on the material list beforehand.

The Chuck Norris drinking game is a mix of guessing game, pantomime and role play and is guaranteed to be new to your guests. We at Abenteuer Freundschaft were not inspired by the muses this time, because all the inspiration actually comes from Chuck Norris!.

Preparation and Material List

You don't need much for the Chuck Norris drinking game: 2 dice, alcohol and a lot of imagination!

The most important ingredients for the Chuck Norris drinking game: Dice, imagination and alcohol

You can play the Chuck Norris drinking game Roundhouse-Kick! with as many party guests as you like, from 4 people Chuck is at the start.

Time doesn’t matter to him or to you, because if Chuck wants it, time ticks backwards. All that really matters is that you do your best, get the materials on Chuck’s list and never forget that the cubes crumble when Chuck Norris gets angry.

Material List

  • Plasticine (Chuck Norris actually kneads with cement, though.)
  • 500 g beans (Chuck Norris’ legumes are cartridges, and he eats them for breakfast).
  • 30 cards with differnt terms like “king penguin, black belt, Poo…)
  • Paper
  • 2 different coloured normal dice
  • 1 glass per person, shot glasses
  • Schnapps + other alcohol like beer! (Chuck Norris drinks 8 litres of pure ethanol a day. And since he doesn’t drink water…)
  • Chuck Norris mask (so the fun is perfect…)


The Chuck Norris Drinking Game Begins

Build 2 equal-sized teams and mentally prepare for the game to begin. Prepare a bowl with the beans, modelling clay, the dice, a glass for each person and the alcohol. Fill all the glasses. During the game, all glasses must always be at least half full! Because Chuck Norris hates nothing more than half-measures!

A party guest doesn’t want to drink alcohol but wants to join in? Great! This is your play leader. He writes 1 term from different areas on each of 30 blank cards and stacks them face down in your middle. If all the guests want to play, everyone writes secretly down a few terms before the game starts: nobody knows the terms – except Chuck Norris, of course, because there is nothing he doesn’t know. Cut the sheets into 30 little cards.

The host now starts and takes a small card from the pile. No one but him is allowed to read this term. Then he puts the card aside, face down. His team A and team B must now guess this term. But simple guessing games annoy Chuck Norris! He loves the thrill and the excitement of the challenge. That’s why he has decided on some rules that you must abide by.

When the host has read his term, he takes the 2 dice and rolls. The eyes of the 2 fate dice decide what assistance he may give to guess the term. In the case of pairs, both dice count, otherwise the number of eyes on the coloured die always counts. Logically, Chuck’s rules also regulate your alcohol consumption and challenge your speed and drinking strength and your laughing muscles to the utmost. The first player to roll a double 6 becomes – right: Chuck Norris! More about that later. 😉.

The players of both teams now try to guess the term. After that, Team A and B always take turns to provide a player who explains terms. The Chuck Norris drinking game is over when all the terms have been guessed or when Chuck Norris decides that enough is enough ;-)!

And These Are Chuck’s Hard-As-Nails Game Rules


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1 with the coloured cube

The 1 means that your singing talent is now called for. You have to explain the term singing without being allowed to name the term. Synonyms and clear gestures and facial expressions are also forbidden!

Drinking: Each player of the team that has not guessed the term must drink a sip. If the player uses a synonym to explain or accidentally names the term, then he must exen his glass!

Bean points: The team that guesses the term gets 1 bean point.

2 with the coloured cube

The player is given a piece of paper and a pencil and is from now on deaf and dumb. With these tools, he may draw the term. He is not allowed to give any clues through facial expressions or gestures and, of course, he is not allowed to write any clues.

Drinking: Every second player of the team who did not guess the term must empty his glass halfway. Chuck Norris determines which ones these are. If Chuck Norris does not play, you agree among yourselves and if no volunteers can be found, the duel of the dice between 2 players each decides (see rules for double 6).

Bean points: The team that guesses the term gets 1 bean point.

3 with the coloured cube

Pantomime is on! The player is not allowed to talk or make sounds, but acts out the concept alone. On our page you will also find a detailed explanation of the game Pantomime with variants.
Drinking: A total of 3 players from the losing team may drink their full glass. The person sitting to Chuck Norris’ right may determine who that is. If Chuck Norris does not play, volunteers may come forward. If there are none, the duel of the dice decides (see rules for double 6).

Bean points: The team that guesses the term gets 1 bean point.

4 with the coloured cube

On a 4, the player may only answer “Yes” or “No” to questions from the two teams. The opposing team may start with a first question, then one question is always asked in turn.

Drinking: Here the game leader should pay special attention that the player does not give his team a hint through facial expressions or gestures. This violation of the rules is punished mercilessly with a penalty drink for the player. Each player of the losing team must empty a shot glass full of schnapps.

Bean points: The team that guesses the term gets 1 bean point.

5 with the coloured cube

Chuck Norris is not a man of big words. Nevertheless, he likes well-told stories. On a 5, the player tells a story in which his term appears and always replaces it with ‘”Norris”. It goes without saying that a story scores extra points if it is about Chuck Norris or covers action, fights and his other areas of interest..

Drinking: If the player uses the term or fails to replace it with ‘”Norris”, he must take a penalty sip. The storyteller determines how many sips (0- glass exen) each player on the losing team must drink..

Bean Points: The team that guesses the term gets 1 bean point. If Chuck Norris thinks the story is great, then the storyteller’s team gets a bean.

6 with the coloured cube

The cement (for Chuck) or the modelling clay (for everyone else) comes into play! The player takes as much modelling clay as he likes and shapes it into a plastic of the term. When the plastic is ready, he places it in the middle of the table. He is now allowed to give up to 3 clues. Of course without naming the term or a synonym, otherwise it will hail a round of penalties for his team!

Drinking: The losing team is allowed to divide the number of sips among themselves, which corresponds to the number of letters of the term that was not guessed.

Bean points: If a team guesses the term while the player is forming it, that team gets 2 beans and the kneader gets 1 bean.  If a team only guesses the term with clues, they only get 1 bean. If no one guesses the term, both teams go empty-handed.

”Normal” scrub (1:1-5:5)

You have rolled 2 x the same number of points. Again, the number of dice indicates the way in which you may explain the term. It also means that you take on the role of Chuck and explain the term exactly as he would. That is, in a particularly masculine, powerful, cool and hardened way with the appropriate facial expressions and gestures.

Drinking: In addition, you drink 2 sips and may distribute the number of points of your double as sips to any player of the opposing team.  

Bean points: Effort is rewarded! You bag 2 beans for your team if your team guesses the term and Chuck decides if he recognised himself in your performance. If so, your team gets 2 more beans. If the opposing team guesses the term, your team still gets a bean if you made an effort.

6 doubles or chuck!

In our Chuck Noriis drinking game, a double 6 is called a chuck.

Whoever rolls a chuck must do the roundhousekick!

The 6 doubles is now called ‘”Chuck”! Whoever rolls a chuck jumps up as fast as he can, shouts: ‘”Chuck!” and does his best roundhouse kick. (Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any injuries caused by improperly executed roundhouse kicks!) At the same time, the players of the opposing team take the glass to their lips as fast as they can and drink. If Chuck has landed in front of an emptied glass, then he is the new Chuck Norris until the next double 6 and as such naturally brings his team incredible advantages!.

If a player has drunk his glass faster than Chuck lands with both feet on the ground again, Chuck may swear. Because he hasn’t won yet! Then it comes to a duel: The hard-drinking challenger gets the normal white dice, Chuck gets the coloured dice. Both players throw their dice 3 times. Chuck has to roll 2 out of 3 dice with a higher number than his challenger in order to win and be Chuck until the next double 6! If he loses, he is clearly not Chuck Norris and it continues without a Chuck.

Drinking: The team in which Chuck is playing is allowed to give the opposing team 3 sips for each new term. If Chuck guesses a term, the entire opposing team has to drink his drink!

Bean points: Chuck Norris earns his team 6 points. If he wins the duel, 4 more points are added. If he loses it (which of course only occurs if he happens to want to lose, because he is Chuck Norris!), there are no extra points..

Chuck Norris Box [Blu-ray]
Chuck Norris Box [Blu-ray]
Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera (Actors); Steve Carver (Director); Audience Rating: Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren
27,19 EUR

Additional rule

Every good Chuck Norris-worthy saying earns an extra bean! Of course, Chuck rates what is a good chant and what is not. If the majority of the players find the spell successful, he must bow to their judgement. In addition, Chuck Norris has to take a drink every time a spell is rewarded with a bean. But I wouldn’t make an enemy of him… Because the earth only spins because Chuck Norris gave it a roundhouse kick!

Evaluation – The Roundhouse Kick in Drinking

At the end you count the beans. The team with the most beans wins. So far so good. Now comes the final roundhouse kick in drinking: The losing team has to drink the number of captured beans of the winning team in sips. One can only hope there weren’t too many good Chuck Norris spells….

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