A Christmas party with friends will be even more beautiful and unforgettable with these 10 ideas.

25. November 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

How to Make Your Christmas Party With Friends an Unforgettable Celebration




You want to host a beautiful Christmas party with friends? Here are 10 ideas on how your Christmas party will remain forever in the memory of your guests.

Christmas is the feast of the family, so we always said and most Germans also traditionally spend Christmas Eve and with their close family and visit relatives during the Christmas holidays. But at the same time, Christmas is also the festival of love, and not only romantic love, but in general to all the people who are important to us without being related by blood: Friends.

For this reason, more and more people organize a Christmas party with friends, usually a few days before Christmas Eve. But it is also no longer an exception that people spend Christmas Eve or Christmas with their friends. Close friends are now something of an elective family for many – including me.

If you want to host a Christmas party with friends or for your friends, here are 10 ideas for you on how to make it really extraordinary and unforgettable 😉

10 Fun Ideas for a Christmas Party With Friends

1 Secret Santa

Do you know the beautiful custom of Secret Santa? Invite your friends in time for your Christmas party and ask them to get a Secret Santa gift. At your Christmas party with friends then comes the great joy of unwrapping. 🙂

Here you can learn more about the different types of Secret Santa. Also, we have lists of ideas for….

2. Christmas Dinner – Fondue, Raclette or Buffet

A question of central importance: what to eat at your Christmas party with friends? Of course, this depends on how many friends you invite and whether you host the Christmas party at home or you go together to a restaurant (then book in time!). For at home, the coziness guarantors fondue or a raclette at home are ideal for smaller groups and for a larger number of friends it makes sense to organize a Christmas buffet, for which everyone brings something.

3. Mulled Wine Competition With Tasting

If you and your friends like to cook and make your own treats, call a mulled wine contest in advance on the invitation: everyone should prepare their own mulled wine or punch recipe and bring a bottle of it. Attach a label with the friend’s name to each bottle, but in such a way that the name is not immediately legible.

Now you test the mulled wine variants one after the other. It’s best to prepare slips of paper for everyone with the numbers from 1 to 10 and on command everyone shows their score. You write down the numbers, make the average and write this number on another label that you stick on the bottle. At the end, in the order of ascending scores on one bottle after another, it is revealed who prepared this mulled wine.

Such a tasting you can of course alternatively perform with homemade Christmas cookies 😉

4. Christmas Carols Karaoke

The perfect program item after an extensive mulled wine tasting, when the tongues are loosened and the mood gets going: Christmas karaoke! Fortunately, a large number of videos can be found on YouTube for this purpose. And there are also CDs for Christmas karaoke for sale.


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5. Christmas Quiz

Divide your friends into 2 or more small teams and hold a little Christmas quiz. Just like in a pub quiz, all teams get a piece of paper with the numbers of the questions where they should write down their answers. You play the quizmaster and ask a series of questions, for example, about Christmas traditions around the world, the Christmas story, or just about anything related to the holiday. Make sure to put together a balanced mix of rather easy and harder questions.

Maybe our unusual Christmas quiz will inspire you. 😉

6. More Christmas Games for Adults

Secret Santa, quizzing, singing – There are a lot more options for cool Christmas games: read here for ideas on more games for your Christmas party with friends.

7. Trip to the Christmas Market

Why just be indoors? Especially as a pre-program to get in the mood for the party, a visit to the Christmas market together is perfect. But even if you are only at home and later go out again – if the weather is not too modest, a few steps in the fresh air and a change of scenery are just the thing to round off your Christmas party with friends.

8. Snow Hike and Build a Snowman Or Igloo

If you are lucky enough to live in a region where white Christmases are not uncommon and where there is already snow at the time of your party, then why not plan a small snow hike with your friends as a program item. This will revive the senses, especially after some mulled wine has already flowed 😉
Besides, you can also build a snowman or an igloo in the garden or a park, have a snowball fight and let your inner child out.

9. Draw Candles or Do a Little Handicraft

A nice and somewhat quieter action for a Christmas party with friends is to craft or make something nice Christmas together, that then each guest can take home. Especially if children are present, this is a nice way to keep them busy and offer something special. Ideal for this are, for example, ready-made sets to draw candles or to shape and design according to their own ideas.

Alternatively, you can also fold poinsettias from origami paper, for example following these instructions:


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10. Write Down Wishes and Hang Them on the Christmas Tree

Ask your friends to write their biggest wishes for Christmas on a small piece of paper (preferably nice paper). These slips of paper will be hung on your Christmas tree with little pegs or a needle and string. Of course, if you want, you can fold up your note so that you can’t read what the wish is.

For more ideas for your Christmas party with friends, check out our other Christmas family ideas. You’ll also find general tips for activities with friends, as a couple, or with family on Abenteuer Freundschaft. And if you like our ideas and don’t want to miss any more, just follow us on Facebook. 🙂

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