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Christmas With Kids

Christmas Stars in the Sky of Ideas
24 Advent calendar quotes that are meant to inspire and are funny

24 Advent Calendar Quotes, That Put a Smile on Your Face

Sweeten 24 times the Advent season - without chocolate. A personal Best Of with a mixture of humorous and inspiring Advent calendar quotes and sayings.

50 Secret Santa gifts under $ 10 that are funny, unusual or practical

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Unusual Christmas quiz to print out with 15 crazy customs from all over the world

Unusual Christmas Quiz – The Craziest Christmas Traditions | Quiz

The quiz with 15 absurd, funny and astounding facts about the happy holiday around the globe. Simply print it out and take the quiz.

Make someone very happy with one of these small St Nicholas gifts for women

St Nicholas Gifts for Women – 35 Funny and Beautiful Surprises

A box of moose, an inflatable sleigh or some exquisite chocolates? We give tips for the right St. Nicholas gift for her.

Christmas family games make for unforgettable moments together

5 Christmas Family Games That Will Make This Christmas Unforgettable

These Christmas games combine play, fun, imagination and creativity. From the unique Christmas story to special works of art.

Looking for Secret Santa gifts under $ 20? Here are 50 tips for fun surprises in this price range

50 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20 for Fun Surprises

From WC golf to the bullshit button - our insider tips for Gnomes in search of small specialities.

St Nicholas day Games for children provide even more joy for young and old on St. Nicholas Day.

5 St Nicholas Day Games for Children That Make This Day Even More Fun

With these games, you offer children more than just sweets for St. Nicholas Day.

What is the perfect gift under $10 or hostess gift?

30 Gifts Under $15 That Are More Creative Than a Bunch of Flowers

Humorous or practical - from fridge tetris to toilet paper, it also shows Trump can be useful.

ent calendar vouchers for men - ideas for nice surpr

48 Advent Calendar Vouchers for Men - The Best Ideas

Bringing great joy on a small piece of paper. 48 times inspiration for beautiful surprises in the Advent calendar.

A crime adventure gift is perfect for crime fans.

5 Crime Adventure Gifts for Crime Fans and Secrect Detectives

From murder in a hut to a fast-paced gangster hunt - with these crime adventure gifts you slip into the role of investigator.

Experience gifts for men

10 Experience Gifts for Men That Make Men's Hearts Beat Faster

Action, adventure and enjoyment make men's hearts beat faster!

Christmas Family Ideas – Games, Crafting, Songs and More

Every year it’s Christmas, the streets are lit up and the smell of candles and cinnamon is in the air. For children, the pre-Christmas and Christmas season is a magical time when there is so much to discover and try out. Already in the pre-Christmas period it goes to the Christmas crafting with children – for gifts, Christmas tree ornaments and decoration. The most beautiful gifts for grandparents, little friends, neighbors and relatives are created during Christmas crafts with children: because it does not always have to be paper stars. Even from toilet paper rolls can be made some Christmas decorations and in every child is a little artist. Explore lot’s of Christmas family ideas here.

For Advent and Christmas, there are special Christmas games for kids and families. At Abenteuer Freundschaft, there are themed Christmas games and recommended family games to discover for this time of year, with detailed reviews.

Advent Games & Christmas Games

With grandma, grandpa and the whole family santa cakes – or stimulate the senses of the child with Christmas games with scents, touch and imagination. For children, there are few things more fun than Christmas games and crafts during Advent.  Who has ever written their own Christmas story with their family?

At Adventure Friendship, there are many Christmas games that awaken children’s imagination and creativity, and are great fun for the whole family. Many of these special Advent and Christmas games create special memories of this precious time.

Christmas Crafts With Children  – Gifts and Decorations

Advent, Advent, you smell of pine needles, freshly baked cookies and craft glue. As at Easter, self-made festive decorations give the home only the beloved Christmas atmosphere. Christmas crafting with kids creates lovingly homemade Christmas gifts, Christmas tree ornaments, window decorations and lots of decorations that turn the home into a winter wonderland.

There are many ideas for Christmas crafts with children at Abenteuer Freundschaft, which are child’s play to tinker. Each craft idea includes a detailed materials list and step-by-step instructions.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can not only find Christmas Family Ideas. The website is a leisure idea pool full of original and creative gifts and ideas for activities with kids, the partner and the family.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Leisure Ideas Finder has served as a tool for finding the right ideas on Abenteuer Freundschaft.

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