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In the card game cheat, it's not only about card luck, but also about how well you can cheat.

15. February 2018 - Anika Semmer

Card Game Cheat – The Game where Cheating is Mandatory! | Game Rules




With the Cheat card game the crucial question is: How good are you as an innocent angel or cunning cheat? Because: has no one angelic card luck, win here the biggest Schlawiner!

“Cheat”, “Bullshit” oder “I doubt it” – all these names carries one of the most popular fast card games and – all this has nothing lost in a fair card game, or? What applies to other card games quite naturally, that is set aside in the card game Cheat.

On the contrary, the card game Cheat is about breaking rules and cheating as unnoticed as possible. And this is exactly the wicked attraction of the game – because every kind of cheating and cheating is allowed! Whether subjugate several cards instead of one or put down false cards with a face that no water can deceive – cheating can be quite fun! 😉

The Card Game Cheat

  • Game type: Card game
  • Players: 2 – infinite
  • Accessories: Skat cards, from 5 players Rommee cards without jokers
  • Skills required: card luck, poker face, nimble fingers, cheat
  • Game Objective: Who cheats the most skillfully and thus gets rid of his cards the fastest? That is the game objective in the card game Cheat. But beware: Who has not so nimble fingers and is convicted of cheating, which must take all the cards for it.


The Game Begins

First, the first dealer distributes all cards equally face down to all players. For 2-5 players, a hand of skat is sufficient for this purpose; for 5 players or more, take 52 cards or 2 decks of cards. Remember to sort out the jokers before dealing!

Each player takes his cards in hand and arranges them. The youngest / most refined / most honest player starts and lays out any card from his hand and tells the suit. For example: Hearts. Clockwise, players now serve the suit of that card and place a card face down on top of the previously played card.

The goal of the game is to be the first to get rid of all cards – and for this you inevitably have to cheat! At the latest when you don’t have a card of the laid out color – but even if you have one, you can lay a completely different card for fun or even try to push 4 together unnoticed and lay them down at the same time.

After a player has laid his card, each player may shout: Lie! or Liar!, knock on the table and thus claim that the face-down card is laid against the rules i.e. not in the announced color. The card – or cards, if the cheat was so bold several unterzumögeln – are now revealed. If the player cheats, he must pick up the entire pile of discarded cards. If he is wrong and there is a card that compCheat with the rules, the player who falsely accused the other must pick up all the cards himself.

The next player who follows the one who had to pick up the cards takes his turn.

All imaginable ways of cheating, cheating, cheating and distracting are allowed in the card game “Cheat”!

More Game Variations

  • Rule is to serve the cards according to the order of their values instead of the suit. The strategic advantage of this rule is that if a player has many of the same cards, he knows for sure if the other players are lying. So he can gamble on accumulating a large pile before he knocks. Or he may decide to knock early to avoid having to pick up a big pile himself.
  • Announce last card: If a player has only 1 card left in his hand, he must announce that. If someone forgets this and the other players notice it, the player must draw a penalty card from the pile on the table.
  • The jokers remain in the game and are always considered as a card in accordance with the rules. Whoever knocks on a Joker and calls Liar must pick up the stack.
  • The jokers remain in the game and the rule is that the cards are to be placed in the order of their values. The joker is simply ranked: ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-B-D-K-joker. Since there are fewer jokers in the game than other card values, the probability that a player cheats is higher here!
  • It is played with a deck of 110 cards (solitaire cards) and of these 10-20 cards are placed face down in a pile to the side after shuffling. Now chance has its hand in the game, since you do not know which cards are not in the game at all.
  • Each player gets a certain number of cards, the rest are placed face down as a pile in the middle. The player whose turn it is, is now free, if he has no matching card, either to cheat or pick up the top card from the deck.
  • Each player gets the same number of cards, the rest are laid out in a circle face down on the table. If you do not want to put a card from your hand in the middle of the circle, you can pick up any card.


There are so many once incredibly popular, but now forgotten or unknown card games waiting for you to play them! From the Scopa card game, Faro, Russian Bank or Piquet card game. On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find classic card and dice games fully explained with rules but also current Board game tips with new discoveries. We are all about quality leisure time and there are personal gifts as well as very different ideas for activities with friends, the partner and with the whole family.

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