Campfire games for adults provide great entertainment and enhance the magical atmosphere.

2. March 2024 - Alexander Schmidt

Campfire Games for Adults: 10 x Fun and Excitement Under the Starry Sky


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You’re sitting around the campfire with your friends, the flames are blazing and the sky is full of stars. What could be better than spicing up this magical atmosphere with exciting games? Campfire games for adults are a great way to lift the mood and create unforgettable memories. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some fun campfire games that will enrich your next outdoor evening!

The almost archaic magic of a campfire under the open, in the best case starry sky is incomparable. The flickering glow of the flames, the crackling of the burning wood and the gentle smoke rising into the night create an atmosphere that has touched our souls since time immemorial. Our technology may still be so far advanced, sitting around a fire outside in nature with friends or family is something wonderful that people still enjoy today as much as our ancestors did in the Stone Age.

Something that can make such gatherings around the campfire even more memorable are campfire games for adults. They further strengthen the sense of community that already develops in such a gathering and let us laugh, puzzle and be creative together. And they let us experience the special atmosphere of a campfire even more intensively.

10 Ingenious Campfire Games for Adults

These campfire games for adults add a special touch to any evening around the campfire. From fun trivia games to exciting scary stories, this selection of activities has something for everyone. They’ll provide even more entertainment and community spirit during your outdoor evenings with friends. Try them out together and enjoy the magical atmosphere that only a campfire can provide.

Do not forget: Always follow campfire safety rules and keep plenty of water on hand to douse the flames.

1. Campfire Stories: Scary, Exciting or Funny?

"One of the most beautiful campfire games is a continuation story with everyone telling along."

One of the most beautiful campfire games is a continuation story with everyone telling along.

Sit in a circle and have each participant tell a short, fictional story. It can be a scary horror story or something funny that will put a smile on everyone’s face. This game encourages creativity and imagination and is sure to give you some goosebump moments.

A super creative and fun variant is a jointly told continuation story. In this, everyone takes turns saying a sentence and continuing the story. For inspiration, here are a few good opening sentences for a real campfire story:

  • It was a dark and stormy night in the year of our Lord 1289, when Prince Heinrich von Blankenstein saw something in the distance from the highest tower of his castle that made him shiver to the marrow and bone…
  • When Jenny Hanser awoke one morning, she found herself transformed in her bed into a snow-white poodle…
  • The sudden storm had caught them by surprise as they scrambled down a dangerously narrow ridge on the way back from the summit, the tent camp still a long way off and their stomachs already growling, when a deserted-looking hut appeared among the trees before their eyes…
  • David hurried, running down the stairs step by step to put an end to the constant ringing and finally open the door, which he did, only to almost fall over backwards in shock, because the face he was now looking into – was his own! …

Well, what kind of stories can you weave from these beginnings and what campfire story will your swarm intelligence still bring forth? I can promise you one thing: you will have a lot of fun with this, because this is one of the most beautiful and varied campfire games for adults!

2. Campfire Shadow Theater: Bringing Stories to Life

Campfire shadow theater is a fascinating and creative way to bring stories to life under the night sky. Using deft hand play behind the light of the flames, shadow images can be projected onto a screen or tent wall. These silhouettes create a unique visual display that stimulates the imagination and enhances the atmosphere around the campfire.

Shadow theater is a fun way to tell stories and turn time together around the fire into something special. It’s always amazing how vivid the stories become when the flames flicker in the background.

3. Campfire Music: Singing and Making Music Together

"One of the best campfire games for adults is a music contest for the best campfire song."

Guitar sound and campfire that simply belongs together!

Bring a guitar or harmonica and have a campfire music session. Anyone can sing a song or play an instrument. The songs don’t have to be perfect; it’s more about the fun and fellowship. Singing together under the stars is an unforgettable experience.

If you have several musically talented people in your group, you can also make a little competition out of it: who performs the best campfire song?

Some song classics for the campfire are for example:

  • “Wish You Were Here” (Pink Floyd)
  • “Wonderwall” (Oasis)
  • “House of the Rising Sun” (Animals)
  • “Lemon Tree” (Fools Garden)
  • “Let it Be” (Beatles)
  • “California Dreamin” (The Mamas & The Papas)
  • “Blowin’ in the Wind” (Bob Dylan)
  • “Hotel California” (The Eagles)
  • “Drunken Sailor” (Irish folk song)
  • “Mrs. Robinosn” (Simon & Garfunkel)

4. Campfire Quiz: Who Knows the Most?

Let’s start with a classic. A campfire quiz is a great way to share knowledge and laughs. Prepare some questions in advance that relate to your group’s interests. Anything from movie quotes to historical events to pop and celebrities is fair game. The person who answers the most questions correctly wins a small prize or the right to choose the next activity.

If you’re looking for quiz inspiration, we’ve got a few for you: from the ultimate movie quotes quiz, to the science fiction or Superhero Quiz to Earth Science– or Hollywood celebrity quiz you will find all kinds of quiz games for download.

If your campfire roundup doesn’t know each other that well yet, we can also recommend After Dinner Games by moses. as an icebreaker.

5. Campfire Guessing Game: Guess the Stars

"Camp games for adults contribute to a magical atmosphere, for example, you can guess constellations in the sky."

Everyone knows the Big Dipper, what other constellations do you discover?

If the sky is clear, a campfire guessing game is a good idea. Look up at the night sky together and try to identify the constellations. The person who can correctly name the most stars and constellations wins.


With a telescope or binoculars you can look at the stars even closer. And a star chart helps identify and match the constellations.

6. Campfire Puzzles: Puzzling Fun by the Light of the Fire

If most of the group gathered around the campfire are puzzle enthusiasts, campfire puzzles are a
great idea. They bring an engaging intellectual challenge to the warmth of the campfire. When friends and family are gathered around the blazing flames, tricky puzzles become a fun way to test thinking skills and keep the evening hours exciting.

Solving puzzles together not only promotes mental fitness, but also creates a community atmosphere of cooperation and competition. Whether it’s mysterious murder mysteries or tricky brainteasers, campfire puzzles are a great addition to any evening around the campfire.

You can also announce these games in advance and have everyone prepare something. For example, each participant can prepare a tricky riddle or an exciting puzzle. The others then have to try to solve the puzzle.

7. Campfire Cooking Duel: Who Conjures up the Best Dish?

"Campfire games for adults can also be super combined with practical necessities, such as a cooking duel."

In a cooking duel, you combine play with practicality.

Nothing tastes better than food cooked over a campfire. Challenge your friends to a campfire cookoff! Everyone gets the task of preparing a dish, be it grilled vegetables, marshmallow chocolate sandwiches or grilled sausage.

Judge the dishes afterwards and choose the campfire cook king or queen.

8. Campfire Pantomime: Guess What I Represent!

"Campfire games for adults can also involve performing play, such as campfire pantomime."

A roaring fire is a dramatic backdrop for pantomime.

This game brings a dash of humor to your campfire nights. One participant thinks of a familiar person, animal, or object and pantomimes it while the others guess what it is. Since it’s often difficult to communicate without words, this makes for lots of laughs and funny misunderstandings around the campfire.

A crackling campfire is also a wonderfully dramatic backdrop for such an acting performance. If you stand directly in front of the fire, the others will only see a large shadowy figure gesticulating against a background of flames.

By the way, you can vary pantomime in many ways. We have written extensively here about original variations of the popular parlor game .

9. Campfire Poetry: Creative Verses Under the Stars

Blazing red the wood burns bright,

in the darkness of the night!

And a voice calls from the flames…

Can you hear it call our names?

If you and your friends are artistic, why not try your hand at poetic verse around the campfire? Each of you can write a short verse about the campfire, nature, or the inspiring atmosphere.

Afterwards, you can read your work to each other and vote on who wrote the most beautiful or funniest poem about it. In this way, you will deepen the magical atmosphere that accompanies a campfire evening under the open sky.

10. Campfire Photo Contest: Creative Competition for the Best Pictures

"Campfire games for adults are especially fun on the beach."

The special atmosphere around a campfire is super photogenic!

If you and your friends like photography, organize a campfire photo contest. Everyone gets the task to capture the fascinating campfire atmosphere or the surrounding nature in impressive pictures. This way, each participant will have the opportunity to capture the magic of the moment and present their very own view of the night scenery to the others.

At the end of the evening, the pictures can be judged and prizes awarded, creating a fun competition and capturing memories of time spent together around the campfire in the form of captivating photographs. A campfire photo contest is a wonderful way to combine creativity with the beauty of nature.

We wish you a great outdoor evening full of fun and beautiful moments and hope these campfire games for adults will help make it unforgettable!

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