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25. May 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Birthday Riddles for Adults: 5 Ideas for Cool Mind Boggling Puzzles


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With birthday riddles for adults you surprise the birthday child with an unusual and personal gift.

Not only children, also adults like to puzzle and for the birthday one makes yes gladly something trouble for the loved ones. Some organize a scavenger hunt for adults, a surprise party or write their own birthday quiz.

Another great way to spice up a birthday gift is with an birthday riddle for adults. Only when the birthday child has solved this, she or he gets the actual gift. Or the solution word or phrase indicate what an envelope of money should be used for. Or the solution to the riddle points to a gift that just doesn’t fit on a normal gift table, such as an event.

5 Ideas For Birthday Riddles for Adults

Birthday riddles for Adults - Light from the Center of the Maze

The joy of puzzles is in everyone

The key points in inventing a quite personal riddle as a gift are as follows:

The puzzle…

  • …should fit the birthday child
  • …should fit the gift
  • …and should not be too heavy
  • …but also not too easy.

The penultimate point is important already because one presents a gift yes mostly in the context of a birthday party and then the birthday child does not want to take up too much time. After all, there are other guests.

On the other hand, a riddle is only fun if the solution is not immediately obvious, otherwise you could just skip it. So you can simply make the riddle a general program item at the birthday party, where the guests are allowed to help.

And if the birthday child is a real puzzle professional, other standards apply anyway.

The following 5 ideas, how a birthday puzzle for adults could look like.

1. Puzzle Question or Poem as Birthday Riddle for Adults

The easiest type of birthday riddle for adults is simply to come up with a riddle question to go along with the gift. If you feel up to it, you can also write it in rhyme right away.
Example: The person celebrating her birthday is known to be passionate about Japan and also loves to cook. That’s why you’re giving her a sushi class. The riddle could be as follows:

Well-rolled is half-won,

in art from afar.

Cut nimbly, but stay prudent,

To be an apprentice is not a disgrace!

2. Crossword Birthday Riddles for Adults

Birthday riddles for adults - crossword in a flowerbed

What you can do with crosswords…

Another option is to make a crossword puzzle yourself. This is easier than it sounds, because you don’t need to make it unnecessarily complicated. You best proceed as follows:

  1. Determine solution word (the gift, for example, cinema visit, riding course, camping, tasting)
  2. For each letter of the solution word, you now look for a term that has to do with the birthday boy or girl or the gift and that contains this letter in any place.
  3. You draw the whole thing as a scheme on a sheet of paper, so that the letters of the words are on top of each other so that the solution word results from without down. From this you can then develop a blank puzzle with boxes.
  4. Now you need only to each solution word a question to think about.

Admittedly, a little effort is already, but the enthusiasm with the or the gift recipient is certainly worth it! The topics of the questions can be about very personal experiences or even insiders, or simply have to do with interests of the birthday child.

3. Search In the Letter Field

Alternatively, you can create a letter field in which you hide the words of a sentence that leads to the solution. The words can be read vertically, horizontally or diagonally and forwards or backwards.

To make it a bit easier for the birthday boy or girl, you can also make it so that the letter of each following word is always somewhere next to the last letter of the previous word. Then the first letter can also be marked by highlighting.

4. Personal Arithmetic Birthday Riddles for Adults

The birthday child has it more with numbers than with letters? Then design a small arithmetic puzzle. The result can be a date, e.g. if you give a fixed event like a concert. Or one combines the riddle with a text. The so and so much word of a text is the solution.
As building blocks for the bill it is best to take personal numbers: how old the birthday child will be, his year of birth, day or month of the birthday, number of children, house number, license plate of the car, etc..

Example: Janina will be 33 on July 4 and you want to give her a concert on September 12.

Your math puzzle could be:

Day x age – month + day = date of your gift.

So the solution is:

4 x 33 – 7 + 4 = 129

The result can be interpreted as the date only as 12. 9. What the birthday child expects on this day, you can now simply announce or put for it another birthday puzzle for adults.

5.  Message In Secret Writing

Birthday puzzles for adults - Wooden letters in a mess

Secret writings and codes are always fascinating

Secret writing not only makes for good puzzles, but often has an aesthetic appeal as well. A message in secret writing adds a touch of mystery and magic to your gift.

You can easily find secret scripts on the Internet or you can invent one yourself: just think of a symbol for each letter. But how does the birthday boy or girl come up with the solution?

Suggestion 1: Each letter is replaced by a small picture whose meaning starts with that letter, so an anchor for A, a flower for B, a clown’s face for C, and so on.

Suggestion 2: If you have time to enter and prepare a room beforehand. Have the symbols of your secret alphabet scattered throughout the room on items that begin with that letter. You can even include other people: for example, Anna wears the symbol for A on her clothes, etc.

There are no limits to your creativity! 🙂

And now have fun creating your own birthday riddles for adults!

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